I corrected them.


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Just like GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption!

Oh wait...

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Isn't it Sonys responsibility to keep PSN safe and secure?

A network with 75 million users should have security that matches its size and complexity. I'm sure there are best practises for that.

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Outland looks really interesting.

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Can't wait!

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I luv this retarded idea that when Sony does something wrong it's never their fault.

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I usually use the party chat feature on XBL so I wouldn't know what the others are yapping about.

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Your base are belong to us.

Keep blaming the hackers for Sonys failure. Maybe when PSN is up again they will award your waiting by removing some more features.

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They do it to avoid getting traced. Educate yourself, silly kids.

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I've actually had the swine flu, and I agree, it was kinda like this.

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L.A. Noir on the same day as Brink. I wish there was a way to play both simultaneously...

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I think the next gen consoles will make use of tech similar to OnLive. It allows for hardware scalability and can be played at decent levels with pretty low bandwidth.

People who advocate physical media are blinded by materialism. That or in need of more potty training.

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Lol @ dirty Madcatz Tritton headset. Steelseries ftw! *yes, even headset fanboyism exists*

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Case West is much better. It's much more fledged out and has cooler anvironments and weapons.

What I love is that even though I've sold Dead Rising 2 I can still play Case West. More devs should do standalone expansions.

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Great stuff but I would be buying it day 1 even without the demo. I absolutely loved Guerrilla.

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The list is not official. Read before you comment.

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Piling up excuses.

Security fixes shouldn't require the whole service to be taken down.

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People don't agree with you. Apparently, Xbox Live having connection issues 4 years ago is extremely relevant right now.

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1. Imagining what Gabe Newell looks like naked, eating jelly donuts.
2. Thinking about what images just went through your mind.
3. Questioning your mental state for having had thoughts like that.
4. Taking a long hard look at yourself in the mirror.
5. Washing all your body cavities with industrial soap while lying in fetal position in the shower.

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