I corrected them.


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PSN is down?? /s

This is gold for hit-horny journalists (read: basement bloggers). They can use this as filler content for their worthless sites instead of their usual top 10 or top 5 lists.

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The Sega Genesis needs to be on there. Virtual Boy??

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I hope they get rid of Ezio and bring back Altair. That silly Italian accent they used in AC 2 and Brotherhood made me cringe. "Mama Mia! Ezio burned-a da meat-a boll-a!". Not far off.

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Does AIDS come with a 3 year warranty? Can I send my AIDS back to MS and get it fixed?

Are you seriously likening RROD to AIDS? lol.

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Is it a lengthy process or is it done automatically on-the-fly when you sign in?

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Seems like 360 gamers prefer brains (Portal 2) over brawn (Mortal Kombat). I prefer both :)

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Go N4G! Catch those cyber rapists!

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Looking good, although I prefer Steelseries.

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I hope they succeed so I get to read more of your childish comments.

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"I play my 360 3 times more than my PS3"

And you got 4 times more disagrees for saying that.

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Of course they are developing new consoles. So are Sony. Both MS and Sony have probably been planning for successors since the inception of the 360 and PS3. If they hadn't they would be behind the competition.

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I'm pretty sure they won't do that mistake again. The original Xbox was rock solid, and so is the 360 Slim.

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Just like the Wii was doomed, right? I'd hold my breath a little.

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Sounds interesting. I wonder what part of Sony they will focus on this time?

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Mandatory installs are much more common than games with multiple discs on the 360. I prefer the latter. With the PS3 you also constantly have to download and install lengthy patches for your games. That's even more annoying than the mandatory installs.

I can't wait to play L.A. Noir. What a beastly game!

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Cutting corners and being greedy will come back to haunt you.

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More awesomeness on XBLA! I can recommend The Fancy Pants Adventures as well. Great platform game.

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