I corrected them.


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...that will be worthless unless you pay.

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How can Alan Wake 2 seem likely when the devs just stated that the next Alan Wake game won't be Alan Wake 2? Research much before you write?

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No, but I'd buy a multiplayer only Battlefield. I don't like the online in COD and Halo.

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Technically it looks very good but gameplaywise I think it looks kind of generic. I hope I'm wrong about it though.

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No, please explain...

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Unprecedented ways of repackaging old code and marketing it as something brand new.

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I've cancelled my pre-order. Was very hyped but reading various reviews it seems as if the game isn't finished. Saving up for L.A. Noire and Dirt 3 instead.

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It's a silly comparison. Heavenly Sword launched when there weren't many games out for the PS3.

Anywho, I own Enslaved and it's a great game. You can pick it up for around $10-15 around the web.

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Great to hear! I love Alan Wake. E3 reveal perhaps?

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@BakedGoods - Not cancelling either for the exact same reason.

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Put Forza, Halo or Kinect in the title and the insecure trolls come swarming.

I can't wait to see what cars and customization options Forza 4 will have. Swapping engines and drivetrains to make old slow cars into beasts is what I like best.

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I've never heard about Peter Eykemans before so I don't know if I should trust his review. The video review just made me want it even more. :)

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"since its always the xbox fanboys complaining about everything PlayStation"

That's the problem. Sony fanboys, like yourself, label anyone who criticizes anything Sony related as an Xbox/MS fanboy when in reality they might be proud PS3 owners who still have a mind of their own.

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What ads do you mean? The ones for games and dlc under Spotlight? Maybe we don't have them on the European XBL. I haven't seen any.

My favourite feature is being able to install full games. Although it's not a "feature" I really love XBLA and its constant flow of new games.

Also, having trial demos for all games is great. There are a lot of features I probably take for granted but that I would miss if they were removed or changed. Things...

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Get it for the one you own, and if you own both get it for the one where you have most friends online. I doubt there will be any major differences between the versions performance wise but it might be good to wait for some reviews before you decide.

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Got it pre-ordered. Can't wait!

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Tried to list all the games Nolan has been in and got the message: "Can not be more than 4000 characters". Pretty much says it all.

Check wikipedia:

It's insane.

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God(s) of war?

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Most of my favorite franchises are on the 360, and I prefer its online service (lots of great XBLA games) and controller. I guess that makes me dumb.

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