I corrected them.


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Resident Evil 2 imo.

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Depends on what game that receives it ;)

I'm gonna pick this one up, it looks to be a real solid title.

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Psxextreme makes fun of themselves every time they post an article, so I'm guessing EDGE? Not that they are much better.

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"Who still likes to spend evenings on bread and Doom, however, swim in the most delicious chocolate."

Couldn't agree more.

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I remember when Vista was just released and everyone was hyped about it's flashy looks and other things that don't matter in the long run. My friends asked me why I had not installed it and when I replied that I thought it seemed like nothing but a 'waste of memory' they looked at me like I was a UNIX freak or something.

Still running XP SP3. Microsoft should have kept improving and supporting it instead of abandoning the best OS they have ever conceived. Bad move.

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There were some obscure titles in there. Fatal Inertia and Turok for example. I doubt the 360 versions has more online activity for titles like that.

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Judging by your comment history you don't even know the name of your gamertag, which is very odd for a 360 owner.

This thread is really amusing. Completely owned.


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= Not cheating the gamers.

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"Would you fire a gun from Smith & Microsoft?
Would you eat at McMicrosoft?"

Only idiots and fat people fire guns & eat fastfood.

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Is it gay in here or is it just me? I don't care about fondling Nathans beard, so to me the game looks just spectacular.

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