I corrected them.


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@Hitman0769 - Are you just naive or do you guys live together or something?

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If you know anything about User Experience and Usability design you'd prefer the Xbox interface.

"The old Dashboard was so much better. Now it's all Avatar/kid-friendly." Press the guide button and up comes the old menu.

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GOTY mfkks.

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Hot Pursuit and Shift 2 are two of the best NFS games we've had in years so I don't see the problem.

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Looks really good.

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I don't care about Nolan. As long as it has Mike Patton. That's what matters.

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I f*ckin' love assets!

@M4I0N3 - Potatoes are great as assets to beef and pork. Not so much for recording off-screen footage of Rage though. Everything has its limitations.

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Constructing? More like throwing things together.

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Filmed with a potato...

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I won last years E3. True story. Got a gold medal and a trip to Hawaii.

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Yeah? Well, I REALLY R.E.A.L.L.Y look forward to this game. R-E-A-L-L-Y want it. NOW...

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I'm taking pictures of myself, eating a hamburger.

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Wouldn't it be more interesting to ask what games the person plays or check where the achievements come from. If it's all Barbie Horse Adventures and Kinectimals I wouldn't want that person involved in a racing game.

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Tinfoil hats are the new black.

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I haven't played Demon's Souls but I'm really hyped about this game. I love their approach in making the game unforgiving in a sado 8-bit way. Unless it provokes suicidal thoughts, like Trojan for NES did back in the day.

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Exactly what is a "hardcore gamer"?

The first thing that comes to my mind is someone who plays games like Counterstrike and Starcraft 2 competitively, with a mouse that has retractable weights in it.

When it comes to consoles I see the harcore gamer as someone who likes challenging games, wether it be Demon's Souls, Super Meat Boy or Super Mario Galaxy 2. Sure, SMG 2 has an easy learning curve (a good one) but getting all the stars requires skil...

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Releasing a subtle teaser and telling us they use advanced motion capture tech is not "claiming to be the greatest game since sliced bread".

I have a love/hate relationship to the Hitman series. I love the settings/characters but I hate the trial and error gameplay. At the same time I wouldn't want it to be like the last Splinter Cell game - streamlined to death.

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Anyone who's played Flatout knows what to expect. I have faith in Bugbear delivering a great game, wether it's called Ridge Racer or Flatout doesn't matter.

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Don't believe everything you read/hear.

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Original title: "Sony to give first year assessment of 3D gaming on the PS3"

N4G modified title: "Sony To Consider the Success of 3D Gaming on the PS3"

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