I corrected them.


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Que death threatz from internet tough guys.

Let's hope Sony's upped the security a little.

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Totally forgetting about Battlefield 3, eh?

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I'm surprised you would say that since you wrote, published and submitted the story. /s

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Can you pop a game in your PS3 and play it online? If not I'd say it's not solved yet.

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I'd hope it's more like Silent Hill 2 but from what I saw it's nowhere near.

@conjurdevil - Indeed. The music, which has always been a big factor in Silent Hill sounded like crap in the trailer.

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Graphics are sick!

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Funny stuff!

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I love the idea of OnLive. Unfortunately, I think it will take a couple of years before the tech blossoms.

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Tip: Play Nier.

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Apple's marketing strategy in a nutshell (jpg-shell).


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Same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie?

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Then do something about it.

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I could only watch a couple of seconds. It looks so good I don't want anything spoiled before I get it.

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There article follows the guidelines for posting, so I approved it.

Only approving stories that you agree with and rabidly reporting the rest is childish and stupid.

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Blame Hiphopgamer.

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I'm buying the 360 version because it will probably look and performa better than the PS3 version. Red Dead Redemption was miles ahead on the 360.

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Logic says Uncharted 3 won't get amny GOTY awards. Not because it's a bad game but because Uncharted 2 won so many last year. My bets are on L.A. Noire and Portal 2.

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Yeah. He must be trolling because he prefers Xbox Live over PSN. /s

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I've heard that it's flawed but enjoyable. Especially in co-op.

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