I corrected them.


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How can you guys have it already? Don't tell me you pirated it. If it's such a work of art it deserves its dollar.

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Exactly. You're not using it to steal games or hurt any company or it's users.

Also, if you came up with a clever mod the company behind the product could use it in their firmware updates or re-designs. Unfortunately, many of the companies don't think that far.

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Happy Tinfoiltennial, NukaCola!

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The Vietnam expansion was worth every penny.

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No. I hate them. Especially when they're on time as well.

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Which is which?

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...and even better without it.

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I appreciate games regardless of exclusivity although it could be a factor when choosing what platform to buy (if only buying one). For me there are more factors than games though. Such as online, chat features etc.

I also think it would feel sh*tty if one side got to play games like L.A. Noire and Portal 2 and the others were left out.

Just 5 more days til L.A. Noire...!

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COD is the McDonalds of video games. The real burger looks nothing like the one in the commercials.

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I was slowly stroking something else. It too has a beard :)

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Gamingbolt is trash.

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You know that someone's full of sh*t when they add "fact" at the end of their statements.

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Love the box art. Slick.

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I'm awaiting my order to come with the mail. Lenticular sleeve edition.

Can't wait to (re)play it! :)

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Also, anyone can upload animal porn on Youtube. It will eventually be removed, just like the hackers account was removed on Amazon. But let's still blame Youtube and Amazon for providing services that can be abused.

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You are not allowed to have an opinion in topics like this.

Either make death threats against Anon or don't say anything at all.

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"all Bumgarner did is use Google to find a series of servers, files and other sensitive areas where data might be stored, things that shouldn't be available to the average Internet user. He calls it "Google hacking," and he was able to find a series of weaknesses, many of which Sony has since fixed (due to Reuters informing Sony of the possible security issues)"


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"I agree. It's really fucked up when they have to change the story/pacing/content because of issues with another platform."

Rockstar themselves say they won't. Who's your source? Disc swapping is tied to the story missions and won't affect free roam or side quests. Either you guys are real slow or you're just trolling.

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