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A Third Son if you will.

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He was better than George Clooney.

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Gonna be pissed if it's Joker.

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SO glad he turned out the way he did, he's such a cool character in terms of style and personality. AC3 put me off Native Americans.

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I think most people don't even have 2K screens yet. Why is everything so expensive?!

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It's amazing how PS4 games boast these graphics yet PC gamers still refuse to admit that they're as good. Is it because you feel bad that a $400 console has games that look as good as something you paid $2000 for?

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Sounds like they've improved the system a lot, it was much needed. It worked pretty well in the other but the way you could just kill a bunch of people and still be considered a hero kind of ruined it.

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Is it just me or does Barbara look like Sarah Michelle Gellar and Emily Bett Rickards had a kid together?

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Couldn't agree more with the sentiment about Retro, the Prime series were the best Metroid games and Nintendo need to get them to make another instead of leaving that franchise to die.

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What were you saying about graphics, PC 'Master' Race?

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This just shows how great Retro and Nintendo are.

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Why the disagrees? Do people on N4G not know about the birds and the bees?

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I remember there was a part in the game with a container for Queen Industries, they should give Bats a break and bring out an Arrow game, the show is one of the best on TV right now so it's the perfect time.

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That's a lovely jpg.

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So this is a PS3/360 game then?

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I don't understand the disagrees here, you can't disagree that all three consoles will have a lot of fun games coming next year.

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Lost World is exclusive to Ninty. Sonic's body is ready.

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Well the PS4 version would be better than a PC version could be.

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After the disappointment that was Arkham Origins I think a Batman Beyond game could really bring the series around. Although I'd rather see similar games being made with some other superheroes. And when I say superheroes I mainly mean Marvel superheroes. Marvel really need to step up their game in this industry, it's the only one in which DC are stomping all over them.

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He's been working in the industry for how long? And he still has no clue what he's talking about...

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