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You do realize that Darkest Dungeon has been available for almost a year now on PC right?....It recently had a full release on PC but has been in early access for a year. Its a GREAT game. Challenging and rewarding. Not sure why you cant just go to youtube or Twitch to get your thousand of hours of gameplay footage....

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Dude...everyone understands whats going on about the game, chill the hell out! Everyone here understands you can buy the game in parts or wait till the very end and buy it whole...what everyone is saying is that the whole concept is BS and the majority hates it and doesnt want it. Get over it. No one but you likes it! Its complete garbage.

You sound like a damn religious nut that freaks out on people who dont believe what you do. I get you think jesus is your ab...

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Right?...Guess thats the cool thing now. Everyone just scrap what your doing and turn it into a MOBA damnit!!

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So instead of just using the time to actually fix the game and get updates to make PC version playable, we are working on...big head mode....awesome. Great job guys, everyone is so proud of you.

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Did you mean Blight Town in Dark Souls? Still not even close as bad compared to Arkham Knights performance on PC

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You are one of the few, yes. Great Series and always wanting more personally

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Great. Now lets work on it not sucking up 20+ frames when its on. Thanks.

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" but usually you buy/need 1 new controller a year"

...what the hell you doing to your controllers?.....

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haha damn! I was actually just thinking...looks like a COD game...had to look at the comments to see if anyone else thought that! Put a smile on my face!

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You know you have the option to not click on the articles you don't like yea?

But on topic, only couple more days!! So excited, trying my best to stay away from Twitch but do tempting...

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I was just replying to you saying "not even a 980 Can run witcher 3 at max settings with smooth 60fps they said"

But yes in your case you will not be able to run this game on ultra, but it will still look beautiful.

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Here you go.

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I believe usually its 60 fps. But most Spec Requirements from NVIDIA usually are a little bit over the top, like you said, sales pitch.

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Crosses Fingers before watching..."Please be good, please be good"....-14 min later- "Damn"

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Still such a dumb name though...

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Actually Ubisoft consistently puts out good products...they just need that extra time and a little bit of a push to make some of them really great.

Their games overall are usually well received and score really well and sell well. Pretty impressive actually, especially with how many games they push out every year.

But they should take just a bit more time on some to really push them to really improve them.

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Right...cause having the option to buy the game is so bad..You dont like the game? Dont buy it, not sure how this is effecting you...

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Has no one played/watched this game before now??!! It is horrendous ...just straight up terrible. Played it and just almost puked on how bad it is.


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100% agree with you. The first one was great but has only gone down since then. This is by far one of the worst games you will ever play. Wanted it to be great though

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