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So...people bitch that AC is getting stale and repetitive, and then when Ubisoft goes out and puts a different take on the series and tries to be different, they bitch that its not the same as the rest of the series....hmmm tough crowd #5.1.2
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Um...Black Flag should have been your entry to come back, that game was just great. #5.1
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Lets see...

Ryse=Crytek (do we need to say more?)

Dead Rising 3 - Congratulations you can put 300 zombies on a screen running at 18fps.

Killer Instinct - Terible game, terrible studio, only reason its getting any recognition because its a lunch title and it has no competition. And even then it struggles

Forza 5 - Huge downgrade from its previous titles and prob one of the worst ones yet.

A console should no... #1.4.4
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Your point? Thats what speedrunners do....they spend hundreds and hundreds of hours on a game to see if they can finish it quickly. Those kind of glitches are only found if one is looking for them intentionally.

But overall those glitches are not found if someone is playing the game for enjoyment. So for a game made in 1998, its pretty good. I played the game prob 15 times now and have yet to come across a game breaking glitch #6.1
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@ Palitera

Its more of the same. And thats the issue, Arkham City improved on almost every part from Akrham Asylum while origins, just does exactly what the others have done. It doesnt try much of anything new really and there are no really "memorable parts" of that game. You will still enjoy it but its just not on the same level as Rocksteady level design, characters, or story telling.

Yea you might be one of the few that enjoyed i... #1.1.4
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Its an okay game. But it will be a HUGE letdown if you play it right after Arkham City... #1.1
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I really hope its not because of the graphics downgrade....because Ubisoft makes some of the most consistent games in the industry. Far Cry 3, Assassins Creed Black Flag, Child of Light, Watch Dogs, Rayman Legends, Valiant Hearts are all great games and look great and scored pretty good.

Then you have Assassins Creed Unity, The Crew, The Division, Far Cry 4, Rainbow Six Patriots which all look good too. Ubisoft makes a lot of games and some really good ones but most are goo... #2.2
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If they went..."poof" a lot of people would lose their jobs, thats not okay for anyone. We should all want developers to succeed so we can get more and better games.

Crytek is a fine company that just needs some guidance and direction. Gameplay and story are far better than the best graphics in a game. #7.1
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Wow guy...not a screenshot actually. That's concept artwork... #4.1
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Im sorry.....S5 is future proof?? A phone is the last thing in the world i would consider future proof. There will be an S7 before they can even right another article. a new phone becomes old news within 8 months and is replaced by a far superior version of its predecessor. This is just a dumb article in general #1.1.8
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Seriously? think consoles have more exclusives than PC?...ummm #1.1.4
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I have to agree here. Im all for cod and all but this is looking exactly the same with some mechanics from titanfall added like the jet jump onto buildings and things. But if I wanted a game like titanfall...i would just play titanfall...

but again, thats just my personal opinion and i could one of the few #8.1
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Stop making PS fans look like assholes you dumb bastard! You make us all look bad. Ugh #1.1.7
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Man....I hope they fix all those issues from the first one...Kind of want to love this series but after the first 2 games, more of a hassle than anything. #2
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Seriously?...The team themselves told all of you that it was all in-game from a part of the game itself...and already said trying to get it to look better than that...

So your either a fool thats all i got. #2.3.3
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Your foolish if you are doubting NaughtyDog. #8.5
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You think the PS4 version will look like that??? You have lost your damn mind. That was beyond maxed out settings with AA, 16X Anisotropic Filtering, SSAO all maxed out with 1080p and 60 fps. You think the PS4 can handle that?

I have a PS4 and there is no way in hell that game will look that good. Dont even try to believe it because you will be dissapointed. That was Rocksteady showing off how good their game looks at its absolute best and pro... #1.2.3
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Clearly have never played a Souls game. If they didnt add lock on mechanic and added "finishing moves" that would get rid of the feel of a souls game and would be terrible. Games like this are shit with finishing moves.

FromSoftware knows what they are doing, dont need advice from you. #9.5
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Not the same. They were showing Exclusives that were ONLY on Xbox One, shouldn't have been on a PC, while this is a Multiplat game. And this was honestly more of Rocksteady showing off their game running for the first time rather than Sony showing their system... #2.4.1
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I get that but come on, they prob just added those buttons because its a Sony Conference...How weird would it have been if they showed 360 promps because they were using a 360 plugged into the PC, or even PC keys...they would have gotten shit for that too. Either way they were going to get backlash.

If Rocksteady decided to show it at MS Conference they would have had Xbox prompts... #2.3.2
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