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I agree, stop putting specific weapons and stuff in titles. Just please keep it more vague (Ex. New Weapons and Armor) No need to be that specific cause that just ruined it for me before I ever even played the game. I want to find out for myself exactly what type of weapons I am going to find. Putting them in the title is 100% spoiling, please let people decide for themselves if they want to know the weapons, and not have it ruined before even clicking on the article. #4
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How about this...I will start to worry when From Software releases a bad game. Until then, I'm going to go and give one of the best and consistently good companies in the industry, a benefit of the doubt that they know what they are doing. And if you are a so called "fan" how about dont jump the gun there champ. #8.3
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It most likely will have a multiplayer. Though I am curious how good it will be considering Deep Silver really doesnt have that much Multiplayer experience... #3.1
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You do realize that "Dead Island Riptide" is not Dead Island 2 right (which is the one you are referring to)....Dead Island 2 is set in California and is coming out in 2015... #1.1.8
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That was on the top of my list about a year ago...then I saw what Ubisoft has come up with in the last year and im thinking I might just have to set the bar a little lower for that game and Pray they learned from their mistakes in the last few games...

Come on Ubisoft, lets not have another Watch Dogs fiasco please...I want to love this game. #1.2.1
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And so the Minecraft on EVERYTHING MS related begins... #2
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I love how now we have to state that a PC game has 60fps support...
PC should ALWAYS have 60fps. No need to make a statement out of it, just do it. That has always been the norm but since that whole Need for Speed fiasco, devs have to clarify this.

Why the hell would you limit a PC game to 30fps?... #3
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You guys do realize how many games Ubisoft puts out that are great right?...With all those games, there are bound to be few missed targets. But overall Ubisoft consistently puts out good/great games that are really enjoyable and diverse. Far from a joke of a company my friend. #1.3
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I concur on the Far Cry 4 part for sure. I have about 12 hours sunk into it so far and I really am loving it and the story...damn hunting has taken up a lot of my time fun... #1.1
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Really?..23fps is now acceptable because it does 3 frames better than the right thats no probem at all. While we are at it, if it was 13fps that would still not be an issue as long as it does a few frames better than Sony right? Low 20's Framerate is NEVER acceptable. #1.4
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Surprisingly, I have not picked up the game in quite some time...Have not even finished the story yet either...hmmm #2
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Well I have one of my PCs using a R9 280X, which is very similar to that card. I get a solid 50fps on Maxed out, jumping between 45 and 60. but stays at a high 50's really. You should be fine and getting a nice framerate with some minor tweaks with maybe AA #4.3
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Nice, glad to hear it. Wondering what is "playable frame-rates"? Just curious on what you get on average with TXAA... #2.1.3
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Yea....because everyone in the PC gaming community has a tri 780 are the 1% of that community that even comes close to that. Most people have a mid-range or high end single gpu, and it performs like shit on those.

I have a Crossfire R9-280X build and I get about 32fps on 1080p and most settings on low (especially textures), which sucks. My GTX 970 doesnt come in till Saturday, so will have to figure out how that performs with this game.

But all... #2.1.1
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Good for you sir. Way to stick to your guns!

But I and many other are going to be playing an amazing game that we will fully enjoy while you miss you out and pout on the internet on how much Ubisoft sucks and that you are done with them. But I am not as strong as you, I just like playing great games too much to do that. Enjoy your hallow and FarCry 4-less victory sir. #1.4
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I hope you didnt just compare a $20,000 investment with a life threatening fault to a $50 game with some

Also no one is forcing anyone here to buy the game. If you dont like the company, dont buy their games. Or better yet, if you have some concerns, wait a couple days till you see how the game pans out and then decide if you want to buy it. Its not hard.

And I do get the point of the whole broken product and not suppor... #1.2.2
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Ubisoft can make some great games at times and they release a lot of titles that I fully enjoy. Will I be upset if the game performs under whats expected? Yes I will and will be out there picketing as well with all of you. But if they manage to fix the issues in a timely fashion, I will go ahead and enjoy the game. Personally I am not going to miss out on a title that I can have a lot of fun with just because you want to "stick it to the man".

Just a personally o... #1.2
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Yea they have not tacked the performance issues yet so, Ubisoft said it themselves that's what they are working on wrong. #3.1.2
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Yea, even a broken clock is right twice a day. #1
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