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Nice, will check this out when i can download it...
I have some high expectations for them considering they were ragging on Fifa 15... #3
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Played the closed Beta and the physics and driving mechanics felt okay...But just not as good as the Forza Horizon 2 Beta sadly. But good enough, from the little I played the game was pretty good though #1.1
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Honestly if Destiny had Borderland style loot, doesnt have to be the same amount but like similar to it, it really would have shined more. More weapons, upgrades, etc...

Been playing Destiny and enjoying it for the most part but really does suck knowing that im mowing down these enemies and all im getting is freaking ammo...makes me sigh a little... #1.2
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Yea...lets hope you optimized this game a little better than GTA IV, that ran like crap on the PC #2
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Well your Xbox One wont have the game anyways so you wont have to worry about it, will you? #3.2
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I was hoping this would get great reviews and rave only for Bungies sake...cause they are kinda looking like a one trick pony with Halo...Especially since Destiny really got a lot of influences from Halo series in terms of gameplay and such. #2.2
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What uth11 said, its really easy #2.1.3
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Yea true, just makes no sense...they why not just build a small gaming PC instead of this? Will have exactly what you want and can afford, and look the way you want...and you can still have a laptop on the road...or if you dont want to spend all the money and a laptop, just use all that money for a gaming laptop...and have gaming at home and on the road with one machine... #1.1.1
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Hey im with you there, just cause its not an amazing games, doesnt mean i wont be playing and enjoying them. Just the hype was too big to live up to for this game. Will definitively still get it when it drops to like $30 #2.1.1
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Yea def should have included a bigger hard drive with these consoles.

Luckily I have a 1 TB in my PS4 (already filling up)
and a 2TB external on my One. #2.1
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You still have to have some interest in the game if your buying think people can keep their interest in this game for 10 years?.... #1.1.1
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Might as well just build your own Micro ATX desktop yourself and lug it around...just as easy... #1
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Damn, Little lower than I would have thought they would give them...I was thinking between 7.8-8.5. Games really nothing special, too bad really. #2
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Considering Destiny has a HUGE PVP integration in its game...its actually a huge issue...If it was single player only, this would be a non-issue

Going up against someone who has infinite Rockets and weapons that they prob shouldnt have...makes things a little less than enjoyable... #2.2
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Stop that. Stop it now sir #1.4.1
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In an article that has NOTHING to do with MS vs Sony Online still managed to squeeze it in there huh? Could have left that whole last paragraph out of your post. Come on now #2.1.2
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It will not be all digital, wont happen, at least not by next gen.

Can you imagine if the network for a console went down for a couple days?...and can you imagine if it happened right on a HUGE release date for a game...My god the backlash...

Too many drawbacks with it. Speed of download, size of games, Hard Drive space, reliability of networks, etc... #1.2
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Yea I think so too, hes def just a one hit wonder with Minecraft. Hell of a wonder but still... #2.1.6
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Every other site is saying that its $500 Million "Shipped" not sold to consumer.

" retail and first party ORDERS worldwide have exceeded $500 million for Destiny"

just says orders not sales worldwide.

Either way thats pretty impressive. #14
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Oh yea it does run smoothly on maxed out, pretty easily too, not sure why the requirements on it are that high. I mean for PC, its a good one because they finally did include the new engine, SO much better than that other stuff. But animations could be so much better...kinda stiff... #2.1.1
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