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Really interesting take on the subject! I especially like Hotline for fans of Drive.

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What much anticipated game?

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Will the DLC be in the GOTY edition like how the Mac release of RAGE had all the Anarchy Edition stuff come in it standard?

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If it's slow on the Xbox, it'll likely be even worse on the PS3 :( Or, they'd take that into account and take extra steps to make it faster for the PS3.

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Fallout teaches us the more overt lessons with clear right and wrong answers, while Skyrim teaches us lessons we didn't expect to learn.

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I know the feeling. Sure I want to be prepared, but too many survivors and we could just have chaos.

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The iWhatever is not a gaming console. Just because it has games on it dose not make it a gaming console. That's like saying your favorite video game is Snake for Nokia. No, that's your favorite way to pass the time while waiting in line.

The arguments about re-releasing games is interesting because it follows a note about "this generation." I don't think this generation generally played the originals, but have probably heard of them. No one is going to ...

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A new resident evil game would be fun, except I'm kind of way over zombies now...

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It looks like fun. I think this is one of the few games I'd like to see my avatar in.

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Monday Night Combat was super fun!

Great list.

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I'm super excited for swarm mode!

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here is an interview where he's asked about it... he says it's "a multi-metaphor" ... but dosen't really explain the spelling. maybe the proper spelling was taken?

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He (Naucious) spells it that way:!/nauci...

but, on the wiki page it was spelled Nauseous...

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