Appreciating the new N4G


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Thanks =D

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The score was based from the splitscreen experience and the variety of options to do in the character customization.

The Score was given as a 9 due to the fact of a lot of options are available and the multiplayer experience on its own as split screen added replayability.

MP will have its own score. As the multiplayer score was not accounted for.

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It isn't a twisted metal image. It was falsely attributed to the Twisted Metal franchise.

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Capcom began it, but in the end Rockstar San Diego is it's developer and Rockstar were the publishers.

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The image of the clown mushroom cloud?

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There is an analysis of the announcement indicators, discussing various location possibilities.

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And thatgamecompany <3

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There wasn't any Beta comparison in the article. He isn't even comparing the games as graphics or which is better, he is stating that there should not be any comparison cause each is in a different state and entity of its own.

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Exactly, and that is what i fully believe in as well...

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Did you read the article at all?

A very valid and non biased argument... Don't bash if you didn't take some time to read it...

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I dont think they have dropped out, cause if you go to the site the only publisher logo still there is the SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) logo...

So there might still be some hope.

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His thumb gets in the way a lot during the movie!

Couldn't he have used what is possibly the best feature of the Vita, the back touch panel?!

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If my assumptions are correct then i think that the game after wipeout is definitely a new PixelJunk game (One of the 3 to be showcased next week)

Looks like a hybrid of Shooter and that Creat game Terrover…

All except for Reality Fighters look incredible!!! =D

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I understand man... But im trying to take it in as positive as possible... Hopefully things will be clearer soon. Im not giving false hope, im simply being hopeful.

But yeah, we are all in the same boat.

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Had there been any compromise of information or accounts Sony would have contacted the affected parties and people immediately... They have done so in the past... I remember once i got an email from Sony that PSN was hacked and some account were compromised and how Sony contacted all those affected...

So don't worry it is safe..

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Thank you so much! =D Glad that you enjoyed it! First article i write at GIGAlb =D

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They took the PSN offline, so don't worry no has had access to it ever since Wednesday except for Sony.

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Thank you very much. It's wonderful that you enjoyed it.

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Guys, anyone else bet with me that its the insomniac game?

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Insomniac EA partners game?!

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