Appreciating the new N4G


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It is 3 days of sales with the added venue of being on PSN day 1. Not very telling of overall sales. The game will have its crowd and same as SSB, the sequel will surely hit the stride more than this when they perfect everything that was flawed in the first.

Also, i would give this game its time to shine during the christmas period more.

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Just hang in there long enough for a new Saints Row and the South Park RPG and Crytek's Homefront and CoH 2 and all will be well THQ.

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I find the cons in the review a bit perplexing.

He says the game is too hard, yet when i played it in the Beta and all other reviews mark it as serious fighter with extremely light and easy controls.

And the comments about the pixelated menus is just silly. Im a big 8-bit fan, but it just feels like he is digging deep to nit-pick at things.

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Im an all consoles kind of guy.

So ill definitely be buying it and the PS4 and the Xbox Next.

Just wait a bit for the fuss to die down.

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Im definitely going to be waiting a bit more.

Just so that Nintendo irons out the kinks and sets up the Wii U in a better software state.

In my country, power outages are frequent and id hate risking a bricked new console.

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That seriously doesnt look bad at all

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To me it was Kane and Lynch

Army of Two is ambitious yet hindered, and it was fun in coop. Plus i think The Devil's Cartel is shaping up to be quite a shocker sequel.

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Update the story with that info.

And shouldnt you guys have respected the embargo in the first place?

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I thought i was seeing things.

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Sony said that Sony Santa Monica will continue the support for the game.

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They are not shutting down.

They laid off 24 positions and are moving into iOS development. Like the Twisted Metal devs, Eat Sleep Play.

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I love how much tender-loving care Valve put into such announcements.

Teasing them for over two years and then BOOM!

<3 Valve

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The most important thing is to pass this info to Superbot so that they can fix up the game and make it the best it can be!

Write in the beta forums and tell them that.

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It is not closing.

It is merging with R* Toronto.

There is a big difference. The entire team of 35 people is being moved to Toronto.

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Check my reply and analysis above in #1.1.8

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I think the upcoming studio in danger will be Evolution, depends if they have something big for the PS4 or MS:RC was good in sales...

But i do think this opens up new possible acquisitions from:

- Quantic Dreams (They have been pouring insane money for their tech and R&D)
- Zindagi (Also working on next-gen projects and can be a properly casual studio for Move 2/ PS Kinect games)
- Sanazaru (If Sly 4 does well, i can see them taking the he...

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But the issue is that Naughty Dog no longer own the Crash Bandicoot IP. It is with Activision...

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To each his own opinion...

And to me, seeing a new franchise from the developers that have never failed me once is not something i regret.

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Fantastic insight! Purely amazing and it makes the premise of the game seem extremely intriguing and new...

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