Appreciating the new N4G


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I completely agree...

Im so freaking pissed, because they are so awesome, and yet i basically have to throw away my 3DS XL.

The interchangeable covers are so awesome, and how they change the theme of the menu!

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I didnt say PS Now.

Everyone is comparing it to Netflix or PS Now, when in fact it is PS+.

Getting free games every now and then, and discounts on upcoming games.

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Nice, so a PS+ like thing on Xbox One for EA Games.

Wonder if Sony will work to get it to there console.

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Technically, MS is in third after the Wii U.

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It's an incredibly fun game, but the microtransactions and the waiting really kill the buzz

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Im so not sick and tired of seeing all of the "Trouble at Sony World Wide Studios" articles...


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I played the side op and yeah it is true, but come on, this is a mega spoiler for fans.

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One of the best levels of LPB2 is a sidescroller level

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Side note: Whenever I read an article of his I crave having shanklish.

Only Arabs or Lebanese will get this.

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And I'm an Arab with blonde hair and my family has blue eyes

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And the writer of the article is an idiot. SE announced a year ago that they would localize the game in Arabic with Arabic VoiceOvers and not actually remodeling her.

This is for the tomb raider reboot not the sequel that hasn't been properly showcased.

And for the love of god can we stop being racist and media hungry idiots? Not all Arabs and Arab countries are veiled and conservative.

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Fable meets Assassins Creed meets Batman...

Holy crap that was amazing!

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Does the third console curse also come with "weird WTF ads" curse?

These are reminding me of the PS3 WTF ads.

Lol at the "real" part...

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My bad

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This is brilliant.

Sony, hire him in your QA team ASAP

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Gearnuke is a very tabloid-y website.

They term their titles for hits and clicks and make comparisons using the silliest of things and report on the smallest of rumors.

But I guess it's working with them. Getting the clicks and all

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Ummmm, for real?

I mean April 1 is pretty far off. Otherwise, lol wut?

In any case, im sure this issue will explode out of this world and Nelson and Co. will give us a firm reply through twitter.

**Grabs popcorn** Dis gon be goood

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The PS3 cannot use HDDs as extended storage. I dont get what the fuss is about.

The PS4 can read HDDs just as the PS3 does, example being in the fact that you can download the firmware onto a flashdisk. It just cant download or install games onto the hard disk.

The big issue is in regards to the DNLA and the MP3, and this will hopefully come with a patch.

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I noticed something fishy...

Im from Lebanon and this review is from a local radio station there. The review isnt very thorough nor proper.

Lol, radio stations are now writing up reviews.

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