Appreciating the new N4G


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Female Lebanese soldier at 2:13 FTW!

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Anyone else notice the lebanese flag?

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Really happy Evo Studios found a new home. Cannot wait to see what they in store.

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Fucking click bait headlines.

She talked on her own behalf, neither that of her ex-employer (Ubisoft), nor her current one (EA).

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My gut tells me its Edith Filch

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He is not Altair.

He is Callum Lynch in the present day, and Aguilar in the 15th century.

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The movie exists in the universe of the games.

They even admit that. So Altair and Ezio exist, and so do Desmond and the rest of the present day crew.

I do believe this is an excellent way to tackle the game to movie transition, which will make it nice and fresh to gamers and film goers.

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Don't forget MGS V for September

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There is a gaming Academy in Abu Dhabi that is in collaboration with Ubisoft.

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Don't worry, it is fake.

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I completely agree...

Im so freaking pissed, because they are so awesome, and yet i basically have to throw away my 3DS XL.

The interchangeable covers are so awesome, and how they change the theme of the menu!

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I didnt say PS Now.

Everyone is comparing it to Netflix or PS Now, when in fact it is PS+.

Getting free games every now and then, and discounts on upcoming games.

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Nice, so a PS+ like thing on Xbox One for EA Games.

Wonder if Sony will work to get it to there console.

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Technically, MS is in third after the Wii U.

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It's an incredibly fun game, but the microtransactions and the waiting really kill the buzz

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Im so not sick and tired of seeing all of the "Trouble at Sony World Wide Studios" articles...


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I played the side op and yeah it is true, but come on, this is a mega spoiler for fans.

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One of the best levels of LPB2 is a sidescroller level

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Side note: Whenever I read an article of his I crave having shanklish.

Only Arabs or Lebanese will get this.

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