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I have other consoles. Fallout 4 runs just fine on the PC, the Witcher 3 was amazing on the PC. Battlefront had no issues as far as I saw.

Some companies aren't good at porting their games to the PC. Some companies also make some pretty damn good games on the PC that consoles aren't able to meet due to hardware limitations.

I don't understand why everyone has to be such a fanboy for one side or the other. What's wrong with enjoying both co... #9.1.2
I run at 1080P 60fps with no hiccups at any point and a solid state drive that loads the game extremely fast.

It's nice, laugh all you want. #9.1
I'm roughly 12 hours into the game and haven't experienced any problems yet besides a texture glitch. All I had to do was reload the game and everything was solved.

Compared to most multi-plat PC launches this game seems to actually be in relatively good shape. #5
There is no reason except that its a staple character for nintendo that has always been a male and would be a pointless change.

Gender equality is great and all, but change just for change makes no sense. If you want to come up with a story where Ganon captures the hero of time and Zelda becomes the heroine that would be awesome. It would accomplish the same thing by giving the series a female lead for once and everyone has seen how badass Zelda can be, especially in Smash. #36
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Would you buy a system just to play this game? I know if I didn't have a PS4 yet I would, but that is because I am a huge fan of the Souls games.

Since the Souls series has it's own niche, I think it is unlikely to call it a "system seller" only because it isn't a game that necessarily appeals to the masses.

That being said, I can't wait to play it. #1.5
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Part of literature and story telling in general is to create an emotional attachment between the story teller and the reader.

Must be pretty boring playing games watching movies and reading books for you if you don't have any emotional reaction to them. #1.1
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The frame rate is amazing on the PS4... I have been playing it since beta as well as playing it on a high end PC - it rivals it nicely and is really nice to play with a mouse and keyboard on a big screen.

PS4 version is light years ahead of the PS3 version. #3.3
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What the hell #1
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Sign me up please! #892
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Sign me up! #8
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I have hated portable gaming after the GameBoy Advance. 3DS is my favorite console of this generation by far.

They must be doing something right because they have my attention. #24
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I just bought a Wii U - please release a high definition Zelda... Wind Waker HD was an absolute blast to play through (I am at the end right now) but to see Zelda in all it's glory with classic controls in a high def environment with a dark setting would be absolutely amazing. #6
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Beta carries over so you don't have to worry about that. #4.1
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I feel like they need to be taken with a grain of salt, especially the ones that are lower scoring.

PS4 is a GAMING console and relies heavily on the GAMES. There aren't many available at launch, so how do you give it a score?

Seems counter-intuitive. #4.2
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I threw down $5

I just spent an ass load on a set up for my PS4 including a tv, speakers etc...

I would have felt bad not donating though, $5 isn't much but at least its something. #6
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Is that a joke? Anyone who knows how to build a computer could most likely slaughter the xbox1 and ps4's performances with $700 to spend. #5.1
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This is an extremely negative article... Most people in game are loving this game, I haven't really seen any one "so pissed off". Server issues sucks, but it's an MMO launch. #1
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I have probably played 10+ mmos at launch and FFXIV has one of the smoothest GAMES at launch. The servers are a pain in the ass to deal with at the moment, but with relief coming Wednesday it shouldn't be much of an issue.

Not to mention Square is extending 7 more free days of play to its customers. I would rather have overpopulation and server capacity issues at launch then have to worry about getting credit for finishing instances, killing mobs ETC. So far the game h... #11
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error 1017 #1
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Too bad Microsoft doesn't have games like Mario and Zelda that people would kill for to have in HD. #32
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