E3 is awesome.


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And Forza, and Titanfall.

I'll be playing KZ Shadowfall until I find a XBOne in the wild, then I'll be playing Forza and possibly Ryse.

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Well... at least you got to do something after creating your person. I've created 4 players, and haven't been able to do anything after creating them.

I got picked up by Lamar at the airport the last time, so hopefully my character saved that time.

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...please don't have kids.

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You can swear on the internet...

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I'm sure store policy is also to be a giant bitch any time discretion is warranted...

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I'll be getting both for my sons this Christmas.

We already have 20+ skylanders 'invested' in that series, but the fact that Disney characters are in the Infinity game will likely mean my kids will have a better attachment to those characters - especially the Pixar ones.

I'm also hoping for Star Wars and Marvel characters eventually.

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To be fair, it costs more to produce figures, portals and all that.

So, it COULD cost over 200, but that's total, and not just game development. Depends on who is skewing the numbers and in what way.

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I'd kill for a Ni no Kuni sequel or game in the same vein.

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That's the dumbest thing I've ever read.

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"in a big way"

I don't think ES Online will be a hit 'in a big way' with a $15/month fee. This isn't 2005. People will likely buy it, but not play beyond the initial time included in the retail package.

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Releasing a game with 10+ console releases to a market/platform with hundreds of millions of potential customers who don't have a stick up their ass?

Yep, clearly an idiotic choice.

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It didn't win the VGA GOTY, but it did win the VGA Best 360 game. I'm sure it won some other obscure site's GOTY awards as well.

So, it's not "THE" GOTY, but it was somewhere, so it's not completely idiotic to call it a GOTY version.

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No, the author writes:

"here are my top 10 video game soundtracks"

Clearly the author is drunk.

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This whole comment stream is full of idiots.

Must every comment section devolve into name-calling and other stupid shit?

When I got here years ago, we talked games. We didn't give a shit which console was "better" - we all agreed that gaming was fun, and N4G was a nice place to congregate and talk games. We used to mark trolls as trolls, and they'd go away. Now it's all talk about megahertz and RAM speed/style... and the trolls are more ...

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I think we both know the answer to that...

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"I'm certain this will release for the XB1 & PS4 now"

Really? Because it doesn't say exactly that in the blurb up top now, does it?

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"Makes more sense than complaining every month no?"

No. Complaining is free.

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I'd be okay with Sony buying them, but I would definitely miss playing ATLUS games on my 3DS.

It would also probably kill any chance of the Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem cross-over game that was in the works :/

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Which one? TLoU or Uncharted 2?

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