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It's that bad? A 0/5 implies that it didn't even boot up.

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Really? It's that bad lol

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We'll get a PS Vita prequel.

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Both! I just care about the games, not picking side.

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That was a mistake -- I know that's not a corvette lol :) It's fixed now.

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Yup, you can play with the stylus.

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Lol, I've never seen a spam article like this before.

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I can tell you right now -- they didn't show Fallout 4. I was at one of their behind closed doors session and they only showed The Evil Within, and Wolfenstein.

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Better safe than sorry. The PS4 will sellout and Amazon doesn't take ANY money upfront. Don't risk it if you truly want one on day one.

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Actually, Jaffe seems like a nice guy. I heard a lot of bad things about him, but after following him on Twitter for a while he seems like one of the nicest people in gaming. He talks about his kids and none of his tweets come across as arrogant.

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When developers make a season pass gamers complain. When they don't -- gamers complain. This is a good thing. It means they didn't hold anything back.

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Yup! It's one of the best on the system!

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It's not as Uncharted like as it originally appears.

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I don't even care, I'm still loving my PS Vita.

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Poorly written and shallow. Don't waste your time...

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I agree! I'm more offended by people calling this racist than anything she says.

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Wow, playing the game right now, on Chapter 16. This doesn't really shock me considering what he just did in the last chapter, but stuff like this isn't cool. Seriously -- the game just came out. and the bosses aren't hard, so these guides are useless.

Hopefully a mod removes this before anyone else gets spoiled.

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Well, there are still people out there who haven't played the game. You write spoilers ahead, but your image is a spoiler considering the article's title. Just seems a little... inconsiderate, you could have used a random image from one of the games on the list. That wouldn't have spoiled anything.

I played the game, but someone may have just picked it up after seeing how it got a ton of GOTY awards, and they'll stumble across this article and spoil it for the...

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Everyone knew this was coming out.

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Huh? I don't think you understand the article...

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