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Halo MCC is my most played game on my Xbox One. Yes it had issues, but for me its still great. I played throughout all the campaigns without issue (no co-op), only thing was achievements not unlocking. Since they fixed matchmaking it has been so great being able to hop into any map from any game. I get all the hate and I know people have had issues that I never experienced, but I think rather than launching each game separately they would have just been better off delaying the game until it w... #5.1.3
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This is exactly the sort of self-entitlement nonsense that is coming out of PS4 fanboys these days. The very notion that MS should go out of their way to appease PS4 owners is totally ridiculous. #1.9.3
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No Tie Fighter?? #3
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@darkocelet - Didn't Phil Spencer say he was controlling his xbox at home during the event? Maybe I missed something but I didn't think it was just LAN only. #1.2.6
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I tried a game yesterday after the content update earlier in the week, it was all setting up quite smoothly, 4vs4 on the H2A version of lockout, the map was loaded and about to begin. Then out of nowhere it was game over and took me back to post game report.

If this game had none of these bugs, it would be a truly outstanding experience. It's just such a shame there are so many problems. #6
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UK website shows similar deals. There's no mention of Fifa 15, SO and COD AW starting at $15 but it does say "check back from Friday 28 Nov when we'll be adding even more titles at discounted prices!". #1.4
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Halo 4 didn't have any issues so I don't see why Halo 5 would. The issues with MCC "could be" down to the complexity of having a unified matchmaking system for all the different games, game types, engines, net code etc.

At least Halo 5 will have a beta, that's something MCC should have had. #1.3.1
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It has to be bigger cos you can move around the map quicker. Old one wouldn't work in the Halo 5 sandbox. #4.1
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I still have faith, and besides its a beta. No normal beta either, a full year from release with the whole point being changes can be made. Haven't 343i been consulting a lot of pro Halo players for Halo 5 as well? Surely they would give a better indication of how to keep this game more "halo" than any of us.

At the end of the day there's no point just making Halo 5 MP into an 'upgraded' Halo 2 MP, we already have MCC for that. Halo 5 MP has to move... #3.8.2
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Why do it for Unity only? Makes no sense. It wasn't done for COD, is Assassins Creed bigger than COD? Seems like everyone blames MS for everything these days. #1.3.1
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@redwin - Errr okay, what's that got to do with my comment? #1.1.14
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@Oner - How is Watercooler's ON TOPIC? The financial results in the article don't breakdown X1 and PS4 sales so the only reason to bring this up is to push your own fanboy agenda, which is exactly what he did. There's no other reason for it. #1.1.11
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Watercooler's comment is unnecessary. The article is not about X1 vs PS4 sales. #1.23
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Typical immature fanboy response. #16.3.1
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No one can say for sure whether Sony had DRM in mind or not. But, I bet you they would have, if they could have. They just read the market better than MS did.

Lets face it, DRM will come eventually. Every other gaming platform apart from home consoles has it. It is inevitable.

Playstation Now anyone? #21.1.5
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Nothing wrong with what he said. I chose X1 for exactly the same reason, I prefer MS exclusives over Sony ones. #16.2
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C'mon! Overhype from a job posting? It hasn't even been announced! #1.2.5
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From this video I just don't see it either, and there's comments saying this is jaw dropping!?! There's better footage out there. #1.4.8
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Amazing. Just amazing. #3
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Only difference I see is the PS4 version just looks slightly sharper, but then the Xbox Beta is at 900p. #14
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