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I would play an "up-ported" version of this game. I absolutely loved The Last of Us. I beat it multiple times including on Survival (Survivor?) mode. But as much as I loved it, there were certain portions with jaggies and framerate drops. If they were able to tune the game up for the PS4 and lock the framerate at 30 fps (or maybe 60) I would definitely love to play it again.

The same goes for games like GTA5 and Dark Souls II. Those games would benefit from next-gen...

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Simulators have been around for decades. Even back in the day, there were some weird ones. Anyone else remember Sim Ant?

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This is not the behavior of a console that is selling like hotcakes. Looks like retailers are trying to clear out stock since they were already overstocked from Microsoft's usual Holiday channel-stuffing.

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Gotta hand it to Notch. Guy has balls.

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The Wii has taught us that playing the same games in a different way is going to get you super-popular.

Sony 3D TVs and the 3DS have taught us that VIEWING the same games in a different way usually doesn't grab you as much popularity.

Unless the VR is insanely-accurate and very convenient and very user-friendly, it won't be a hit.

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First Amazon purchasing Double Helix. Now Facebook purchasing one of the biggest VR companies in the world. Remember that just a few months ago John Carmack went to work for Oculus.

Things are a changin' in the game industry. The oversaturation is going to reach a breaking point soon.

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There's a lot of great modern music in videogames. Journey, Halo, Last of Us, MGS4, Deus Ex, Final Fantasy 13, Mass Effect (I know I'm forgetting a ton more) all had amazing music.

With that said, as videogames have become more "Hollywood" and we can actually use real instruments in a soundtrack, it feels far less unique. That's the thing. Old videogame music felt unique because all of the sounds were piped through the hardware. Nowadays videogame music ...

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I'm all about dem prizes.


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Titanfall's use of Azure is laughable. The bot AI is quite bad and during times of latency it actually causes the AI to halt and stand around doing nothing.

Mind you, "power of the cloud" was something that Microsoft has been preaching since May of last year when the X1 was revealed. They claimed the cloud would make Forza 5 better (it didn't; the retail release was a huge downgrade). They claimed the cloud would make Ryse run smoother (it didn't; framer...

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Great. So, "power of the cloud" is real, but not real right now. Lemme guess, it'll show up with the DX12 update, right?

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Hopefully Microsoft drops the policy. They're already lagging behind in indie support, and while some indies (who were likely going to go multiplat anyway) might jump on board, I'm doubtful Microsoft will be able to snag the wealth of small indie devs like Sony has. Sony has spent years fostering relationships with these small devs. Microsoft only recent snapped out of a nap and was like "wuh wuh? Oh! Indies? Yeah, we used to work with those kinda guys. I guess we can let them de...

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What else was he going to say?

"We're okay with second place"? Yeah right.

Microsoft needs to PROVE it. They're a neverending fountain of PR nonsense. Show some results. The same goes for Sony and Nintendo. Gamers these days are far too jaded to simply swallow PR lines (well, there are some idiots, but they'll always exist).

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3DS has the most robust library right now, followed closely by the Vita. I seriously have no clue how a gamer can ignore the handhelds. So many fantastic games to play.

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It's kind of like Jetpack Joyride (where you try to survive as long as you can) combined with an arcade shooter. It's a lot of fun if you enjoy those sort of quick pick-up-and-die sort of games.

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I do find it odd how MGS Ground Zeroes got a ton of flak for being "beatable in 2 hours" and even when they revealed the price would be $40/$30, many people said that's way too short.

And yet the so-called "online campaign" in Titanfall (which is terribly dull, btw) takes only two hours and no reviewer mentions it. The limited game modes and limited selection of weapons (not to mention glaring technical problems on PC and X1) get no mention at all. Mon...

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Exactly. The other thing to keep in mind is that - while Xbox One has loosened their restrictions - it doesn't erase all of the strides Sony has made to improve the indie scene on PS4. Not to mention the fact that Sony routinely advertises upcoming indie games on their official Youtube channel.

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He gave Titanfall a 5/5, despite it's glaring flaws.

His review score of inFamous is irrelevant. Simply watching his Titanfall review should've been enough to prove he's a shill.

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Sessler's 3/5 is a 60% score.

Other outlets are giving it 8s, 8.5s, and 9s.

So how is that "right on par" with everything else? His score is one of the lowest inFamous scores in the industry.

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There's a ton of extra content included with those extra missions.

Additionally, make sure you listen to those audio tapes, especially the ones by Dr Strangelove. There's some mind-blowing stuff in there.

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So basically the author's argument boils down to the same old "but but but brand loyalty" song and dance that we've been hearing since last year.

Sorry, but no. Brand loyalty didn't stop PS2 owners from switching to the 360. And brand loyalty won't stop 360 owners from switching to PS4.

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