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Just so you know, there is going to be a $200 Vita Slim bundle with Borderlands 2 and an 8G stick included w/ the system. Comes out mid-march in the US. #1.1.3
"Why do you feel Destiney will sweep Titanfall under the rug? There hasn't been nearly enough gameplay, info or any buzz for that game unlike Titanfall."

I don't believe a game's success has anything to do with pre-release buzz or hype, especialy when it's so manufactured as is the case with some (not all) of Titanfall's hype.

But anyway, I think Destiny will kill Titanfall for four major reasons:

1) Destiny is m... #1.2.4
All platforms are going to struggle this gen, PC included, smartphones included, everything included. But that's simply due to the economic conditions.

There will certainly be a 9th gen and I anticipate that after we see the game industry crater during this gen, publishers and devs will be re-examining what made the Wii a success and made the PS2 a success, etc. Profitability is going to be the most important thing this gen since it will put companies in the best position... #2
The hype just keeps building and building, but it feels so contrived. If it kills CoD, then it kills CoD. But it won't. It won't come close. Heck, Titanfall will get swept under the rug when Destiny comes out (a lot of fans on both the Playstation side and Xbox side are excited to see Bungie's first big game in half a decade).

And unlike Respawn entertainment, Bungie still has their name, a name they are well-known for. If EA can't kill CoD with Battlefield, h... #1
I believe it's already up to 40M.

It's selling millions on 360. It just came out on PS3 (sold 1 million in the first month). It's coming soon to Vita (I think it will be a surprise hit because it will be the only portable "Console Edition". Tablets get the pocket edition which is missing a lot of stuff).

And it will be launching on X1 and PS4 later this year, too. #1.2
Not only is this info old, but it's been proven to be false. You can't magically use tiled resources to cram 6G worth of textures through a 32M eSRAM pool. #1.1
Girls aren't supposed to have fun clubs? #2
Thanks for the review. I'm finishing up DanganRonpa and Corpse Party and this one looks like another game I'd like to try. #1
Doesn't seem too far-fetched. Just a month ago, Microsoft and EA were both exposed for running Youtube "promotions" for youtube users to give positive feedback on games without disclosing they were paid.

Microsoft + EA = Titanfall. Even if Respawn themselves aren't footing the bill, does it seem so far-fetched that people have been bribed when it has been confirmed that the game's publisher and the game's console sponsor (MS) are both bribing Youtube... #2
It was confirmed for NA localization for fall this year about 1 week after this one came out.

It might have had something to do with the fact that DanganRonpa was NISA's most-preordered-game in NA in the history of the company. #4.3
It's a lot of fun. Ace Attorney + Persona 3/4 social links. #1.1
It's very interesting to watch this unfold. Prior to launch, pundits said that X1 would still outsell PS4 in the USA, though not as much as the 360 outsold PS3. They gave all their reasons (stronger brand, Microsoft focusing heavy on USA, etc). And these were the same people who called the last-place 360 a "winner" because why? Because "it stole a lot of marketshare".

At launch once the numbers rolled in, these pundits said "well, um...PS4 and X1... #1.2
The opposite of Broken Age?

OH! So he means it will release on time and it will be one big game instead of being broken up into multiple games? #1.2
I think all of the Big Three will have a great E3. I'm actually most interested in seeing what is announced for the handhelds (I hope those aren't forgotten).

I wonder if we'll get any megaton announcements. #2
Pretty terrible. You save about $40 off the full retail price (if you count the $20 credit as "savings") but they're refurbished systems? #2
@ Septic

Get dem PERi PERi chips! So good. #1.1.29
@ Septic

Well, the hardware isn't bad. It just isn't powerful enough for 1080p in all its games. Microsoft built a media console, not a game console.

The fact that we're seeing this gap NOW just goes to show how wide the graphical gap will be once Sony's devs really start tapping into the power of PS4 hardware. #1.1.2
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What was the first? O_o

I did write an N4G review of TxK, if you wanna check it out: #1.1.2
It's really, really good if you like arcade-style games. If you want a bunch of frills thrown in, then skip. I think it's amazing. Awesome soundtrack. Trippy visuals. #1.1
Yeah dude. Remember those hilarious rumors about Microsoft last year?

Oh man, it was just so dumb! Microsoft was going to DRM-lock every single game. And...and get THIS! They were going to require their new Xbox to be always online!

Cant you believe that people actually thought those rumors were true? Just crazy. #1.2.2
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