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A year ago, people were saying the Xbox 360 "won" because "it may have sold the least, but it took the most marketshare away from the PS2".

And now that the PS4 is taking back that marketshare?

*crickets chirp* #1.1.13
The X1 doesn't need saving.

But Titanfall isn't going to push it ahead, either, especially not with all of the technical problems it is having.

I agree, though. The 57 countries vs 13 is a bit silly. What? Are the Baltic Regions gonna skyrocket the X1 ahead? How about launching in Japan? Is that going to secure victory for the X1? #1.1.1
Well, hang on a second. The dedicated gaming device market DOES seem to be shrinking:

PS Vita --> Selling much less than PSP
3DS --> Selling less than DS
Wii-U --> Selling much less than Wii

Now, people might point out "but Dedicated, Xbox One and PS4 are breaking all sorts of records!"

Yeah, they are, but their sales have dropped down significantly. Xbox One is selling a fraction of what they sold during No... #1.1.1
For months and months, people have been saying that the reliance on the cloud would cause problems. Did anyone listen? #1
I tried the PC beta and I had fun, but it isn't the second coming.

I told people a month ago that the beta is a demo. People said they could fix the problems between then and launch.

And they didn't. The retail game is basically the beta with more maps and more modes. #1.1
Yeah, Titanfall is a really, really terrible example of what the X1 can or can't do. It struggles to keep a solid framerate, screen tearing everywhere, and it doesn't even look that good. #1.1.2
Kotaku and Giant Bomb are also both reporting that the Xbox One version has bad framerate problems and screen-tearing problems. #1.1.4
In all fairness, most mainstream reviews don't criticize technical flaws if it's a mainstream game. See: Skyrim.

That said, the beta had a great framerate 90% of the time. But it chugged when you had multiple titans, you were getting in/out of a titan, or if there were multiple explosions going on. Hopefully Respawn can fix those issues but we'll see.

I anticipate a post-release patch. In fact, Respawn already confirmed they're going to patch... #1.2.2
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The sales of Halo games have been on a steady decline since Halo 3. It will move consoles, but how much, especially since the PS4 will have such a wide lead by then?

At best, I think it will help the X1 to catch up to the PS4 in the USA, but that's about it. #1.1.6
A private 2-day event! Boy oh boy! That surely won't skew any scores, no sir. #1.2
We need a chalkboard for all of the "____ will bring graphical parity to the XBox One". First it was "the hardware gap is not noticable", then it was "Cloud", then it was "blazing fast 32M esRAM", then it was "fine-tuned hardware balance" and "we invented DirectX", then it was "Dev kit upgrade will improve games", then it was "stereo drivers" and whatever else MisterX spews.

Now it's "Dir... #1.1.9
This article is 100% false. If mobile is hurting anything, it's hurting PC (which used to get all the casuals playing Pocap games, Facebook games, The Sims, etc) and now they play on their phones instead.

The problem with Nintendo is they are losing their "magic". They are playing it way too safe with their own franchises, and I'm not even talking about the gameplay. Gameplay can stay the same, but we need new content. Nintendo recycles the same old content... #3
I would like to be entered into the contest. Pls? Thank you, based Cat. #169
Fair enough. I just don't think it will be the system-seller that some people think it will be, and with an online-only game, the community needs to be big at the beginning or else it won't have long legs. #1.2.1
Great blog, man. There are some games I complete 100% because I enjoy it so much, but there are other games that I simply stop playing. I have TOO MANY games to play already! Why waste time with one if I'm not having fun? I have a friend who loves to collect trophies and he commented that I only have 2 platinums. I retorted "yeah, but I have over 2,500 total trophies because I play more games. Why waste time getting a platinum if it isn't fun?" #4
2.5m would not be the system-seller that Microsoft hopes for, especially if only ~1.25m sells on the X1 (I know this is an estimate). Forza has already sold 1m. Killzone just passed 2m. Heck, even Knack and Dead Rising 3 sold 1m. If Titanfall can't pass 2m on Xbox One in the FIRST MONTH, then it is not the system-seller that Microsoft was hoping for, period. #1
Nearly the entire PSP library is available on Vita, digitally of course. I can't think of any PSP games that are not available on Vita that I wanted to download with the exception of Valkyria Chronicles II (and even that can be put on PS Vita, but you have to do it in a runaround sort of way) #2.1.3
3DS is definitely diverse; the Vita is as well, especially if you add in backwards compatibility for both platforms. #2
Seems like a lotta fun. I just picked up two nice Hori sticks in anticipation for GG Xrd and BlazBlue Whatever (comes out in a few weeks) not to mention all the other fighting games I own, so I'll definitely pick this up. Hope they add other modes in addition to the "version selection". Though I played a bit of Super, I haven't owned a SF4 since...well..SF4 #3

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