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How many more "inside source" articles does Digital Foundry have? And how many more times are we going to believe them? It seems like all the negative Sony "inside sources" as well as all the positive Microsoft "inside sources" both flock to Digital Foundry, and neither end up being true.

Keep in mind, folks, that Digital Foundry was the site that claimed that a 4 Gig PS4 (before news hit that PS4 had 8 Gigs of RAM) was more powerful than an 8 Gi...

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Anyone who says this is a bad thing either

a) doesn't know a thing about game engines, or
b) is being a snob

Havok has been in use for over 10 years. That Xbox One shooter everyone was going ga-ga over, Titanfall? Built in an engine from 2004.

"Engines" aren't something that need to change every generation.

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Polygon has been a try-hard lately at the whole sexism debate (not that they're a trustworthy website anyway...) once they saw all the ad revenue Kotaku was getting from milking those topics.

Isn't it inherently sexist to assert oneself over what is or is not appropriate for a fictional, digital videogame woman to look like?

I mean, who's the sexist? The guy who invented the Pokeball or the "journalist" who insists a Pokeball is sexist b...

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But what's the point of an exclusive if it sells the most on your console anyway? Fanboys made much ado about FF13 going multiplat and yet it sold nearly three times as much on PS3 as it did on 360. You think Metal Gear 5 being multiplat is going to hurt the PS3? After MGS4 (and the recent Legacy Collection) still being exclusive to PS3? It's like Mass Effect: yeah, it came out on PS3 eventually, but on which console did it sell the most? 360.

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For what it's worth, not being willing to confirm or deny its exclusivity means - in my eyes - that it is probably exclusive or in the process of being locked down as an exclusive. Remember, CAPCOM is a mostly-multiplat company, but they DO make exclusives, and most other games have already been confirmed as exclusive or multiplat. For instance, immediately after the Final Fantasy 15 presentation, it was confirmed 14 was exclusive but 15 was multiplat. And Dead Rising 3? Immediately confi...

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"they did pretty well at E3, even when they only showed like 1 new IP lol. "

A bit unfair. Unlike Microsoft, Sony showed off a lot of brand-new exclusives at their reveal, which took the edge off the showing of those same games at E3. How many exclusives were shown at Microsoft's May 21st reveal? Forza?

Now, in no way am I implying Microsoft's E3 showing was lame (even though everyone was focusing on *ahem* certain other now-improved issues)...

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I hope this game sells quite well (even though I know it's a niche title).

A) We need more detailed non-anime art like this in the game industry. I'm not saying anime art is bad, but Dragon's Crown has a very "western" look to it in many ways, and it's nice to see a hand-drawn art style that isn't dripping with primary colors and oversized eyes

B) We need more "arcade revival" games. This game takes the old-school beat ...

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For modding on consoles to work, it needs one key feature: reputation. I'm not saying this as a negative, but most modders want recognition for their work, and on PC they can get that through message boards, fan-feedback, and perhaps even land a job in the industry.

But on a console? It'll just be a sorted list of mods that people can download with little or no method to praise the creator.

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Die-hard PC gamer here. Loved it since I first started learning to boot a .exe through MS-DOS command line when I was a little kid.

I don't really get the article, though. Who told me it was dead indeed? I haven't seen a "PC is dead" article since...well, quite awhile, at least not from any reputable website. I think most people understand PC gaming is fine. Ironically, we're probably about due for a "PC gaming is dead" article. I've seen m...

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Hope the PC crowd enjoys it. Played it on my Vita and I liked it alot.

Actually, now that I think about it, the PC crowd will probably like it even more. This game is chock-full of internet may-mays that PC users are probably more likely to understand.

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Jeez, I already own a PC with around 250 games read to play.

The article is about tablets, and my point is that unlike consoles, developers never attempt to "max out" a tablet because they know better hardware is just around the corner. The same applies to PCs, actually.

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@ Gildarts

Thanks for the info about Sentient Team. Like I said, I never heard of Microsoft or Nintendo doing something like that, but it's good that MS is (still don't know about Ninty), since the results of such a program are pretty obvious when you look at the PS3 library.

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EDIT: Dangit I ended up writing a blog-sized post just to reply. Sorry about that, man.

I love the concept of Kickstarter. So far I've KS'd Faster than Light, Shadowrun Returns, Wasteland 2, Banner Saga, Project Eternity, Star Citizen, and Torment. Only a few of these games are already out.

The way I view it, it's like a pre-order but with that (ultimately empty, but still fun) feeling of comraderie. Seeing those numbers go up makes you go "y...

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A lot of people forget that Sony has a gigantic pool of very talented veteran developers. Another huge advantage is that Sony incorporates "code sharing", something that I believe is unique to the Playstation brand (I've never heard of Microsoft or Nintendo doing it). What that means is when Guerilla made Killzone 2, they shared the programming techniques they used with other Sony developers, and they were helped by the Santa Monica guys, who also helped Naughty Dog with Unchart...

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A new tablet chip? That outperforms a console from 2006? Say it ain't so!

What's funny is that I've seen many stories over the months talking about how such-and-such upcoming tablet can match the power of the PS3. But you know what makes the PS3 special? It isn't the hardware. It is the collection of talented developers who squeeze every last inch of power from the system. You think the Candy Crush devs are going to do that for a tablet when a newer, better on...

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I have a shelf of hundreds (yes, hundreds) of boardgames. Many of them are the "hobby" boardgames that get turned into iPad apps. For me, nothing replaces a physical boardgame. It's nice to unplug, to sit down, and to play against someone across the table. Undeniably, it's 1,000 times easier to "set up" Agricola on the iPad instead of setting up the boardgame, but I still prefer the physical thing.

For what it's worth, anyone with a mobile or t...

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Let's not jump the gun here. Yes, it's silly for PS4 loyalists to say "GDDR5 will win the console war, single-handedly" and it's silly for Xbox One loyalists to day "but that Hypervisor and esRAM and Move engines!"

But it's equally silly to assert that on-paper specs "just don't matter".

The PS3's split pool of RAM compared to the 360's unified pool "just didn't matter", except for the fa...

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@ edonus

That liquid pool includes more than just "casuals". IMO a very large portion of gamers do not keep loyalties from generation to generation.

The negativity surrounding the Xbox One was not blown out of proportion (I'll get to that in a sec), but even if it was blown out of proportion, it wasn't the journalists. It was the internet itself. Pretty much everyone jumped in on the hate. Most journalists were actually the ones saying "...

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I think Bungie simply doesn't want to alienate people who don't want to play with other people. The reality is that these people will likely end up jumping in with a stranger they meet online anyway, but as incredulous as this sounds, online gamers have a bad reputation, and so sometimes people don't like the notion of being FORCED to play with these people.

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Same here. PC is getting way too many awesome old-school RPGs. I don't know how I'll find the time to play them all.

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