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Maria, I should just stay out of it, but if you're so convinced that "teh blind fanboys" won't see your side, why keep trying? And it's not like you have to convince people that the PS4 is a good option. Why not make a blog about it and be done with it? Just a friendly word of advice.

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(self promotion)

I reviewed it on N4G here, pretty in-depth, too.

A word of warning: the player-made stuff is only JUST getting rolling so don't expect a trip to the moon (yet) when all they've built is the launch pad, if you'll allow a weird analogy.

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Maria, while there's nothing wrong with wanting an Xbox, you're being willfully obtuse if you think it was the internet - not Microsoft - who fabricated all the confusion.

Microsoft's agenda seemed to be about an all-in-one TV, Internet, and gaming machine (where gaming took a backseat, based on the May 21st reveal).

And then we learned about the always-online, no used games because "its good for developers", and family sharing.

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I'm starting to think this is exploding beyond the confines of the original situation caused by Marcus Beer. Game Trailers had a chance to apologize but all they did was write a piece about CliffyB's response and said "CliffyB is just seeking attention. He didn't make a good argument".

For years, game journalists (especially the US journalists) have become increasingly deluded and self-important to the point where people like Marcus Beer believe develope...

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This game is awesome! What's exciting is that the fan community is already in progress making a 100+ hour campaign that covers all of the official Shadowrun source material from the 2050s setting. Another group of fans are completely remaking the SNES campaign. And then of course there are brand-new fan-written missions and campaigns. It's gonna be awesome!

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@ Remember

Indeed. What's worse is when people don't even check their sources. Digital Foundry "proved" that a 4 Gig PS4 was more powerful than an 8 Gig Xbox One. I think if fanboys knew that, they wouldn't be so quick to rush to Digital Foundry's defense now that the RAM rumor has been debunked.

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I can only speak for myself, but I don't buy a console because of launch library. Sure, I make certain there are a handful of games I want, but a more important factor is the company's reputation.

That's why - even though I loved the Wii and still play the Wii quite often - I had no interest in Wii-U at launch, because Nintendo basically abandoned the Wii post-2010. I had no confidence that Nintendo was going to give the Wii-U a rich and diverse library of games. ...

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I think Sessler is just getting accustomed to the new "status quo" in gaming journalism (i.e. Xbox One bad, Ps4 good). He spent nearly a decade playing his games predominantly on Xbox 360 (something he openly admits) and he spent the two months from the Xbox One reveal up until the policy reversal taking a very "let's wait and see" attitude for Microsoft yet jumping the gun on any and every negative Sony rumor. This was the guy who said PS4 was "pretty much the sa...

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No, "the infinite power of the Cloud" has become the new "The powah of the Cell".

RAM has well-documented and easily-understandable benefits.

The delicious irony is that many months ago Digital Foundry (you know, the same folks who ran with the now-disproven 4.5 Gigs for gaming rumor) wrote an article "proving" that Playstation Orbis was a more powerful system with 4 Gigs of GDDR5 than Durango was with 8 Gigs of DDR3+eSRAM. You c...

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What? Not the worst list at all. It just wasn't a typical regurgitation of the same old "we want a new Chrono Trigger" lists.

I think the author was trying to look for unique games whose game mechanics haven't been replicated in a meaningful way (like Parasite Eve, for instance).

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Game journalism can't even cover its own industry without stumbling through gender equality issues, running with later-disproved rumors before waiting for the company to make an official comment, shilling for products (Doritopope), and attacking game designers who say rude things on Twitter.

Let's not add REAL-world controversy into the mix.

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As we've learned more and more about these consoles, I think what is going on is that both Microsoft and Sony are trying to be conservative. 5 to 6 Gigs of RAM for a console game is more than enough right now. Down the line? Perhaps the OS on both systems will shrink and both systems will get another half-Gig or a full Gig of extra RAM opened up for gaming.

Both companies want to make sure if the "other guy" or some piece of tech from outside the industry comes ...

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"Even if the PS4's ram is superior, why do gamers think developers will cater to the system and take full advantage of it with multi-platform games? "

Because...that is what developers have done since the days of the NES. It's what they did for multiplats on 360, which is why a lot of 360 multiplats look and run noticeably better than the PS3 version.

This myth of "lowest common denominator" needs to die. Yes, of course devs are n...

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"Gamers" aren't a single, monolithic entity. Every Xbox fan isn't a die-hard loyalist, every person who says something nice about XBox One isn't a blind shill, and everyone who says something negative about Xbox One isn't a Sony fanboy. And when people type out their 'exclusive list' acting as though it - without a doubt - determines a winner, it would help to remember that people have different tastes and neither console caters to all tastes. (for reference:...

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It's not a matter of me putting the spotlight on gamers for doing something in all walks of life.

It's a matter of me putting the spotlight on gamers who participated in it and justified it.

Huge difference.

As far as Beer's rants against Microsoft, never said he didn't do it, only that it was one-tenth the vitriol. Where were the personal attacks against Don Mattrick calling him names for 5 minutes straight and saying that hi...

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Not really sure if it's available on PSN, but my assumption is no.

A lot of people hated Portable Ops for a number of reasons. Mostly the controls and having to drag people all the way back to your truck. Meh.

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My own unpopular opinion: I loved Portable Ops, despite its flaws, and despite the notion that it may not even be a canon title.

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@ people asking "why can't we do this now?"

Nvidia in their own video (you know, the video linked at the top of the page) is showing off their upcoming GPU-focused cloud framework. The reason why it's special isn't because it is "yet another cloud". It's special because it is unlike other cloud computing services, which are typically CPU-focused frameworks.

Their focus on GPU processing instead of relying on "virtual m...

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Definitely cool to see, although Nvidia makes it sound like this is more a thing of the near-future when they can bring down the cost of maintaining GPU-focused server farms. Currently, the CPU-focused clouds wouldn't be able to do what they're talking about.

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Nice thing about GG: you don't have to be good at it. Mashing buttons and/or stringing together basic combos typically yields some impressive eye-candy. And later if you want to get good at the game? It's only uphill from there.

Probably the easiest fighting game to get good at from a technical standpoint, but also one of the most reflex-intensive game due to its speed and screen-filling insanity.

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