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I think we've had a conversation like this before. :P

Yes, Microsoft has decided to make some changes prior to the Xbox One launching. As for me, I'm all about brand reputation and the company that stands behind a product. That's just me. Not everyone is like me, but it is my explanation for why I am not nearly as willing to just "let it go" on certain issues. I'm more than happy to let Microsoft earn my trust. But they hav...

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"Oh but a console has no games unless they are specifically exclusive right?"

Where did I say that? I said Micrsoft doesnt support the 360. In fact, Microsoft is taking away games from 360 to pad out the Xbox One's launch library. I never once said "Hurr CAPCOM doesn't support the 360" or "hurr Konami and Namco Bandai don't support the 360! Failz!"

I said (and guess what? You can scroll up and read it for yourself) <...

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@ darthv72

I'm confused by your analogy. PS4 has a not-insignificant edge over the Xbox One in terms of price and hardware power. So, how was the criticism "genuinely warranted" for the PS3 (your words) but not for Xbox One? Just curious. To think that the only issues people have with Xbox One are the now-gone DRM policies is silly. Those were certainly the most outrageous issues, yes, but they were not the only issues, not by a long shot.


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As I said many months ago, Xbox One is the new media whipping boy. PS4 is not perfect, but there aren't glaring flaws with the system or with Sony's approach` to the system, not enough to make people constantly pick on it, at least.

Xbox fans think it's crazy how people can read (what Xbox fans believe is) a good story and somehow "twist" it into a bad thing. Guess what? Same exact thing happened with PS3. Because Sony had built up so much ill will with ...

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I love both, but it really just depends. JRPGs tend to be far more experimental and fine-tuned with mechanics (like battle systems or clever minigames). One of my favorites this gen was Resonance of Fate, a perfect example.

WRPGs tend to have a lot more freedom and a lot more customization (again, it depends on the game).

One thing that taints my opinion is I play oodles of handheld games, and 95% of the good RPGs on handhelds are Japanese.

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...and where is that support?

Microsoft already pulled several games OFF the Xbox 360 (Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Killer Instinct more than likely) to pad out the Xbox One's launch lineup. And that's what they call "support"? Yeah, count me out.

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This is like saying

"so basically Quake II in HD next gen graphics??" after watching a trailer for Killzone Shadow Fall, or

"so basically Pole Position in HD next gen graphics??" after watching a trailer for Forza 5.

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Oh, so it's not actually an "exclusive", kinda like Titanfall.

All the more reason to not pin your hopes on 3rd parties to make exclusives anymore. That era has died. If you want exclusives tailor-made for your console, gotta go with the company with your favorite 1st-party devs.

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Yeah, not to mention the graphics look significantly better than what we'd seen in previous trailers (yes, I'm aware the intro was CGI).

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Very interesting. As for me, I don't really care if a game is a sequel as long as it's a good game. I yearn for the olden days of "expansion packs". Nowadays everything would be cut into tiny, tiny chunks and sold as DLC, but 15 years ago your favorite game would often have an expansion (or two, or four) with new campaigns, new units, new tweaks, etc available at a discounted price. It would cut down on sequelitis (and reduce people who sell it back to Gamestop) because you&...

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@ dark-hollow

Most business management courses and/or real-life experience in the field of sales and business would say otherwise. The "casual customer" is the hardest one to please, the hardest one to upsell, and the hardest customer to maintain. "Casual customers" are the ones looking for a deal, not a feature. They're the ones who get the cheapest oil change possible after being 2,000 miles over on their change. They are the hardest to win with PR a...

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Is it all perception? Maybe it's a good memory. I have enough sense to look into the past and see that - sure - Microsoft supported their own consoles quite well for the first couple of years and then after that, support was handed off to 3rd party devs.

It's rather ironic that you bring up the Xbox One's launch lineup: many of the games were scalped from the 360 (Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, Killer Instinct) to pad out the Xbox One...

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There is no Xbox One "plan", not that anyone can perceive at least. That's the problem. If there's no plan (other than TvTvSports) what can we expect in 18 months? 3 years? At the end of the X1 lifecycle?

Die-hard loyalists are very forgetful, but most consumers are not, surprisingly.

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Indeed. I think what is needed is a form of accountability and some basic info that is included across all reviews. Sometimes I feel like a reviewer is more in love with their own writing style than the games they're playing.

Some really basic stuff:
- how long did the reviewer play the game before printing the review?
- how long did it take to beat? how much side-questing did you do? did you continue playing after you beat it?
- any slowdowns, gli...

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Microsoft seems to have no vision for the Xbox One, and if they do have a vision, it's along the lines of TvTvsportsTv and NFL exclusive partnerships and "powah of the cloud".

I understand not everyone enjoys the Playstation brand, but you gotta admit, at least Sony is aiming directly at gamers with their system. Xbox One? Not really.

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Sony is the only company with a reputation (and a history to prove it) for supporting their consoles long-term.

Nintendo is notorious for dropping support after 4 years (followed by 2 years of so-so support). SEGA - when they still made consoles - did a horrible job of supporting their hardware after the Genesis. Microsoft has also done a pretty poor job supporting its Xbox and Xbox 360 in its latter years and mostly just left it up to 3rd party devs to keep the system alive....

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An article from Polygon...?

About negative reviews...?

I must be hallucinating.

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An external power supply isn't an issue. It's really not that big of a deal as long as it means the hardware won't overheat. Microsoft is taking extra care to not run into another RRoD situation. At least, that's the hope. They're still rushing the system to market.

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This + Star Citizen = it's time for me to buy a new flight stick for the first time in 12 years.

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Fantastic. I've played the original PC version since...forever ago. I'm excited to get the new version (although I'll probably wait until the Vita version).

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