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It's the same hate-wagon that plagued the PS3 for its first 24 months.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter if they're trolls, legitimate customers, or a mix (most likely it's a mix). Because in the end, it is the negative perception that is going to damage the Xbox brand. Anyone who thought all the negativity would evaporate after Microsoft's 180 was being a bit too optimistic. The Xbox brand has a very long road ahead. It's the same road that Sony and Ninte...

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"Vita is dead"

I disagree. As long as Sony keeps it on store shelves, it will always have a chance to catch a spark. Not saying it'll fly out the door and beat the 3DS. But I don't think it's dead.

However, I do agree that Remote Play won't do anything significant to help it. For people like me who already own a Vita, it's a fantastic feature. For a handful of PS4 owners, sure, they might bite on a Vita. But for most, no. Remote ...

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Having owned all three systems at one point, plus both handhelds, plus PC, I would say that the Wii is the one that most people missed out on. So many great gems that totally flew under the radar (because Wii has no hardcore games, amirite guize?)

Other than the usual mentions like No More Heroes and Xenoblade, there was SH: Shattered Memories, Z&W, Dokapon Kingdom, Sin & Punishment 2, Tak.vs.CAPCOM, Klonoa, Fragile Dreams, Boy and his blob, Bit.Trip, plenty of others...

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In a game like this, the way the characters pop in the foreground and the framerate are what matter far more than texture quality. At first I didn't like how the 3DS version outlined all the characters in black but the more I see it in motion, the more sense it makes.

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Graphics do matter, but they don't. You know what one of the highest-selling console games is right now? Minecraft. Obviously, graphics aren't a priority.

Microsoft's dilemma is that they have been known since the beginning as "the powerful guys". Xbox was significantly more powerful than the competition. 360 might not have been more powerful on paper in every single aspect (it did, however, have better RAM and a better GPU), but it was certainly much ea...

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Basically a big 10 minute advertisement.

I love how Keileigh is like "but I don't see any Kinect games coming out for Xbox One that do all that better stuff"

And then the guy from IGN replies "Sure, that's what's exciting about it for me. There's stuff coming. There's potential. I trust those games are coming"

And then Keileigh says "But are those games coming?"

IGN guy "...

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Potemkin, mah man!

Yeah, it looks really good, surprisingly good. I'm looking for the 3D "seams" in all of the trailers and leaked footage and I just can't find the flaws (unlike SF4, where you can tell it's obviously 3D).

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It isn't unusual. Forbes also does some top-notch gaming articles.

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"When have specs mattered?"

Hasn't that always been the war cry?

Specs didn't matter with the Saturn vs PS1 vs N64. Specs didn't matter with GCN vs DC vs PS2 vs Xbox.

Why would the close-ness of the specs this time around somehow equate to the sales also being close?

Just curious, because if the specs are so close, I see the opposite result: people will heavily favor one or the other based on other facto...

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I still have so many games on my backlog to play, so my PS3 isn't going anywhere anytime soon. If anyone missed the boat on PS3 or 360 or Wii, now would be the time to pick them up. Huge back catalog of great games on all three.

I typically only buy three or four brand-new games at full price per year. All my other purchases are usually playing catch-up with all the stuff I missed. PS4 will be my first at-launch console since the SEGA Saturn. Ooof, I feel old.

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@ -Alpha

Since I'm not a heavy fps player, I might be the wrong guy to ask, but I found it very fun.

- 4 v 4 feels fine, depending on the map. Sometimes the maps feel too big but that is typically when you're doing regular deathmatch. Objective-based stuff feels far more structured and you rarely notice that only 8 people are playing since you're always bumping into eachother

- the gameplay relies heavily on your loadout. Think C...

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All it takes is a spark. Neither GTA nor GTA2 were popular or well known games, and then Rockstar completely scrapped the formula, went 3D, and BOOM GTA3. Call of Duty has been around since 2003 but it wasn't until 3 games and 5 years later when it really became a huge hit (CoD4:MW). There are some games that start off small and then later become a huge hit. Maybe that'll be Killzone.

Perhaps there's a market out there for people who want a AAA fps on-the-go. I me...

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It is quite good. I had the opportunity to try to MP beta and the controls were really, really good. The graphics are also much better than online videos let on. It's truly something to behold. I'm not a big shooter fan nor am I a big Killzone fan but I'm definitely getting this for my Vita.

On a side note, I'd recommend some stick grips, like these: 1924d ago 13 agree0 disagreeView comment

I think we're going to have a very lopsided generation this time around, which is actually the norm.

There are only two times in the 35+ year history of console gaming that a generation has NOT been lopsided. The first time was SNES vs Genesis (SNES won, but not by a huge margin). The second time was last gen when no one console dominated by a huge margin.

But other than those two instances, there is a console that dominates by a very large amount, and I ...

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They did a pretty good job with Deus Ex: HR, so I hope they can do a great job again with the new Thief. The info we have for it so far sounds way too...modernized, but let's hope they can capture the fun essence of the original games (tons of exploration, lots of nooks to explore, multiple points of entry/exit, using items for more than just combat, interesting story delivered through overheard conversations and visual design, not just cutscenes, etc)

For me, Dishonored ...

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I'm not sure many people will see it that way. I'm sure many people will see a $500 Wii-U with a Playstation logo slapped on it and think "no thanks".

No, for the PS4 to shine and for the Vita to shine, they need to shine on their own. I'm totally fine with some cross-compatibility and added features (like I said, I'm gonna use Remote Play quite a bit), but the systems need to be their own thing.

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What's your point? I'm not disagreeing, but what's your point? The article asks if polls prove most hardcore gamers are Playstation fans.

To which I reply: no. The polls prove that most hardcore gamers are game fans, irregardless of brand loyalty. Many die-hard brand loyalists (like the examples I gave above) are actually pretty casual, all things considered.

The author also makes a completely baseless argument that there's NO WAY the polls wi...

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While I personally am going to use the heck out of the Remote Play feature, I don't see how a Vita+PS4 combo would do anything significant. If it didn't work for the Wii-U ($300) why would it work for this rumored bundle ($500)?

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This poll began after the DRM reversal, by the way.

I don't think all the poll results prove most hardcore gamers are Playstation fans. They just prove that Sony is catering far better to hardcore gamers than Microsoft, and there is a difference.

I think there's a distinction between "brand loyalist" and "hardcore gamer". Of cour...

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I agree that the controversy is contrived.

If games are art, then the market decides what is and is not acceptable and appropriate. It is really that simple. That is precisely how it works in literally every other medium (canvas, photo, music, film, writing, sculpture, etc)

You can't - in good faith - criticize a game's art style and visual direction while at the same time trying to make an argument that "games are art, too", which is someth...

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