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@ Gildarts

Thanks for the info about Sentient Team. Like I said, I never heard of Microsoft or Nintendo doing something like that, but it's good that MS is (still don't know about Ninty), since the results of such a program are pretty obvious when you look at the PS3 library.

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EDIT: Dangit I ended up writing a blog-sized post just to reply. Sorry about that, man.

I love the concept of Kickstarter. So far I've KS'd Faster than Light, Shadowrun Returns, Wasteland 2, Banner Saga, Project Eternity, Star Citizen, and Torment. Only a few of these games are already out.

The way I view it, it's like a pre-order but with that (ultimately empty, but still fun) feeling of comraderie. Seeing those numbers go up makes you go "y...

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A lot of people forget that Sony has a gigantic pool of very talented veteran developers. Another huge advantage is that Sony incorporates "code sharing", something that I believe is unique to the Playstation brand (I've never heard of Microsoft or Nintendo doing it). What that means is when Guerilla made Killzone 2, they shared the programming techniques they used with other Sony developers, and they were helped by the Santa Monica guys, who also helped Naughty Dog with Unchart...

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A new tablet chip? That outperforms a console from 2006? Say it ain't so!

What's funny is that I've seen many stories over the months talking about how such-and-such upcoming tablet can match the power of the PS3. But you know what makes the PS3 special? It isn't the hardware. It is the collection of talented developers who squeeze every last inch of power from the system. You think the Candy Crush devs are going to do that for a tablet when a newer, better on...

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I have a shelf of hundreds (yes, hundreds) of boardgames. Many of them are the "hobby" boardgames that get turned into iPad apps. For me, nothing replaces a physical boardgame. It's nice to unplug, to sit down, and to play against someone across the table. Undeniably, it's 1,000 times easier to "set up" Agricola on the iPad instead of setting up the boardgame, but I still prefer the physical thing.

For what it's worth, anyone with a mobile or t...

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Let's not jump the gun here. Yes, it's silly for PS4 loyalists to say "GDDR5 will win the console war, single-handedly" and it's silly for Xbox One loyalists to day "but that Hypervisor and esRAM and Move engines!"

But it's equally silly to assert that on-paper specs "just don't matter".

The PS3's split pool of RAM compared to the 360's unified pool "just didn't matter", except for the fa...

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@ edonus

That liquid pool includes more than just "casuals". IMO a very large portion of gamers do not keep loyalties from generation to generation.

The negativity surrounding the Xbox One was not blown out of proportion (I'll get to that in a sec), but even if it was blown out of proportion, it wasn't the journalists. It was the internet itself. Pretty much everyone jumped in on the hate. Most journalists were actually the ones saying "...

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I think Bungie simply doesn't want to alienate people who don't want to play with other people. The reality is that these people will likely end up jumping in with a stranger they meet online anyway, but as incredulous as this sounds, online gamers have a bad reputation, and so sometimes people don't like the notion of being FORCED to play with these people.

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Same here. PC is getting way too many awesome old-school RPGs. I don't know how I'll find the time to play them all.

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All I came here to say is that - whether Killzone's preorders are more or less than two completely dissimilar games on a competitor's console - I really hope Killzone does well. It always has been a fun but flawed B-grade series with the potential to be A-grade, and it looks like Guerilla is putting in the extra footwork to make it A-grade (those open-ended maps!). Let's just hope the fans respond in kind.

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Indulge me for a momemt:

Even in my worst 'fanboy rants' I never said "hurr hurr Xbox One isn't even a gaming console PS4 has the best console lineup, no question. You're a fanboy if you think the Xbox One is about gaming" or anything to that effect. I think you know the sort of people who make such comments on N4G. They're pretty easy to spot.

It's not about ignoring Xbox One as a gaming machine. It's about discussing Mi...

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@ Silent

Because it's not the same in terms of visual and audio quality. Especially when it came to the Genesis and SNES, there were often customized chips in the cartridges designed specifically to work with the hardware to produce a certain quality of sound. Emulation only goes so far.

It's similar to how audiophiles insist that a 200 gram vinyl sounds better than a CD, which sounds silly or snooty, but it actually has scientific proof that vinyl mu...

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All piracy does is dilute and cheapen the value and quality of the original games.

There are people who - sadly - believe that playing a Genesis game on the PC offers the same visual and (especially) audio experience as playing it on the original hardware.

If you're a TRUE fan of the classics, then buy the original games and learn to take care of them. Buying the games in a "Ultra Collection" is a distant second, because the devs typically touch...

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Pay to play rose to popularity on PC years ago in MMOs. The philosophy is that it's okay to charge for a service as long as the company continues to improve it, add content, and support it. And - while this isn't meant as a slight against MS - the 360 has made a name for itself by copying large portions of the PC model.

Now, I do think Microsoft is going to be in a world of hurt if they insist on cramming every possible service behind the Gold paywall. People are goin...

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I see your point, I do. The article is not about "does it play games?" The article is about the messaging and vision of the Xbox One.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that there are some people who still don't believe Microsoft's messaging? Perhaps that's another point altogether, or maybe another way to say it is that I'm hearing the messaging, but it still isn't presenting a convincing, cohesive vision of what the Xbox One represents. And...

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Maria, I should just stay out of it, but if you're so convinced that "teh blind fanboys" won't see your side, why keep trying? And it's not like you have to convince people that the PS4 is a good option. Why not make a blog about it and be done with it? Just a friendly word of advice.

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(self promotion)

I reviewed it on N4G here, pretty in-depth, too.

A word of warning: the player-made stuff is only JUST getting rolling so don't expect a trip to the moon (yet) when all they've built is the launch pad, if you'll allow a weird analogy.

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Maria, while there's nothing wrong with wanting an Xbox, you're being willfully obtuse if you think it was the internet - not Microsoft - who fabricated all the confusion.

Microsoft's agenda seemed to be about an all-in-one TV, Internet, and gaming machine (where gaming took a backseat, based on the May 21st reveal).

And then we learned about the always-online, no used games because "its good for developers", and family sharing.

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I'm starting to think this is exploding beyond the confines of the original situation caused by Marcus Beer. Game Trailers had a chance to apologize but all they did was write a piece about CliffyB's response and said "CliffyB is just seeking attention. He didn't make a good argument".

For years, game journalists (especially the US journalists) have become increasingly deluded and self-important to the point where people like Marcus Beer believe develope...

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This game is awesome! What's exciting is that the fan community is already in progress making a 100+ hour campaign that covers all of the official Shadowrun source material from the 2050s setting. Another group of fans are completely remaking the SNES campaign. And then of course there are brand-new fan-written missions and campaigns. It's gonna be awesome!

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