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Well, there's a very specific reason why a lot of PC games only require 4 Gigs of RAM.

32* architecture can only use 4 Gigs in an application without crashing. This leads to, for example, issues in Skyrim when people want to load up a ton of RAM-intensive mods. It doesn't matter if you have 16 Gigs of RAM. Go over that 4 Gig limitation and you'll crash. I believe the 4 Gig limit was also an inherent limit of Windows XP, perhaps even Vista. However, I know that 64*... #9.3.1
What's taking Sony so long? Man, N4G users from a few months ago must've had the patience of a saint. After the February reveal of PS4, it was weeks and weeks before any amount of internet murmur began asking "well, Microsoft?"

And after the Adam Orth incident, it was weeks and weeks of "let's wait and see". In fact, the online-required, 24-hour check outrage didn't start until the interviews after the May 21st reveal.

And... #3.1.8
@ trafalgar

Actually I wrote the blog hours before people "called me out on it" but even so, let's apply some critical thinking for a moment. If I'm such a blight on this community with no integrity and nothing but dark fanboy blood running through my veins, why would I write the blog at all? Why would I take a single moment to fess up to my mistake? Why wouldn't I - like many users seem to do - scrap my account and start a new one and begin spewing the... #1.1.8
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You realize that the 4.5 Gig rumor was changed by Digital Foundry itself? #1.6.2
Latency is not inherent in the hardware of GDDR5. Any latency, as I understand it, comes from the memory controllers which have been custom-made for the PS4 to compensate for any issues. Cerny has already talked about this.

Regardless, latency is way, way, way, way down the list of things that are going to matter compared to total RAM, RAM type, architecture, CPU speed, available CPUs, GPU power, etc. #1.5.1
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I think a few people need to come clean and fess up. The community gave the Xbox One weeks of "just wait" after the Adam Orth debacle and yet within hours of the RAM rumor breaking there was widespread celebration of "hahah! So now PS4 has LESS RAM for gaming? Eat it fanboys!"

So...yeah. Where are all those people now? Sulking in a corner?

Even if it's not 6 Gigs (and if you dig into the info, it's probably not 6 right at launch, b... #1.1.5
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I hear ya. Yes, there ARE certain handheld games that hold their value for a long while. I think it's because handhelds have a lot of "rare" games that people want. Look at how FE Awakening was sold out (or at least hard to find) for a month straight. A lot of ATLUS games are expensive and only go up in price as time goes on because their games tend to become rare cult hits.

But there are cheap handheld games, too. Just to name a few, I got Theatrhythm, Pilot Wi... #1.3.3
Has the damage been done? Yes. Denying it would be silly and fruitless. Is it past the point of no return? I'm not sure there ever really is a point of no return. Microsoft has plenty of work to do (let's not pretend that everything is flowers and kittens just because they swapped a few policies) but on the other hand it's not like they CAN'T put in that effort. They just have to, you know, put in the effort.

But it's not out yet, so we'll see. It boil... #1
I really, really love Terraria. Can't wait for the Vita port! I hope Starbound turns out great, because I'd totally jump on that bandwagon. #1

Just wanted to chime in here as someone who uses Ubuntu and who has been a PC gamer since the MS-DOS days.

Microsoft has profited from PC gaming, I will say that, and up until about a decade ago they contributed quite a lot of good things to PC gaming, although they did strong-arm the PC development community into using DirectX, something that has harmed competition and growth in the PC market for years (I know this is probably a "so what?"... #1.1.30
Mmmm Advance Wars.

I hope they go back to the quasi-goofy Orange Star versus Blue Moon style of older games. I dunno. I didn't - personally - dig the darker tone of DoR but that's just me.

Spot on about FE Awakening. I've been playing SRPGs since...dang, since the NES I'd say, and Awakening is easily in my Top 3 SRPGs ever. #2.1
Are you referring to Nintendo handheld games? I feel ya. The 1st party Nintendo games stay high in price for the longest time.

But otherwise, I think handheld games are pretty cheap, comparatively speaking. I mean, we're talking about $30-40 to buy a game Day One as opposed to $60 for a console game. #1.3.1
Currently playing this. Currently loving this.

What I'm most excited about is all of the fan-made missions. One group is making a 100+ hour campaign that ports all of the official Shadowrun campaigns from the PnP 2050s setting. Another group is completely remaking the original SNES storyline. And those are just "remakes". There will also be who-knows-how-many fan-written stories. #1
For me, this is what it boils down to:

Phil Fish is an ***hole but he's not paid to be a nice guy. He's an indie dev who poured his heart and soul into Fez and he got screwed over by Microsoft's pay-to-update policies. He has made some incredibly rude comments, but that doesn't make Fez any less of a fantastic game.

And then we have Marcus Beer, a dime-a-dozen "angry gamer" personality that I personally enjoy listening to every once... #1.1.9
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I'd add PilotWings, SMT4, and Devil Survivor Overclocked to that list.

But yeah, it's clear the 3DS has a great library. Quite a turnaround compared to what was available within launch window. RPG fans - especially - are missing out if they don't have a 3DS. #1
@ john2

It may not be an issue of overcharging for the engine (though that might be it, too).

The reason why - for instance - Unreal Engine is so widely used is because EPIC does such a fantastic job with creation tools and middleware. Plus, plenty of devs are already familiar with it.

In this day and age of "churn the game out, get it to stores, and sell it with marketing hype" what value is there in making a game with CryEngine wh... #1.1.3
Good thing it's now playable on a submarine.

C'mon, it had to be said. Regardless, cool to see that the tech has some muscles. Hopefully this translates into better camera-control games. #1
I was utterly, utterly disinterested in this game, but over the past few weeks my interest has been upgraded to "cautiously optimistic". The gameplay reminds me of Brothers in Arms (R.I.P) and not very many shooters have had similar squad mechanics. Well, except for ArmA but that's more of a sim game. #1
The term "reversal" applies because - afaik - Microsoft said that the same rules from Xbox Live Arcade on 360 would also apply to Xbox One.

And those rules did not allow for self-publishing.


If it wasn't a reversal, why would Microsoft need to announce it? Perhaps "change in policy" is a more comfortable description.

But more to the OT, SMT4 is awesome-sauce. Any 3DS owner needs to try it o... #1.1
As the truth has quickly been revealed, Digital Foundry went from

"Only 4.5 Gigs for gaming" to

"4.5 Gigs dedicated to gaming, but with 1 Gig borrowed from the OS sometimes" to

"Sony said that 1 Gig is devoted to gaming, so 5 Gigs total (LOL Math) because we just noticed some extra RAM in this one place over here"

And now there are sources indicating that number is wrong, including an actual deve... #1.1.5
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