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Being able to play pretty much 100% of the PS4's games on my Vita is pretty neat, but the nice thing is it's an optional feature (I'm looking at you, Wii-U) #2
"if there are no exclusives to play"

Isn't that kind of subjective, friend?

Whats the use of getting an Xbox One if there are no Kinect games to play, seeing how customers are forced to buy the camera yet the only launch Kinect game was pushed back until Spring? Your argument can apply to practically anything if you word it right.

And PS3's launch lineup sucked. Bad. I agree with you there. Even though I enjoyed Resistance,... #1.5.2
"Nintendo should put their games on smartphones" is about as common (and stupid) of a suggestion as "PC gaming is DEAAAD!" I don't understand why people keep saying it.

It's not like Nintendo is going out of business. Their handheld line is still doing well, and while the Wii-U is tanking hard, hey! Guess what! So did the N64 and Gamecube (comparatively speaking). #2
Agreed. The entire game is very respectful of the player. It doesn't hold you hand. It doesn't treat you like an idiot. It doesn't telegraph every single plot point, and the character interactions are incredibly nuanced and subtle. #1.2
To be perfectly honest, I don't give a crap if Microsoft or Sony or Nintendo have the "biggest line up ever" at launch if it doesn't last, and well all know that Microsoft's long-term support of 1st-party software is...mediocre.

Who buys a console only for the launch games? I'm looking two, three, or more years down the road. Will we be getting games THEN? Does the company have the capability to support their console in it's 7th year like Sony i... #1.5
Pffft. What have YOU done for this site? We folks write blogs read by 10, perhaps even 15 entire PEOPLE! I mean, obviously our stuff drives way more traffic to N4G, duh. #11.2.2
We know you do all the REAL work around here *wink wink*

Shouldn't have admitted to having those Shadowrun PnP books. I expect a cgoodno-made Shadowrun Returns mod within three weeks or your mod-ship is revoked. You can PM me when you're done.

:) #11.1
Nice write-up. I like Steam, but I also use several other game services (mostly GoG) when I can.

It's true: even if a console matches Steam feature for feature, the competitive nature of the PC's open platform can never be replicated on consoles. That's why I don't understand DRM on consoles. The console hardware itself IS the DRM. Why add an extra layer (other than to just milk money)? #2
Softball questions. Looks like the usual suspects are back on the payroll. #1.4

It actually has a fair amount of challenge. Other than learning how to deal with creepers (and then later, Endermen) there's very little danger.

That's part of what makes Minecraft fun and relaxing, but Terraria feels like the better-made game. #4.1
This is great news! Mods never abuse their power and gamers always behave themselves online. What a wonderful idea, Microsoft! #1.2
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@ DragonKnight

Y'know, your comment on the latency of cloud computing made me think...

Why do some of the Xbox loyalists here on N4G make the biggest fuss about the PS4 GDDR5 RAM's "horrible latency" (which has been disproven time and time again) and yet the latency of "teh InFiNiTe ClOuD!1!!" which is several magnitudes higher than any supposed RAM latency never seems to register with them? #1.1.16
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By his logic it would be better to buy Wii Fit and Mario Kart and then just ignore Halo, Gears, and Forza. #2.2
It's the same kind of FUD that Sony fanboys tried to pull back when the PS3 launched.

"Sony has the best brand recognition. It will dominate like always"

"Sony has all these exclusives. No one will want to buy a Wii or 360".

etc etc

Xbox loyalists need to realize that Microsoft has been stumbling for the last few years, now finally fell, and broke several teeth on the concrete. And just because they... #1.1.3
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Digital Foundry's credibility is junk-bond status right now after all the jumped guns and falsified "insider sources" they've been dredging up lately, specifically Richard Leadbetter.

Here's a list of some DF articles since February.

- 4 Gig PS4 is more powerful than 8 Gig Xbox One
- "Magic holes" found in the Xbox One esRAM that gives the system a mysterious upclock.
- Only 4.5 Gigs of RAM alloted for gaming on... #1.1.2
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I have to...understand the momentum? No. I'm sorry. Microsoft has LOST momentum, not gained it, unless you consider nabbing the ever-fickle casual audience with Kinect to be "momentum".

Now, am I saying the Xbox brand is a dud? Absolutely not. But to think that Microsoft has some sort of all-powerful brand-loyalty and brand-recognition, especially after the last months (years, actually) is beyond optimistic.

It's blind.

And... #3.1.1
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360 didn't "win" even with a year head-start, a $200 price advantage, an advantage in online, and an advantage in exclusives and superior multiplats for the first few years.

And PS3 still caught up and surpassed 360.

How is a more expensive Xbox One launching at the same time as the less-expensive PS4 magically going to beat Sony's machine? #3
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Terranigma should definitely be on that list since North America never got it, even though it's already translated into English. #1
Good to hear there's a slight upclock, as long as it doesn't create heat issues.

So, lemme guess? Now that Xbox One's GPU is slightly faster (though still significantly behind PS4's) GPU matters all over again? Even though the war cry for the last three months was "RAM doesn't matter. GPU doesn't matter. CPU doesn't matter. It's all about Tiled Resources and Move Engines" now it's all about "teh powah of the GPU!!!"
Handhelds are doing fine. Last-gen we had the highest selling handheld of all time and the highest-selling non-Nintendo handheld of all time.

The thing is, Microsoft probably wouldn't WANT to make a handheld. They have Windows mobile and Windows Phone stuff which has the chance to make significantly more money, so they'll just put it on that. A dedicated handheld doesn't fit in their business model.

And remember, handhelds need to thrive in Japan... #1.2
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