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Hey now. Say what you want, but Wii was (and still is, when you're using Motion Plus) really cool for the time. It got the "casual" moniker but in reality they were just trying to have us play games in a different way. Worked in some cases but didn't work in others.

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I guess the real question is what happened to Phil Spencer's comments only 6 months ago about "not using sales to track success"?

Oh, Flip Flop Phil is at it again? And people wonder why some gamers don't trust Microsoft...

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Sony is setting themselves up for the future. It might seem odd to launch two new platforms (VR and Pro) with a revision tucked in there (Slim) but this will give them a firm foundation over the next 3+ years. They can instead focus on software and PS5 and PSVR2 (or whatever) while Nintendo and Microsoft still have to make that transition.

You could argue that Sony is trying to "launch first" with these platforms. Time will tell, but I imagine they're hoping f...

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Takes some getting used to, but the gameplay hits that same arena-shooter chaos that made me fall in love with games like Quake and UT back in the day.

Easily the best VR game I've played on any hardware or platform.

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That's your problem. You haven't "seen" any game that looks appealing. Seeing trailers and using the unit itself are two different things. It would be like watching Wii game trailers but cutting out the footage of people swinging the Wiimote. "I don't get what's so exciting about Wii Sports. It's just some cutesy golf and bowling and stuff."

Using the headset is important. I'm not saying every PSVR game was fun for me, but many of...

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The software is what sets PSVR apart, IMO. Sony really knows how to demo new tech. With Vive and Oculus (admittedly, it was a DK2) I felt like most of my experiences were spent in little sandboxes and tech demos. It's cool, but the experience wears off fast.

Games like Playroom VR (which is free), Rez, Rigs, and Wayward Sky are good enough as games -- not just VR experiences -- that I like playing them over and over again.

The insane comfort and adjus...

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Recovery? The gap in NA and UK (we'll ignore the rest of the world, just like Microsoft does) has only grown in PS4's favor this year.

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Kotaku is simply looking for clicks. When game magazines in the 90s wanted to offer multiple opinions, they put multiple people on a single review and openly published differences in opinion. As a result, the reader got a much broader perspective to guide their purchase.

Instead, Kotaku first writes a mediocre Review to stir up dissent and rile up the Sony camp, and then they follow it up with a clickbait-y title like "PSVR is my favorite VR!" to rile up PC VR ow...

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Yeah, seems like bitterness when he was the one who decided to license it out.

I'm sure his millions in royalties is just killing him...

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Based on the recent news that development and profits for PC VR have ground to a halt, combined with Palmer Luckey's political statements that caused numerous indie devs to pull Oculus support, I don't think it's so much a matter of Sony "winning" as Sony "walking onto an empty playing field and winning due to forfeit".

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Considering the hype and the promises of Levine, the linearity and lack of player customization (who really thought a 2-weapon limit made sense?) killed it for me. The story was okay... but I feel like those who were wowed by it perhaps don't read much or hadn't played many other narrative-driven video games?

Anyway, the hate was justified. If a gamer honestly feels like No Man's Sky didn't live up to the promises and trailers shown ahead of time (to use a ...

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I nabbed CP Extend from the sale last week and -- although I am a big fan of GG -- this is the first BlazBlue that has won me over. I tried the original and Continuum Shift but neither of those felt polished enough.

Very excited to get this version on launch day. PS4 has quickly become the go-to spot for fighting game fans.

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Heh. Of course Xbox One owners play games more (on average). PS4 is the mass-market winner and therefore more people bought it for video streaming, games, and whatever else.

Xbox, on the other hand, has mostly sold to existing Microsoft fans.

It's not a reflection on the gamers who own either console. It's like when fanboys used to brag about "attach rate" last gen until it was revealed that the Wii had an attach rate of 9 (destroying t...

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Scorpio is a stopgap while Microsoft transitions out of the dedicated console market. It doesn't matter to Microsoft how it sells (they specifically stopped reporting worldwide sales and instead report stuff like 'MAUs') so why should it matter to the market at large?

Microsoft is done with console gaming. They couldn't buy their way to the top, and they're suffering in their core business areas (OS, business applications, enterprise servers) so that'...

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I don't use my sub for multiplayer. I think that's something a lot of people miss in this conversation, making the assumption that online play is the one and only reason why someone might pay for a sub. Last time I played "multiplayer" was a few Guilty Gear matches online back in May. Yet I'm still a happy subscriber.

I use the sub for cloud saves (which I also enjoy using on my Vita and PS3)
I use Shareplay all the time, whether it's lett...

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To be perfectly honest, sounds like you are starting to enjoy PC gaming more and are not enjoying Sony's offerings as much. That's fine.

But this is a breakup letter, not a well-reasoned argument. Good for you that you're breaking up with Sony. Tell the whole world! But your story isn't anything special, and you really do yourself a disservice by spewing all this hate toward your "ex" when it seems you've simply changed tastes.

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"Pokemon Go is wildy successful, so Nintendo should go third-party"

That doesn't make sense. Companies like Atari, SEGA, and SNK went third-party because they basically ran out of money and couldn't maintain their own consoles. That isn't the case with Nintendo.

Should Nintendo branch out on third-party hardware and offer games that raise brand awareness? Yes, but they've already confirmed that's their plan.

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Kotaku must be hungry for clicks. Remember, Pokemon GO may also kill black people, according to them.

(Original title of the article was "Pokemon Go is Depressing for Fans with Physical Disabilities", before Kotaku adjusted it)

I'm all for inclusiveness in gaming. But let's not pretend this article is anything more than Kotaku trying to eat up clicks from the "outrage culture" by making a big hoopla about an issue that plagues ...

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$60 for these 30 games is a steal, whether you're looking at Virtual Shop prices or even second-hand cartridge prices.

Absolutely no reason to NOT pick this up, unless you already have a majority of these and a reliable way to play on your TV.

I'm curious if it will have any image scaling/filtering like the Retron5 or various emulators. That'd be nice.

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What defines "over-sexualized"? Are these games 10% over the "sexualization limit", or -- gasp! -- 50% over the limit? Are there 10 "too sexualized" things or 45 "too sexualized" things? Where's the itemized list?

I gotta know! Seems like people love throwing around the term "over-sexualized" but no one feels comfortable asking how we came to these conclusions. In fact, the body of research acknowledges the fact that &qu...

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