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I nabbed CP Extend from the sale last week and -- although I am a big fan of GG -- this is the first BlazBlue that has won me over. I tried the original and Continuum Shift but neither of those felt polished enough.

Very excited to get this version on launch day. PS4 has quickly become the go-to spot for fighting game fans.

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Heh. Of course Xbox One owners play games more (on average). PS4 is the mass-market winner and therefore more people bought it for video streaming, games, and whatever else.

Xbox, on the other hand, has mostly sold to existing Microsoft fans.

It's not a reflection on the gamers who own either console. It's like when fanboys used to brag about "attach rate" last gen until it was revealed that the Wii had an attach rate of 9 (destroying t...

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Scorpio is a stopgap while Microsoft transitions out of the dedicated console market. It doesn't matter to Microsoft how it sells (they specifically stopped reporting worldwide sales and instead report stuff like 'MAUs') so why should it matter to the market at large?

Microsoft is done with console gaming. They couldn't buy their way to the top, and they're suffering in their core business areas (OS, business applications, enterprise servers) so that'...

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I don't use my sub for multiplayer. I think that's something a lot of people miss in this conversation, making the assumption that online play is the one and only reason why someone might pay for a sub. Last time I played "multiplayer" was a few Guilty Gear matches online back in May. Yet I'm still a happy subscriber.

I use the sub for cloud saves (which I also enjoy using on my Vita and PS3)
I use Shareplay all the time, whether it's lett...

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To be perfectly honest, sounds like you are starting to enjoy PC gaming more and are not enjoying Sony's offerings as much. That's fine.

But this is a breakup letter, not a well-reasoned argument. Good for you that you're breaking up with Sony. Tell the whole world! But your story isn't anything special, and you really do yourself a disservice by spewing all this hate toward your "ex" when it seems you've simply changed tastes.

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"Pokemon Go is wildy successful, so Nintendo should go third-party"

That doesn't make sense. Companies like Atari, SEGA, and SNK went third-party because they basically ran out of money and couldn't maintain their own consoles. That isn't the case with Nintendo.

Should Nintendo branch out on third-party hardware and offer games that raise brand awareness? Yes, but they've already confirmed that's their plan.

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Kotaku must be hungry for clicks. Remember, Pokemon GO may also kill black people, according to them.

(Original title of the article was "Pokemon Go is Depressing for Fans with Physical Disabilities", before Kotaku adjusted it)

I'm all for inclusiveness in gaming. But let's not pretend this article is anything more than Kotaku trying to eat up clicks from the "outrage culture" by making a big hoopla about an issue that plagues ...

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$60 for these 30 games is a steal, whether you're looking at Virtual Shop prices or even second-hand cartridge prices.

Absolutely no reason to NOT pick this up, unless you already have a majority of these and a reliable way to play on your TV.

I'm curious if it will have any image scaling/filtering like the Retron5 or various emulators. That'd be nice.

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What defines "over-sexualized"? Are these games 10% over the "sexualization limit", or -- gasp! -- 50% over the limit? Are there 10 "too sexualized" things or 45 "too sexualized" things? Where's the itemized list?

I gotta know! Seems like people love throwing around the term "over-sexualized" but no one feels comfortable asking how we came to these conclusions. In fact, the body of research acknowledges the fact that &qu...

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*ahem* Guilty Gear -Revelator-?

Please. SF5 has very solid core gameplay. Heck, I'm not even going to complain about the 'lack of content' because I knew that ahead of time and I waited to buy until about a month ago.

But GG has so many more modes -- both online and offline -- it's not even funny, not to mention the core fighting system is miles beyond anything you can do in a Street Fighter game.

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People who argue about PS+ having a good or bad "free" game selection are behind the times. PS+ offers much more for the price than just free games. The "free" games are just a bonus to me.

If you buy enough digital titles, the PS+ discounts alone pay off the service each year. Cloud saves, share play (which I use all the time), and discounts are why I use the service, NOT the free games and NOT the multiplayer.

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If you want 2d games, Saturn is sooooo good. The number of fighting games and shmups on the system is absurdly high. I still bust mine out every once in a while for some 8p Bomberman.

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"The PlayStation Vita Is Only a Companion System"

Well no duh, so is the 3DS. For most people, Handhelds are considered companion systems and not a gamer's main system. Personally, I love handhelds and I play my 3DS + Vita more than any of my consoles and PC combined, but that's just me.

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Halo 5 is the only game on that list that has even the slightest chance of "mega-boosting" console sales for the Xbox One.

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Sweet contest! Good luck to all the participants.

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I do hope I win! This is a great contest.

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Yeah, a bit of a hyperbole.

What's hilarious is that - last gen - the PS3 was called the "updatestation" because it updated with small features every month or two. The 360 had larger updates that were few and far between (maybe 2 times a year).

But of course now that the Xbox One gets small updates every 4-6 weeks the PS4 is lambasted for "lagging behind". Talk about media bias!

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Ironically, this is way beyond what the Xbox One was promising as the "good side" of its DRM scheme. And yet, PS4 is offering Share Play without restricting your games like Microsoft wanted to.

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@ GodGinrai

"The XB1 is performing better than the X360 at the same point in its life cycle. in the first year of the x360, it had no competition."

Actually, that's false. Xbox One sold more in its first two months compared to 360, but if you actually align the launches, 360 had sold more at this point in time.

In addition, 360 had a lot of supply constraints (sold out in many stores).

So yeah. that's pretty...

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PS3 was trailing behind (worldwide) because it launched a year later. PS3 was actually "outselling" the 360 if you aligned the launches. Obviously. It couldn't be 8m consoles behind and then magically catch up unless it was selling more than 360 month-to-month.

And yet....

Despite the advertisement, PS3 still sold millions less in North America.

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