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Considering all of the remasters already out as well as the ones on the way, what exactly is wrong with a remaster? The PS4 version is objectively superior to the PS3 version in every technical aspect by a fairly wide margin, the 60 FPS only being one part of the picture.

Nothing wrong with wanting to maximize sales of the game and maximize potential sales of the eventual Last of Us 2, which will be coming out on PS4 some time down the road.

I swear, some pe...

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Seems like an interesting concept. I hope they can pull it off.

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Sounds like an interesting dev. I especially like to hear "We will respect their time, creativity and curiosity"

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The art style for this game is definitely interesting.

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"If Xbox One can’t outsell PS4 this holiday season, it probably never will"

This title sounds like one of those "Chalkboard quotes" like "Titanfall will save the X1" crossed off a chalkboard. This upcoming gen is decided. Microsoft already made that certain with their behavior last year. The fact that people are discussing how Microsoft might, maybe, somehow catch up in the US (not the world) is very telling.

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This game is really cool-looking. Enjoyed it quite a bit thus far but I haven't tried Dragonfall yet

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Seems like a very well-planned game more in the same vein as CS or older BF titles

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This game is really quite fantastic. I only have the original game (not Dragonfall) but I feel like it's a great revival for the source material (which is super neat).

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Played this on Steam. At first glance I was like "Oh, okay, so it's a Terraria clone with nicer graphics". That isn't a bad thing, of course, but when I got it on Steam I was pleasantly surprised. Game definitely sets itself apart.

Game would be great to play on my North America/US PSN/Vita account (wink to the contest criteria)

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Ernesto RPG looks sweet, kind of a Rogue game.

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I saw a thread for this game sometime around E3. It definitely caught my attention. Here's hoping the devs find success.

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3rd party support is a strawman argument. Wii won without much of it. Wii-U actually has more of it. Off the top of my head: it's gotten both CoD games since it launched, both AssCreed games since it launched, best version of Arkham City, best version of Deus Ex, Wonderful 101 (and upcoming Bayonetta 1&2). Plus a glut of indies. I'd say the WIi U actually has more "hardcore" 3rd party support than the Wii had.

But to the topic, the Wii-U and PS3 are not ...

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My complaint about the "alternate art styles" is because Nintendo has been doing it alot lately. Yarn Yoshi, Claymation Kirby, Legend of's fine in small doses, but when I see such gorgeous games on my Wii-U like 3D Mario World (I've really had a change of heart on that game) and Pikmin 3 and especially Mario Kart, I wanna see more of that. It's just preference, I suppose.

As mentioned above, most of what they showed for 3DS was already known....

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Let me clarify: Pokemon and Smash were known elements. Yes, it was neat to see those in more detail, but I felt the 3DS had a severe lack of new announcements. Now, in all fairness, they did announce and show off more games during the Treehouse presentations like Code S.T.E.A.M and a confirmation of Fantasy Life getting localized. All I'm saying is that I felt Nintendo could've announced or shown more instead of spending 1/4th of their Direct showing off those amiibo figurines and Sma...

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You're missing out if you think there aren't many great titles to go back to on Wii. I can think at least of 15 Wii hidden gems (not even the "popular" games like Mario Kart Wii and Wii Sports) that are totally worth playing.

Zack and Wiki, Little King, Fragile Dreams, Xenoblade, The Last Story, Dokapon Kingdom, Kirby Epic Yarn, Kirby Return, Sin & Punishment, Silent Hill Shattered Memories, Muramasa, deBlob, Mad World, No More Heroes 1 & 2, Tatsunok...

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E3 is literally a media PR event. Without the cynics, I think the hype and expectations would get out of control. Granted, I do not think it's valuable for a cynic to just shrug and say "everything sucked". However, isn't it fair that we critique the games and trailers on display?

Or are you suggesting we should simply accept and get excited about whatever we see and not take a closer look? I mean, devs NEVER bait-and-switch with E3 trailers compared to the ...

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If E3 is supposed to be presenting to the general market (and that's what makes them "win") then Sony won under those criteria too. Well, let me rephrase: they lost the least. Neither Microsoft's nor Nintendo's E3 conferences are going to steal momentum away from the PS4.

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@ Septic

Considering that 100% of the multiplats shown are going to be running better on PS4, there's that to consider.

Or do superior multiplats only matter when we're talking about 360 vs PS3?

Truth be told, both companies have a so-so exclusive lineup this year. There are no massive megaton exclusives (Nintendo is totally winning in this category right now). So, momentum will be determined by whoever capitalizes on multiplats bette...

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"Microsoft locks down Christmas"

Yeah, just like Microsoft locked down March/April with Titanfall?

Just like I'm SUUURE Microsoft will lock down June with the $399 sku?


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If Microsoft's goal at E3 was to shift momentum away from the PS4 toward the X1, then they utterly failed, which is why I think this blog is on-point. Microsoft didn't need a great E3. They needed an E3 that made people stop considering a PS4 and instead choose an X1. And they didn't have that sort of conference. The games shown look great to long-time Xbox fans and current X1 owners, but to the rest of the world? Nah. People will continue buying PS4 in droves and X1 will continue...

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