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Not that I needed an excuse to boot up Terraria again, but the new update is definitely a good excuse.

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Exactly. Why would this be a bad thing?

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These articles popping up about how China's open market will be the deciding factor in the upcoming console war are all incredibly naive. China's "middle class" (the group that would have the time and money to buy and play videogames) is incredibly small compared to the West. Just because their overall economy is flourishing doesn't mean that the individual worker is making all that much more money.

And for those that ARE making enough money to afford a...

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For me, Vita is the best place for indie games, even if those indie titles aren't exclusive. I have quite a number of smaller titles on PSN and Steam but I find myself re-buying them for Vita and putting in way more hours than I would if I was playing it on PC or console. Now that mem-cards have dropped in price, I can see myself buying a ton more indie games in the near future.

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Curious how so much news and so many hopes are being pinned on this game, as if the Xbox One will live or die by Ryse.

Face it. The game was intended to be a Kinect-only title for 360 and then got ported to Xbox One. It's linear as all get-out, and no level of graphical prowess will change that. I think a lot of people are going to end up disappointed if they keep putting their hope on Ryse (similar to how early PS3 fans got burned by betting on Lair and Haze).

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I'm puzzled why Japanese devs spend time and money making games for their local market - which has been on the decline over the past 5 years, specifically the console market. And then these devs turn around and complain about low sales and faltering finances. Well, duh! Ya think? You spend tens of millions making a game that only gets released in one tiny market.

SEGA in particular has been very bad about this. No localization (not even on PSN) for Valkyria Chronicles 3....

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Curious where these Ryse graphic whores are going to disappear to once games like inFamous Second Son, Deep Down, etc come out and outclass anything on Xbox One.

Also curious why Ryse gets all this hype, yet God of War was mocked for being a "linear QTE fest", and Ryse looks to be even more linear and even more QTE-filled.

Oh, is this like the good ol' moving of the goalpost again? Like how HDMI didn't matter but now it does. Like how exclus...

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Sad that people are even taking the time to argue about Ryse in the first place. The gameplay looks like crap. And isn't that what matters? Gameplay? At least, that's what the Xbox crowd kept chanting when PS3 began getting the best-looking exclusives year after year.

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Wrong on so many counts. Counterstrike (which was not made by Valve, mind you, but by modders) was predated by online shooters like Doom (using Kali), Hexen/Heretic, Quake, and the many mods for Quake that Valve later aped like Team Fortress.

Valve did not start the Dev/Gamer relationship. That started decades ago with companies like Blizzard and Origin (makers of Ultima). You must be a young PC gamer if you think Valve started that.

Valve turns modders into ...

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I've been a PC gamer since the MS-DOS days, but you're right, the Valve fanbase is a cult and it's annoying to watch them hijack PC gaming and pretend Steam is all there is to gaming on a PC.

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Nintendo has done some sort of backroom deal with CAPCOM to secure the MonHun license (forever? for 5 years? for the current gen? Who knows). I'm pretty certain that we'll only see MonHun games on Nintendo hardware this gen.

However, CAPCOM isn't completely stupid. They know there's a fanbase for MonHun out there on the Sony side, so what CAPCOM will probably end up doing is making a Dragon's Dogma or Deep Down port to the Vita. There are already rumors sw...

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My wife and I own about...350+ boardgames and cardgames. Waaay too many, but there are a ton of boardgames out there that go beyond the typical Monopoly or Chess or Settlers of Catan.

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Oh puh-leeze. There are Nintendo fanboys, Sony fanboys, Microsoft fanboys, etc., but the worst are ValveDrones.

News flash: there's more to PC gaming than Steam. Valve Corp doesn't walk on water. They're hardly a game company any more. Now they're just a "services" company that repackages a community-made mod once in a while and calls it a new game.

SteamOS is not the Second Coming of gaming. It will be a slight blip. That's all....

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Nintendo has always been relevant. The question has always been "to what degree are they relevant?"

Since the Game Boy, Nintendo has always been relevant in that market space, but they lost importance with the N64 and Gamecube.

What Nintendo needs to do is begin making the choices that made them relevant in the past. They also need to stop making the choices that puts them in an N64/Gamecube situation again. Right now, the Wii-U is headed in the Ga...

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Microsoft PR is still reeling from the last 8 months.

The TRUE problem is that Microsoft's PR is simply a reflection of the mindset within Microsoft itself. You might have made some changes and even changed some people's positions, but that doesn't change the mindset and philosophy of the company. Gamers would be wise to keep that in mind. The company behind the current Xbox One is the same company that wanted to restrict the usage of the game discs and console ha...

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Invizmals is the only one that comes to mind. But that's after Beyond, GoW, The Last of Us, and GT6 all launching in 2013. I think that's pretty decent support, don't you?

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Am I talking about exclusives? Of course I am. Exclusives are games. Or did you forget? Do you not enjoy more games? Do you not enjoy a wider variety of games on a system?

The real questions is why AREN'T you talking about exclusives?

@ XboxFun

The claim is (and always has been) first party support. You know, the company that makes the console supporting it?

The Xbox fanbase is so conveniently c...

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I've been saying this since February when the PS4 was announced: Microsoft was caught off guard and now they're rushing to launch this thing. It was evident at the official May 21st reveal. It was evident when we heard the confused jumble of policies following the reveal. It was evident during the fallout after all the DRM and online requirements were officially confirmed. It was evident at E3, Gamescom, TGS, and every leak in between that the Xbox One was being rushed. From insider r...

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Definitely getting this on PS4, which appears to be the lead platform.

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I think this story with Watch_Dogs is widespread across the entire next-gen landscape concerning most/all upcoming games:

PS4 is the superior platform for multiplats.

And yet more proof that Xbox One will be holding back multiplat development. Hey, at least last-gen developers had enough integrity to make the 360 version or PS3 version superior in the cases where they were able to better utilize the hardware. This upcoming gen will be the gen of backdoor dea...

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