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Microsoft PR is still reeling from the last 8 months.

The TRUE problem is that Microsoft's PR is simply a reflection of the mindset within Microsoft itself. You might have made some changes and even changed some people's positions, but that doesn't change the mindset and philosophy of the company. Gamers would be wise to keep that in mind. The company behind the current Xbox One is the same company that wanted to restrict the usage of the game discs and console ha... #1.1.2
Invizmals is the only one that comes to mind. But that's after Beyond, GoW, The Last of Us, and GT6 all launching in 2013. I think that's pretty decent support, don't you? #2.2.1

Am I talking about exclusives? Of course I am. Exclusives are games. Or did you forget? Do you not enjoy more games? Do you not enjoy a wider variety of games on a system?

The real questions is why AREN'T you talking about exclusives?

@ XboxFun

The claim is (and always has been) first party support. You know, the company that makes the console supporting it?

The Xbox fanbase is so conveniently c... #1.2.3
I've been saying this since February when the PS4 was announced: Microsoft was caught off guard and now they're rushing to launch this thing. It was evident at the official May 21st reveal. It was evident when we heard the confused jumble of policies following the reveal. It was evident during the fallout after all the DRM and online requirements were officially confirmed. It was evident at E3, Gamescom, TGS, and every leak in between that the Xbox One was being rushed. From insider r... #1.1.22
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Definitely getting this on PS4, which appears to be the lead platform. #1
I think this story with Watch_Dogs is widespread across the entire next-gen landscape concerning most/all upcoming games:

PS4 is the superior platform for multiplats.

And yet more proof that Xbox One will be holding back multiplat development. Hey, at least last-gen developers had enough integrity to make the 360 version or PS3 version superior in the cases where they were able to better utilize the hardware. This upcoming gen will be the gen of backdoor dea... #1.1.3
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Funny how Microsoft (and the Xbox loyalists) mocked Sony for making the same 10-year claims just before the PS3 launched...

How can anyone expect Microsoft to support a system for MORE than 10 years when they haven't done it yet? How's that 10 year support on the 360? Remember when Microsoft said that they'd support the 360 "one day longer than Sony supports the PS3 if that's what it takes"? Apparently, the gaming world is so quick to forget. #1.2
N4G, a place where any negative word against Microsoft means you're a Sony fanboy.

Truly, truly, the logic on display here is staggering. What's next? Microsoft fanboys claiming that tablets are the future now that Surface 2.0 is re-launching in a few months? #1.1.72
Or the people who disagree realize that China makes its own much-cheaper knock-offs that sell a lot better.

The chinese equivalent of our "middle class" (you know, the people who would have both the time and money to play videogames) is incredibly small compared to what we have in the West. Just because the market is open does not mean that suddenly there's a mad-grab between PS3 and 360 (and Wii) for that market. #1.1.12
@ PoSTedUP

Well, Persona 4 Golden (a port) at the Number One spot should've tipped you off. IGN has never really been a big fan of the Vita. Oh, sure, they'll give a token good score to a few Vita games, but when it really matters (like giving a fair score to a new Vita IP) they pile on the hate like everyone else. #1.1.2
SteamOS is Linux-based, correct? If anything, it'll allow Linux a foothold in the gaming market and as Linux integration grows, what will likely happen is a push for Steam-free PC games that don't have integrated DRM. Valve is actually shooting themselves in the foot by pushing outside of their established market.

Steam trading cards was the writing on the wall, but SteamOS is the official confirmation: Valve Corp is no longer a gaming company. They're a "se... #1.1
I have no use for the 2DS. However, it is smart. The reason why is the economy. People don't have a lot of money (keep your eye on PS4 and X1, which are going to struggle 6 months after launch, especially the X1). Handheld gaming is the last bastion of hope for a lot of people. It sounds silly, but the rise of portable gaming on smartphones/tablets was no accident. People love games, but they can't afford to spend much anyone.

I anticipate the 2DS/3DS line as well as... #1
He's already in pre-development of a Soul Sacrifice sequel for Vita.

It really stinks that a lot of "journalists" ragged on the game, despite the top-notch graphics, integrated online (3DS Monster Hunter has no integrated online), and tons of free boss downloads. This was definitely a cult hit (like many of the Vita's exclusives). #1.1
There are 25 games on the Vita? I say that as a happy Vita owner.

Anyway, I'm glad to see Vita picking up momentum. It's a great gaming device and gaming "journalists" have done a wonderful job of lying about it's games and turning people away from it. Uncharted Golden Abyss was/is one of the best games I've played on any platform in the last 3 years. #1.1
I stopped giving Capcom the benefit of the doubt a long while ago. With that said, they've proven they can make really good new IPs (Ghost Trick, Dragon's Dogma) so we'll see what happens. #2.1
Where's the proof?

We have an alarming amount of fingers-in-ears-lalala going on in the gaming industry right now. No one wants to admit the obvious truth that Microsoft trying to smoke and mirror gamers, and the only people who stand up are instantly labelled as - obviously! - Sony fanboys.

Microsoft has made numerous lofty claims before (so has Sony, for the record, which is why I'm still leery of EVERY PS4 game Remote Playing on Vita smoothly) an... #2.1.12
I get tired at how Steam and Valve Corp are painted as the saviors of PC gaming (as if it needed saving). There is already a PC for the living's called a your living room.

SteamOS and the Steam machines ARE consoles. They are Valve-branded consoles that are trying to further edge into the console market and compete with Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft.

Steam itself has always been "PC gaming Lite" and has predominantly appealed... #1
It means that EA is right. Miyamoto has been playing around with pet projects for the last decade. Nintendo started a revolution with the Wii motion controls and what direction does Miyamoto take it? Glasses-free 3D and tablet-on-console gaming. Miyamoto is not creating either the quantity nor the quality that he once did. #1.3
I've been a PC gamer since MS-DOS, and I have to agree with LostPotato.

I use Steam, but Steam is essentially just "Baby's first PC gaming". It mainly attracts people who are new to PC gaming and/or people who have predominantly played consoles but now have some extra cash and want to join the "master race".

An OS is not a gaming platform. As PC gaming continues to overlap with console gaming, Steam will be cannibalized by what Son... #1.3
@ abzdine

"why is he talking PS4 memory when the game is multiplatform?"

Pretty much confirms PS4 will be the best version, despite its multiplat status (which seems to be the story for nearly every multiplat next-gen game we've seen so far).

He probably started converting it from PS3 to PS4 and Square-Enix realized a port to Xbox One wouldn't be too hard. #1.1.12
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