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Bribing is the wrong word.

But the underlying sentiment - I think - is valid. What has the Xbox brand brought to the game industry? I mean, really sit down and think for a minute. What has Xbox brought to the wide world of videogaming?

Halo? Bought out by Microsoft from a Mac developer, Bungie.

Gears of War? Made by EPIC and crew.

Fable? That one is Molyneux and his team.

Banjo Kazooie? Perfect Dark? Killer I...

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I have no sympathy for these "journalists", especially when these are some of the same people who basically said "Stop complaining about the XBox One and just bend over, crybabies".

Oh, oh, but NOW you guys get all upset when a huge corporation doesn't do things that you want? You don't say...

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Yeah, Carmack is just being a PC whore (as usual). For years and years, he lamented how consoles didn't have enough RAM and how he could make games SO much better if only he had more RAM. here's the RAM you asked for and now it's not a significant change? Riiiiight.

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Design by committee. ALWAYS the best way to go. Just look at the US Government programs!

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I think so, too. Does this mean Sony plans to discontinue the OLED version? If that's the case, people should buy one NOW. The OLED screen is really, really nice looking and the system will become a collector's item if they stop making Vitas with OLED screens.

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Pretty harsh score for the best arcade beat 'em up since Castle Crashers back in 2008.

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Props for referencing the actual book - not movie - of I Am Legend, which is a pertinent metaphor here.

I was once a Microsoft gamer. I use the term "Microsoft gamer" because I was booting games up on MS-DOS long before people got their first taste of Microsoft through the Xbox. I was there playing the first Flight, the first Age of Empires, the first Close Combat games. At best, now I either tolerate Microsoft (in terms of using their OS to play games on PC) or I i...

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Yeah, seems like a simple error in design and/or glitch that would be easily fixable with a firmware update. Sony should've removed the "one account per mem stick" restriction long ago, and I imagine that has something to do with it.

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Nice. This is a REALLY good RPG. I've already beat it twice, 40+ hours per playthrough. Can't wait until the "Overclocked" version of DeSu2 comes out on 3DS.

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This is all you need to know:

(and this was BEFORE the Xbox 360 even launched)

For those too lazy to check, Balmer said "the bedrock of Microsoft today is advertisers, advertisers, advertisers".

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I've been saying for several years that we've been teetering on the edge of an industry crash (current practices just aren't sustainable). And when an industry mouthpiece like Sessler (er, excuse me, a "journalist") brings it up, that can't be a good sign.

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Total number of levels and/or the size of those levels is all that really matters though, true? For what it is worth, DKC: Returns is a massive game and as long as Tropical Freeze has the same (or more) number of levels, I'll be satisfied.

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So you can automatically stream every single Xbox One game and play it on your tablet? No?

Then no, the "apps" do not do pretty much the same thing. Sony and Nintendo have been experimenting with Second Screen functionality since the mid-2000s while Microsoft is just now showing up to the party. The Vita will have a lot more functionality as a second screen compared to SmartGlass.

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"they think people can be fooled so easily"

But they HAVE fooled people so easily. They're Microsoft. They've been doing exactly that for the last 20 years. When your consumer base is full of people who - for example - get RRoD multiple times and yet stay loyal, why wouldn't you just steamroll over them? When your consumer base is full of people who - for example - have already forgotten how Microsoft behaved for the first half of 2013, why wouldn't ...

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Exactly. The info isn't automatically uploaded to the cloud...but can it still be accessed remotely?

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@ Blacktric and Konsoru

You've missed my point. What I'm saying is that Destructoid has showered praise on several of CAPCOM's biggest games over the last few years, so where was this opinion back then? Where were the statements of "yep, CAPCOM is decaying" when fans were complaining about New Dante in DmC? Oh, wait. Instead, Destructoid was calling those people "haters" and "crybabies".

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basic rules of supply and demand. I remember selling my used Wii (that I had played for 6 months) for $350 ($100 above MSRP) when they were still very hard to find. People will pay for what they want.

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It may not mean they're dumbing it down. Anyone who has played Disgaea D2 (the newest one) will understand what I'm about to say: NIS is streamlining a lot of the nuances and inscrutable tricks in Disgaea. Heck, the fact that Innocents FINALLY have in-game explanations and how experience/HL/Mana can be adjusted by a simple slider instead of slogging through Assembly bills shows that NIS knows where their flaws lie and they're trying to improve the series' weaknesses.

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@ sorane

You haven't been playing FPSs for very long if you think NatSel, TF, and Planetside are any more unique than KZ. TF has been around since the mid 90s when it came out for Quake. Natural Selection is a fan-made mod that has been around for over a decade. Planetside's core gameplay is actually pretty generic as far as shooters go (apes Starseige Tribes pretty liberally).

On the other hand, the seamless mode-rotation of Warzone, the location-bas...

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To answer the question: it's because Sony and Microsoft aren't nearly as hostile toward one another in actual business dealings. The whole "console warzz" animosity is 90% show for the hardcore fanboys to drool over.

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