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Their analysis: people who bought PS3 will buy PS4, and people who bought 360 will buy X1.

Yeah, that's what's making the Wii-U sell like gangbusters, right? Those who bought a Wii will buy a Wii-U...

Over the last few months we've seen a LOT of people decide to switch from 360 over to PS4, but I haven't seen nearly as much momentum of people switching from PS3 to X1, not even close.

Other than the above, a decent analysis, bu...

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100% FUD.

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No-name websites jumping on the latest rumors with hyperbole statements like "numerous complaints"?

Looks like Redmond's biggest marketing firm is working overtime today...

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People gave the 360 years and years of devoted loyalty and patience despite the hardware flaws.

So, this is no big deal, right? Just send it back and they'll send you a new one, right? You'd be an idiot to get rid of a game system just because it has broken hardware, right?

At least, that's what I was repeatedly told when I got rid of my 360 in 2008 after its 2nd RRoD. Let's see if journalists are going to be just as "fair and balanced&qu...

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It all depends. Wii-U had a very very bad first year in terms of sales and public exposure. Nintendo made the bet that "Oh! If we slap 'Wii' into the console's name, tons of people will buy it".

They lost that bet.

Now they're fighting an uphill battle simply to differentiate their own console from their other console. It's not a matter of the Wii-U "beating" the PS4 or Xbox One right now.

It's a ma...

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I expect to see a lot of these apologist articles as more and more technically inferior multiplat games come out on Xbox One. We already know multiplats will be inferior on Xbox One. That's just how it will be, but if there was ever any shred of 'journalistic integrity' remaining in the industry, you can expect it to fly out the window (it's already been happening with a ton of journalists since the Xbox One was announced)

"Okay, I admit that it has a low...

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Look up any terms of service. The same language of "all software is licensed, not sold" will be found for every piece of software since the late '80s, even open-source software.

But you can't expect forum warriors to understand basic copyright laws. If a company (in this case, Sony) literally "sold" you a piece of software, then it would be legally be yours to reverse engineer, break apart, mod, source the assets, and otherwise do whatever you want...

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And yet people are so EAGER to jump in with Microsoft and trust them with their gaming habits over the next 6+ years...

Anyone. ANYONE on the internet who buys an Xbox One and then comes back a few months later crying and b****ing about how Microsoft is treating them deserves not a drop of sympathy. We've had an entire YEAR to watch Microsoft's behavior (several years, actually, if you're smart enough to pay attention).

If - at this point - you b...

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Sessler has proved that he is super-credible over the last few months. These previews might as well be REVIEWS because he has not flip flopped one single time since the XBox One was announced...

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Yeah this seems like nonsense and I'm not sure it is something MS should be bragging about.

"Hey dudes! Forza 5 is so advanced, it wouldn't be able to do 60fps, 1080p without the Xbox Cloud"

Customer: "Uhhh, so you're saying that if I'm offline, I won't be able to do 60fps, 1080p?"

"Wait, no. No what I meant is that we gutted the game, put all the info on the cloud, and that let us use the local di...

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The delicious, delicious irony is how "IMPORTANT" resolution and framerate were when it came to PS3 vs 360 on Crytek's previous games, like Crysis 2. Fanboys flew into a tizzy after it was revealed that the PS3 version had a lower resolution.

Oh, but NOW resolution doesn't matter, Crytek? Yeah...

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I guess I can leave my doors unlocked at night. That burglar who tried to break in 5 nights in a row last week told me we was sorry and he wouldn't do it again.

He seemed really sincere.

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Resolution just doesn't

But "back then" apparently it meant the whole world.

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I love how things have flip-flopped as we move into next gen. Surely I'm not the only one who remembers "better grass in Mafia II on 360!!!" or "better water in RDR on 360!!!" or "better framerate in GTA4 on 360!!!" or "better draw distance in Skyrim on 360!!!" and all of the other countless comparisons (especially the ones done on Digital Foundry).

But now?

Oh, none of that stuff matters. Framerate doesn't matt...

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Not a fan of Steam, personally.

But what this last year has revealed is that when a company acts shady for so long, eventually it will catch up with you. Some people like myself who've watched Microsoft since the days of MS-DOS stayed wary of the XBox brand and didn't trust Microsoft (and yet I was there Day One for XBox and XBox 360, but my second RRoD was too much).

Xbox One wasn't an "ooops! We were accidentally evil! Sorry. We'll fix ...

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Is this really a big surprise to ANYONE (except paid shills and devotees)? Not only is the Playstation brand more popular, but the PS4 is cheaper, it will be launching in more countries, and I don't know where YOU folks have been over the last year (actually, the last several years beginning with the Project Natal announcement), but Microsoft hasn't exactly been Mr. Popular lately.

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Certain gamers see this and cringe, but let's be serious. Microsoft hasn't brought anything significant to the gaming industry as a whole. They've simply...well, they've simply done what Microsoft does best:

They've bought and aped everything the Xbox brand has. To see them go would simply make room for another console manufacturer to step in. Oh noez! A console world without MICROSOFT!?!?!?! Consoles were fine prior to Xbox, and consoles will be fine afte...

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It's not just the Xbox One. Microsoft as a company has been becoming more and more distrustful. Back in 2006 Ballmer said their new "core" was advertisers, advertisers, advertisers. No big surprise to see what the Xbox 360 dashboard ended up becoming.

Microsoft has already said that the Xbox One is geared toward better, more personalized advertisement. It's pretty obvious they have the tech to face-scan you to see how you react to certain ads and then sell ...

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And yet there are people out there (setting aside the people online who are legitimate "viral marketers" hired by Microsoft) who honestly place their gaming entertainment future in the hands of Microsoft...

Kinda sad.

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Prior to the 360 launching, Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, said that their old foundation was developers, developers, developers but NOW it is advertisers, advertisers, advertisers. And it was no surprise whatsoever when the 360 became one big TV commercial. Microsoft makes hundreds of millions annually selling your information to advertisement. The XBox One was built from the ground up to be a new advertising platform (Microsoft themselves said this).

But hey, Microsoft has...yo...

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