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This game really seems perfect for the Vita. I wish NIS would port more of these niche titles to Vita. Can't wait for the upcoming Vita ports of Disgaea 4 and Disgaea D2. Playing these sort of RPGs on a console just isn't viable for me anymore.

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Victim complex. Similar to how certain Xbox-focused websites and Xbox fans were convinced the entire internet had been hijacked by "dem Sow-Nee fanburrs" after the Xbox One reveal went so horribly, horribly wrong.

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Yep. PS4 is out. Now Gamestop wants your preorders for Xbox One. It's all just business. PS4 will sell more in the West so you can bet Gamestop will end up supporting PS4 more heavily, just like they did with the 360.

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All negative news is popular. Just look at the huge roster of "X things I hate about PS4" articles that've been coming out.

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"Professionals" can be just as biased.

What is important to realize is that these reviews are by the early adopters. Tell me, who spends $500 on a system, $100-200 on several games (plus more on extra accessories) and then turns around and says "these games are mediocre". It makes the buyer look and feel like an idiot.

When I go to the PSN store, most games are in the 4/5 stars or higher range. A few games have LOW stars and I typically av...

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@ Death

It seems like a leap to say that Sony INTENDED for reviewers to not have reviews too early. It's an even further leap to imply they did it to hide something or cover something up, as if early reviews would - in one fell swoop - destroy all of the PS4's momentum.

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Let's give the game a chance to prove itself. Are the "haters" (I put that in quotes because this game isn't going to appeal to everyone) going to change their mind if it gets great scores?

Are the "fanboys" (again, in quotes because some people are genuinely interested in Ryse and that's ok) going to change their mind and not get the game or get an XBox One if the reviews are bad?

Of course not. The people who want to get it w...

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I remember when grass mattered, because 360 had more of it on Mafia II. I remember when water mattered, because 360 had better water in RDR. I remember all the times when pixel-counting comparison sites (like digital foundry) pointed out the tiniest of differences, highlighting a minor blip in framerate or circling the smallest of jaggy in multiplatform games. Those things sure did seem to matter back then, right?

Oh, but now? Now they don't matter. Huh. I wonder why... ...

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How predictable that the western media is downplaying hardware power (the area where Microsoft is behind).

Fact: there is a bigger gap in power between the PS4 and X1 than there was between the PS3 and 360. Hardware power mattered back then. Why does it magically not matter now? Just like 1080p doesn't matter any more?

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Exactly. Don't expect Sessler and Crew to give a reasonable opinion in the weeks to come. This was the guy crying that Sony wouldn't send him a free PS4, but as he says in this video, they have an Xbox One (free from MS) and they've had a lot of time to use it.

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EGM doing a review? I'll just leave this here as to an example of their caliber and quality and fairness...

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This is going to be one of those "In Certain Regions" sort of things.

North America, Western Europe...and that's about it. Pacther has been singing this "subsidized console" stuff since late 2011. It hasn't happened yet. I imagine it'll be a while before it does eventually happen.

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Oh, so Metacritic matters all over again?

LOL. Back to the days of 2008...

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Derp. This game actually looked pretty neat...

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Yep. It took PS3 YEARS to catch up to 360 on the philosophy that exclusives would erase any consideration for price.

And when you take into account the fact that a lot of people buy a console just to play a few franchises (like CoD or FIFA or whatever) that arguement goes out the window.

Do exclusives matter? Of course! But they rarely matter more than price, especially in this current economy

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It will be very interesting to see what happens when XBox One launches.

Truthfully, 1 million sales in 24 hours is impressive, but not too big of a deal. The first month of sales are the "easy" sales. Those are the people who were going to buy the system anyway.

I'm keeping an internal tally of which sites downplay this, which users downplay or praise this. "Eat Crow Day" is in a week when XBox One launches. Will sales still matter the...

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Yeah, because the gaming media DOESN'T give 1st party Nintendo games a free pass each time...

...and the gaming media DOESN'T apply a double-standard when it comes to Sony's first party games.

Trust your reviewers! Drink your Mt Dew! Watch the advertisers and buy the products! Doritos!

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If 10,000 PS4s were bricked, it would certainly give the appearance of a "widespread problem" if your source of info is forum posters and Reddit threads.

But 10,000 bricked PS4's is a mere 1% of total consoles, well within the range of electronic failure rate, especially within launch window. By the way, I'm not saying 10,000 PS4s were bricked. I'm just pointing out that if 10,000 people with 10,000 bricked PS4s hit the internet, it certainly would make ...

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It wasn't just Resolutiongate. He has always been needlessly critical of Sony while brushing off similar concerns when it comes to Microsoft. He makes a habit of creating controversy out of thin air by the way he reports rumors.

When the Xbox One was revealed, he was standing on the front lines to defend the Xbox One, even going so far as to make up weird comparisons (like saying the PS4 was actually as expensive as the Xbox One) or letting Microsoft off the hook for thei...

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