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That's something very attractive about PS4: the free-to-play games are actually free. Planetside 2 is coming soon (or is it already available on PS4?) and that is going to be another massive ftp game for PS4 owners to enjoy, and they don't even need a PS+ subscription to enjoy it.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is busy monetizing Forza 5 and Killer Instinct.

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I told people well in advance that Microsoft would do this. They wouldn't sell as much as PS4 and then they'd blame "supply issues" and claim they were sold out everywhere.

But surprise! Xbox One isn't sold out at all.

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When you have weaker hardware, Microsoft, you can't sling mud.

But too late. Microsoft and some (not all, of course) Xbox loyalists have been slinging mud against Sony for a decade. And now that the Xbox One has noticeably weaker hardware, it's all coming back to bite them in the butt.

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They aren't going to remove it. Since the beginning, Microsoft made it clear that Kinect would be a new form of marketing by gathering advertising info. I can't imagine how much each owner of XBox One is worth in terms of advertisement.

Sure, Microsoft's DRM policies and insulting PR was what got all the attention after X1 was announced and around E3, but the advertising stuff was there from the beginning and was quickly forgotten.

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Rather, one is a hardware company and the other is an advertising aggregation company.

Microsoft made it clear back in 2006 that "developers developers developers" were no longer the foundation of Microsoft's success...

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Sales comparisons were made Day One when the PS3 launched. For years, PS3 "total" sales were compared against 360 "total" sales, never taking into account yearly sales (in which the PS3 typically sold more).

A common online conversation in those days went like this:

360 fan: "360 sold more! Woot!"
PS3 fan: "Actually, PS3 sold more worldwide than 360 this year"
360 fan: "Who care...

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Translation: "we know we're gonna sell less than PS4. Let's just blame it issues! Even though Xbox Ones can be found on the shelf in most stores"

Edit @ electricone85

Ummm, yes there are. They're on the shelf of my local Meijer, the two closest Gamestops, I called three other Gamestops in the area and all have 3+ consoles in stock. Target has Xbox Ones. Best Buy has Xbox Ones.

I alr...

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It's not new. It's literally the exact same type of model as CAPCOM's fighting games.

-release incomplete game
-offer "premium" version
- "premium" version doesn't even come with the inevitable DLC

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This could be anything. This could be a sign of hardware flaws. Who knows?

Let's give the Xbox One some time to see if the hardware problems are widespread. After all, that's what the internet did last week and this week for the PS4, right? Right?


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Sony "insulting" Microsoft?

Fair is fair. Sony put up with it from Microsoft for the first 5 years of the PS3's life. Anyone remember the daily nonsense that people like Aaron Greenburg would spew?

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Yeah, Microsoft execs need to keep their mouth shut or at least be truthful. Heck, Nintendo knew the Wii was weaker, but they said "hey, that's our strategy. We offer a different experience".

I think this just goes to show how far the Xbox brand has fallen. It was once the peak of console power. Now it's the peak of advertising and compromises.

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My fear (and this pertains to more than just Forza) is that we'll see more fracturing of content in the upcoming gen. Compare - for instance - an EA Sports game from 2004 to today. A lot of those games had a TON of modes, many of which have been removed or sold as DLC.

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Gamecube-style games will equate to Gamecube-level sales. Nintendo needs to bring back the sort of games that made the Wii popular.

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That's something I like about the Sony crew. They at least try to appear honest and act like real gamers.

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Thanks for the info. I plan on getting this for PS4. I like the verticality of the landscape. Previous AC games felt very "flat" but AC4 seems to have a lot of mountains and castles and stuff.

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As with the PS4, which turned out to be normal launch-window failure rate, let's not jump the gun.

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If you have the fortitude to sort through the BS and PR and marketing, the internet did not ruin game consoles. It gave consumers a way to see the "true face" of game companies and hold them accountable.

Imagine if the Xbox One launched back in 2006. Twitter and smartphones and Facebook were barely glimmers in their creators' eyes. Gamers in general were FAR more naive and susceptible to marketing, especially viral marketing. In 2006, Microsoft would not have ch...

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Havent played an AC since ACII (the one with Ezio). I might jump back in with this one. I like the open world.

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Hopefully it moves some units. The Vita is the handheld we need, not the one we deserve.

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Who is to blame?

Microsoft, for building a console incapable of handling higher resolutions (at least until better optimization is achieved)

Journalists like Sessler, for a ridiculous double standard.

That's about it. Gamers have a right to expect a jump from 720p (last gen) up to 1080p (this gen) if they're gonna drop $500 on a new system.

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