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Games also didn't sell 10, 20, or even 30 million copies in the '90s, either. Most games during the NES, SNES, and Genesis era were lucky to break 5 million sold.

Yet today, games like CoD sell 20 million PER YEAR.

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100% BS. I can't believe the oil spewing out of this guy's mouth. It has been Microsoft's primary PR response over the past year to simply say "people misunderstood us. People misread us. We weren't TRYING to be evil with DRM. You just didn't understand our intentions".

Yeah right. Where there's smoke, there's fire. This is yet another red flag (out of so many red flags over the past several years) and XBox fans should either be prepared ...

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People still put faith in surveys? LOL

I thought surveys were "pointless" after this came out and stomped the Xbox One.

In regards to the article, well no duh, TIME. These are the early adopters. These are the people that said "who cares about DRM?" and "who cares about three games at launch?" etc. They were going to buy the cons...

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The entire Xbox One lineup including the console itself was released too soon. Microsoft sacrificed quality and quantity for quickness: they couldn't let Sony run too far ahead by launching earlier.

- QTEs and incredibly short, linear campaign. Was supposed to be a "hardcore killer app" for all those who bought Kinect on 360, but hey, 2nd time's the charm I guess.

- Gutted of content. Approx. half the content was r...

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Title should've been "addiction goes portable". :P

I have this on PS3 but I'll probably pick it up again for Vita unless Sony makes it cross-buy (in which case I'll already own a copy).

Such a fun game.

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What is especially clear is that Microsoft is pulling support from pretty much every other territory in the world to salvage SOME sort of market in NA and Western Europe. Rumours about delaying some of the Tier 1 countries (who knows when Tier 2 and beyond will see the Xbox One...) seem to further indicate this.

EDIT: Disagree if you want but all signs - starting back with the Xbox One reveal - indicate that Microsoft is doubling-down in NA and pretty much ignoring the rest ...

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People know I am no big fan of Microsoft (however, unlike your average internet troll I have a history with Microsoft stretching back to the days of MS-DOS)

That said, I think these articles are barking up the wrong tree. Microsoft is giving out a free dev kit and a free engine license and all they ask in return from self-publishers is that they at LEAST launch their game at the same time as PC/PS4/Wii-U. My understanding is that if you self publish ON YOUR OWN without receiv...

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" know if the game looks good, has a good AI, sound, etc"

Most major review websites fail to give pertinent information even about those. Read: Skyrim.

It's almost as if those websites subsist on ad dollars from major publishers or something...

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Games rarely live up to the hype. The only games I buy right at launch are handheld games (they have a higher tendency of living up to expectations).

But big AAA titles? Yeah right. If it's a good game, it'll be a good game when it's $40 6 months after launch.

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*Looks at title
*Looks at website Yeah, sounds about right.

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Back and forth, back and forth.

Sony breaks sales records: "let's wait and see".

PS4 outsells the Xbox One: "early sales don't matter"

Xbox One breaks records in Australia because PS4 is sold out everywhere: "ERMAGERD! Xbox One domination!!!"

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It is only a matter of time before games like this start coming out and usurping Minecraft's throne. Minecraft is good, don't get me wrong. But it's time for a better game to take its place, hopefully with better physics, more details, and more exploration.

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The one thing I'm curious about is if there is land destruction/deformation. It seemed so (based on the ship shooting holes into that asteroid) but I wonder if you'll be able to mine into the ground and find stuff.

We need a next-gen Minecraft clone, and digging and minig is a big part of that.

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But I'm sure we'll see a slew of articles claiming "you can barely see the difference between 1080p and 720p"

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Yes, I'd still buy it. It is - after all - the more powerful system.

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Nintendo is still very much behind the times when it comes to digital account systems. Sony and Microsoft (not to mention Steam and on PC) do a great job of letting you buy a game under your account name and then pretty much go from there. Sony is particularly good about this: you could buy a PS1 game one time and play it across your PSP, PS3, PS4, and Vita with the ability to move your save file between those, to boot.

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The industry needs competition. Isn't that what people have been saying for the last 8 years in defense of the Xbox?

Well, shoe is on the other foot now. Microsoft needs to be humbled or else they'll simply reintroduce the same DRM policies that they first announced for the Xbox One.

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In other news, FedEx thinks that UPS and DHL are mediocre...

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How does it feel being the guy who destroyed THQ, Rubin?

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What right do these people have to complain? It was very obvious what the Xbox One would and wouldn't be capable of doing.

There has been a very public examination of Microsoft's behavior over the last year (for several years, actually, if you've been paying attention). There has been plenty of information to see the strengths and weaknesses of the Xbox One. Plenty of previews. Plenty of hands-ons.

And there have been plenty of warnings.

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