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Nearly the entire PSP library is available on Vita, digitally of course. I can't think of any PSP games that are not available on Vita that I wanted to download with the exception of Valkyria Chronicles II (and even that can be put on PS Vita, but you have to do it in a runaround sort of way) #2.1.3
3DS is definitely diverse; the Vita is as well, especially if you add in backwards compatibility for both platforms. #2
Seems like a lotta fun. I just picked up two nice Hori sticks in anticipation for GG Xrd and BlazBlue Whatever (comes out in a few weeks) not to mention all the other fighting games I own, so I'll definitely pick this up. Hope they add other modes in addition to the "version selection". Though I played a bit of Super, I haven't owned a SF4 since...well..SF4 #3

FEVER!!! #1.4
Wait, how did Vita outsell 360? I thought 360 was still going strong. Anyway, congrats to Sony for their great products. The other game companies need to perk up and pay attention. #1.1.14
Article is about Titanfall, so you decide to go all Sony Too(tm) and not even discuss the topic? #1.2.6
A multiplayer-only game that does not support split-screen? At least they're giving this system-seller away for free. #1.1.4
Getting a PS4 when this game comes out. $400 for a PS4 is better than the $600 I'd need to get my PC in good working order. #1
Sony owns the IP.

The "point" of Demon's Souls might be know...make another Demons Souls game. Demon's Souls and Dark Souls have a lot of differences. #1.1.2
If Titanfall is such a system-seller, why is it being given away for free? That's the thing. It's a game that people (apparently) already bought the X1 for, but now it's being given away for free to new adopters.

Doesn't bode well, especially if PS4 still stays close in sales (or heaven forbid, even beats) the X1 in March in the USA/UK. #1.1.3
Fanboys are always going to be fanboys, so I'm not very bothered by fanboys flip-flopping on this issue.

What disturbs me is seeing executives and journalists and big-wigs in the industry flip-flopping. Microsoft loved to tout their "superior multiplats" next gen but now they're hush. Journalists loved to point out a 20-pixel difference but 720p vs 1080p? Who can tell the difference?

It really exposes a lot of people in the industry. #3
I remember quite a few people here on N4G insisting: "No, Elop won't be made lead of Xbox". And when the new CEO was announced they said "see? Elop isn't in charge. Xbox is fine".

Now that Elop is really in charge of the Xbox division, I wonder what kind of spin we'll see? #2
I think "poor writing" is a criticism that could be levelled at most games in all genres. There are a significant number of excellent JRPG storylines. #1.2.1
It's curious to see people react to this. Maybe the final build will have worse textures. Maybe it'll be the same or better..

The thing is, we've already had multiple games on X1 that fell short of the pre-release footage and screenshots. Dead Rising 3 had juttery framerate and pop-in. Forza 5 had significant downgrades in the lighting and textures compared to the pre-release demos they were showing off (especially considering the whole "Forza 5 running on PC... #2.1.8
For comparison: Xbox One used to cost £429 in the UK.
The PlayStation 4 currently costs £349 in the UK. PS4 is still cheaper for those who have no interest in Titanfall.

Sure, it's a decent deal for those who waited to get an X1 until Titanfall. Not such a good deal for those who bought an X1 early for Titanfall. While it might increase sales for Titanfall specifically, what about people who want it for Halo 5 or Gears?

This sends a crys... #1.1.30
For comparison: Xbox One used to cost £429 in the UK.
The PlayStation 4 currently costs £349 in the UK. X1 still isn't "cheaper" nor even the same price as PS4, though the bundled game does even it up a bit.

But this also may backfire. A lot of people (3+ million) bought an X1 in the last few months, and many of them bought it for Titanfall. GG, Microsoft. You just proved to your customers "Don't buy now. Just wait for us to get desper... #1.1
Consoles, PCs, handhelds, what are they?

They're just boxes you buy to get the games you want.

As long as many of the world's most talented developers reside on consoles, then consoles will continue to exist. The convenience, speed, and peace of mind of gaming on a handheld/console, not to mention the inherent quality control is something that will always find a market. #2.2.1
It was quite a controversy when 3DS dropped in price about 6 months after launch. People said it was a sign the system wasn't doing well (and they were correct, at the time at least).

Not sure why such a huge price drop isn't also considered a controversy. It's a pretty obvious sign that Microsoft is desperate.

Thing is, if the PS4 STILL outsells the X1 in the UK in the following two months, you can pretty much just nail up the coffin for the X1 i... #1.1.6
Well, if you also include all of the indie support for the PS4, it wins by a landslide.

But it's not just about exclusives, remember? It's also about the best multiplats.

That's what the 360 fanbase kept insisting over and over again when the 360 exclusives dwindled.

So, PS4 wins in that regard, hands down. Anyone interested in Watch_Dogs, Witcher 3, MGS5, Dragon Age 3, the next CoD and BF, Destiny, Thief, FF15 (if it comes out th... #1.3
This resolution argument is pathetic. Last-gen, websites made a huge fuss if a PS3 version of a multiplat was 20p less than the 360 version.

But now? Oh, there's no difference between 720p and 1080p. I mean, if you need any "tin foil conspiracy" evidence that the industry is a joke, here it is!

There absolutely is a difference. The only way you're going to get better quality games is if you stand up and ask for better quality. Or, you know,... #1.1.14
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