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"It's on a cartridge" is the only reasonable answer I can think of. Otherwise it looks like a price hike to cash in on the system launch-window.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: phenomenal handheld. Decent console. The fact that you get both is pretty nice.

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Weapon durability fixes a big problem with most open-world RPG/adventure games: bloat. You're carting around a ton of weapons or -- even worse -- you're constantly trekking back to down to repair/sharpen your weapon. In BotW, you have to work with what you find. The conversation surrounding the "issue" of rapid weapon breakage in BotW boils down to either "arg it sucks" or "nah, it's not so bad" and I think that's a bit narrow minded.

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4 PS4 exclusives on the list, 1 Wii U, and zero Xbox One. Hmmm...

What about ReCore? Quantum Break? Gears 4? Or was it the delays of most exclusives to 2017 (Crackdown 3, Cuphead, Halo Wars 2, Scalebound, and Sea of Thieves, to name a few) that excused Xbox One from consideration?

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Well, for starters those first-party platformers are pretty darn good: 3D World, Wooly World, Tropical Freeze, Mario Maker, and NSMB U (and Luigi U). For a fan of platformers (I fall into that category) it's a pretty phenomenal system especially when you add in the Wii backwards compatibilty.

Beyond that, there are quite a few top-notch games in their respective genres: Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, Captain Toad, and Xenoblade were all excellent, and I say that as a PS4 and...

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By worst do you mean second-best? SSB4 (WiiU) is the best but Melee comes close.

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Surprisingly good list. Sad there was no mention of Gullty Gear Xrd, Skullgirls, or SF Alpha. And old Mortal Kombat shouldn't be on the list: it's a pretty mediocre fighter by any standards. New MK is awesome though.

Would've also loved to see Garou, Power Stone, and Last Blade 2.

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I don't think it's even that complicated:

3DS has a big holiday planned with Pkmn Sun/Moon coming out as well as Monster Hunter XX coming next year. Nintendo doesn't want to make any indications that 3DS is on its way out when they still want folks to buy it. This is especially true in Japan where Handhelds are king.

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Depends on what games you want, obviously. Multimedia features may play a small role in your decision, too.

Something that should be taken into account is that PS4 offers the option for VR. You're spending more money, of course, but X1 has no VR function currently.

Doesn't hurt to mention that Wii U has bundles in the $200 range most places and is a must-have system if you have any interest whatsoever in local multiplayer games. Wii U's libra...

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Instead of saying "oh wow! Look at that low price" why aren't people applying the same sort of critical comparisons between these headsets and the competition like they did with Vive, PSVR, and Rift?

Screen resolution? Type of screen (pentile or RGB)? Degrees of field-of-view? Refresh rate? Quality of optics?

These questions (and many more) are what gamers demanded to know about the other HMDs. Why isn't this partnership receiving the ...

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Unified library is a big deal. Gamers who want to play Handheld franchises (Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Mario & Luigi, Fire Emblem, etc) but don't want to use the small screen and small controls now have an option. Handheld gamers who wanted more beefy hardware now have an option. Nintendo's first party developers can just focus on one hardware platform and the hardware itself grants the flexibility to play it on TV or on the go. The notion that EVERY 1st party Nintendo developer wil...

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So excited. Gotta see what Nintendo is up to.

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Some of my favorite genres aren't represented in VR yet (like fighters or shmups) but I do feel like I did when 3D was first coming out. Games like Quake and Super Mario 64 were simply mind-blowing at the time. Despite the poor textures and jagged polygons, we could hardly believe we were moving around in a 3D space with 3D models that MOVED REALISTICALLY (haha, how little we knew at the time). VR is something entirely new. It may not be for everyone yet, but it's undeniably a new gam...

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Unfair question, but arguably you already have games like Rigs, Superhypercube, Rez, Battlezone, and Eve that are complete games.

But I still say "unfair question" because the new VR experience is an integral part of the enjoyment. The head-tracking in Rigs, for instance, gives the player a third analog stick. It's an experience that simply cannot be replicated with normal controls.

Lemme ask you this: could Super Mario 64 stand on its own...

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This guys knows what's up. Doom is the best shooter to come out in years.

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Doom is the 2016 shooter that should be the future of SP campaigns. Sadly, when all you play is BF and CoD every year it can be hard to see outside of your box.

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Hey now. Say what you want, but Wii was (and still is, when you're using Motion Plus) really cool for the time. It got the "casual" moniker but in reality they were just trying to have us play games in a different way. Worked in some cases but didn't work in others.

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I guess the real question is what happened to Phil Spencer's comments only 6 months ago about "not using sales to track success"?

Oh, Flip Flop Phil is at it again? And people wonder why some gamers don't trust Microsoft...

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Sony is setting themselves up for the future. It might seem odd to launch two new platforms (VR and Pro) with a revision tucked in there (Slim) but this will give them a firm foundation over the next 3+ years. They can instead focus on software and PS5 and PSVR2 (or whatever) while Nintendo and Microsoft still have to make that transition.

You could argue that Sony is trying to "launch first" with these platforms. Time will tell, but I imagine they're hoping f...

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Takes some getting used to, but the gameplay hits that same arena-shooter chaos that made me fall in love with games like Quake and UT back in the day.

Easily the best VR game I've played on any hardware or platform.

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