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I actually didn't like the touch controls. LBP games have that very, very slight amount of lag and touch controls in a lot of the functions (like tapping platforms or guiding those bombs) felt clunky. The platforming feels up to par for the LBP series and the art style is great, as always, but I thought the touch controls were a burden.

Tearaway shows what LBP could've been... #1.2
"Where is the Kinect We Were Promised?" certainly applies to the Xbox 360, especially in regards to how it was supposed to appeal to the hardcore. That part is true.

But in regards to the X1? As an outsider looking in (I don't own X1 nor am I fond of Kinect) it seems like X1's Kinect has delivered on every one of Microsoft's promises. And this time around, they were certainly less hyperbolic with their promises. #3
@ maniac

Um, no? I speak as if I have read plenty of reports and quotes from numerous devs over the last few years, leading me to that speculative conclusion. I am happy to say that it is simply speculative, but it is the conclusion I make, nonetheless.

The article - also - seems speculative. The title itself is speculative ("may be losing", not "is definitely losing").

You sure seem to hate speculation, despite the fact t... #1.2.3
"It is hard to pinpoint one reason why the Sony Playstation 4 is beating the Xbox One in this generation’s console war."

No, it really, really isn't hard at all. People who puppet this line are only allowing the problems that is causing the X1 to sell less to persist. #2

The only thing unique or interesting about Titanfall (to me) is the mechs. The other aspects have been done before plenty of times.

If the mechs are merely "killstreaks" with no customization and limited options, what's the point? Heck, the cover art for the game has a Titan featured prominently. All of the trailers feature Titans. The PR segments for Titanfall talk about how cool the Titans are.

I understand the game... #1.1.7

(I'm not the article writer) I've been playing since MHF on the PSP. I held off on MH3U because I'm waiting for online support (I already own a 3DS) so I'll be jumping back into the series when MH4U comes out early next year. Very excited to try that one. Don't even care that there's only 1 analog stick. Online support is what I need and MH4 will have online multiplayer. #1.1
Why in the world would it be redundant? There's a gold mine of potential there. There are entire game genres devoted solely to mech combat.

- customizing your own mech (EDIT: I should point out that you CAN customize your mech's loadout to a certain degree, but you can't make any major appearance changes).
- more mech varieties (some are faster, some boost better, some have special abilities).
- various special mechs that only spawn under certain c... #1.1.1
I don't think the headline is saying anything we don't already know.

- Adam Orth #dealwithit debacle comes out and Microsoft is silent for months, literally, months until the X1 reveal.

- Fans complain about the X1 policy for months on end and Microsoft shows no signs of backing down...until pre-order numbers come in

- Microsoft has their restrictive indie policy in place for years and only recently loosened up the restrictions.
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Um, has no one noticed that the PS4 version has 37 reviews, while the X1 merely has 13 reviews?

Oh, but let's ignore concrete evidence that the X1 version is inferior. No, let's just take the raw Meta average and not take into account total reviews... #1.1.28
I don't think it was vague, confusion, nor unfocused at all. In fact, I am cautiously optimistic about what I'm hearing. The only reason why it sounded a bit vague is because Nintendo couldn't come out and plainly say "The Wii-U is a dismal failure right now".

But the phrases Iwata is using and the things he is talking about are identical to his Heart of the Gamer speeches from back in 2005. The things he is saying are identical to what he was saying pri... #1
As long as restrictions don't get too out of hand, I'm always in support of this kind of developer intervention. As a person who only occasionally plays videogames online, there's nothing more off-putting than jumping into a game and being met with rampant vitriol. Worse still, I hate learning a game (or even winning a game, on that rare occasion) and having someone quit because they're a poor sport. I lose games all the time (seriously, PM me if you want to play me online an... #1.2
Some kind of agenda against X1? You're right, actually. I predicted this a year ago, prior to the X1 reveal:

It's not exactly like Microsoft didn't bring it on themselves, though... #7.3
"Kinda hard to believe these "insiders" when all they're reporting is just negative."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but FamousMortimer also reported the rumor that the OS footprint was being reduced to allow for more resources to be used by games. Not all of his leaks have been negative.

"Beside who exactly is following MS? Why not Nintendo or Sony with these insiders and rumors? Just curious."

That's...a... #5.1
I think we're saying the same exact thing. The ESRAM was not included in the console as a means to be as powerful as the PS4. Rather, they included it to compensate for the inherent limitations of DDR3. #1.3.2
@ MorePowerOfGreen

Don't throw out numbers if you don't know what they mean.

@ Bathyj

It wasn't shortsightedness at all. Microsoft intended in every way for the X1 to be an all-in-one machine instead of a gaming powerhouse. People (not directing this at you, necessarily) look back at the X1 reveal and the 180 and it's only natural to think "Oh, Microsoft just made a quick little mistake, and then they turned it around&quo... #1.1.5
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I love Theaterrhythm in spite of the fact that Squeenix crammed a ton of classic songs behind a paywall. I would love it if they came out with a "Definitive" edition but 1) the original game didn't sell well enough I'd guess and 2) this is SE we're talking about... #2
Very good blog! Thanks for taking the time to write it.

FWIW, I think the cultural changes that've occurred within the last decade in Japan have played a major role in how their videogame stories have evolved. It's definitely interesting to watch. There are a lot of other recent examples of characters breaking their usual molds. FE Awakening, Valkyria Chronicles, and Radiant Historia (just to name three) were all chock-full of characters that made me stop and notice &... #1
I'm willing to give Sony until the end of this year to release (or at the very least announce) several major games for the Vita. After that, I'll simply accept that the Vita is nothing more than a portable indie machine. I'm still puzzled that Sony pushed to get Minecraft on the PS3 before getting it for the Vita. Minecraft + Vita + Pricedrop + Holiday 2013 Bundle could've given the system a massive shot in the arm.

That said, PSP started off the exact same wa... #1
An ESRAM pool of triple - even double - the size would've done wonders for the X1's overall performance. It's fascinating to read the history of how X1 and PS4 came to be: essentially, X1's setup of ESRAM+8G DDR3 was the "safe bet" and was planned well in advance to allow for the X1's multitasking. For the longest time (leading up to the PS4 reveal, in fact), the "leaked" specs for PS4 had it with 4G of GDDR5, and even then there were comparisons showin... #1.1.1
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But we've known this. Everyone has known this. The ESRAM was never meant to make the X1 faster or more powerful than PS4. It's a crutch to keep the X1 hardware from lagging behind even more than it already is. #1
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