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I'm very curious about how - in particular - the streaming works. Is it a straight stream, or does it cache some of the data on the remote device (like your PS3, or your Vita, or whatever) to allow for better performance?

The latter option would be vastly superior, but it might also cause issues like this (where it takes several minutes to load, depending on your 'net speed). #1
A great example would be adding a fully-fledged Pokemon app that syncs with your Nintendo account and shows what Pokemon you have or haven't caught, their stats, what your friends have, etc.

I've used the Minecraft, Terraria, and Starbound wikis extensively. They could do something similar with their own games via an app. #2
If true, ugh. Didn't Microsoft explicitly announce last year that X1 would NOT be region-locked, including digital content? Let's wait to hear a comment from Microsoft themselves (it may be an isolated incident) but this is just greasy if they changed their tune without notifying people.

And yet, people were so quick to say "But Microsoft REVERSED their DRM policy! Everything is great now!" #3
Only the truly devoted may play next-gen.

Your faith is weak. #1.2
Glad you're enjoying your new console! I'm jealous, as the only 8th gen systems I currently own are 3DS and Vita, and I'll probably end up getting a Wii-U before I get a PS4. Microsoft kinda lost me mid-2008 when my 360 died, but there's no denying if you're a fan of their franchises, they always deliver on that front. #5
Not sure why PC gamers clamour for ports of Rockstar games. Their ports really, really suck. GTA4 had a ton of issues, and Max Payne 3 and L.A Noire barely worked (or didn't work at all, for some people).

And I say that as a person who "owns" Max Payne 3 and LA Noire on PC. I put "owns" in quotes because neither game has ever functioned quite right, despite countless hours spent trying to troubleshoot. #2.3

That is truly insane.

Now I feel sheepish that I haven't played it yet. #1.1.2
Not sure if it's confirmed, but seeing how pretty much every single Japanese Vita game is being localized to NA, I think it is, especially since the game is coming out for PS4/PS3/Vita on PSN. #1.2.1
It seems really neat. I won't use it for twitch-heavy games that would suffer from even the slightest lag, but RPGs? Adventure games? Heck yeah! This is a great way to 'rent' games that you don't plan to replay.

If this user's experience is true, seems like Sony is really hitting it out of the park with their streaming service. #1.2
Nintendo - as a company - is going to do fine. The 3DS is by far the highest-selling 8th gen platform. We should not dismiss that so quickly.

But the Wii-U? It's pretty much going to limp along for the next few years until Nintendo can release a new console. The core philosophy of the system is what is causing the poor sales. What they NEED to do is gut the tablet controller and sell it as a Super Wii. But unfortunately, they can't simply strip out the tablet at this... #1.2
@ maniac

The developer quoted in the article says "Playstation was and still the most open platform for us. We surely talking with other guys, but communication process is faster at Sony"

Based on that, we can conclude the dev feels

1) PS was and is the most open platform for them
2) Despite talking to other companies, Sony is faster at communicating.

Lastly, we add in the fact that - as of right now - the g... #1.2.6
Thanks for the info. I haven't heard of this before and now I'm pretty hyped. Definitely getting a Valkyria Chronicles vibe, which is a good thing. #1.1.1
Hmm, this game actually looks really great, but what sort of game is it? I get the impression that it's turn-based. #1
We'd need another SEGA for that to happen, but sadly no one except for Nintendo is in a position to be that sort of company. Sony is...kind of able to do it, but it's clear that they also add in the needs of their other divisions (music, movies, etc) into the design process of their hardware. Microsoft is becoming more and more of a "services" company so I don't think they could fill those shoes, either.

An inexpensive ($175-275) console with no frills a... #4.2.1
There is literally no overlap:

- Different consoles
- completely different genres
- one is completely online; one is completely SP
- one has an established fanbase; one is a new IP #1.2
@ Shiny

I tried the demo for MH3U and was disappointed that I couldn't "claw", but the camera lock-on with the bumper worked really really well.

Or were you referring to MH4? #1.1.2
Pretty much like Jetpack Joyride, and even THAT game was a clone of something else. #1
Always wanted to try this series ever since I saw it on PS2, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Maybe I'll jump in with this one. Any fans of the series want to chime in? I know there are already 2 of these available on Vita. #2
I actually didn't like the touch controls. LBP games have that very, very slight amount of lag and touch controls in a lot of the functions (like tapping platforms or guiding those bombs) felt clunky. The platforming feels up to par for the LBP series and the art style is great, as always, but I thought the touch controls were a burden.

Tearaway shows what LBP could've been... #1.2
"Where is the Kinect We Were Promised?" certainly applies to the Xbox 360, especially in regards to how it was supposed to appeal to the hardcore. That part is true.

But in regards to the X1? As an outsider looking in (I don't own X1 nor am I fond of Kinect) it seems like X1's Kinect has delivered on every one of Microsoft's promises. And this time around, they were certainly less hyperbolic with their promises. #3
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