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I'm really fearful that they'll chase the VR market. It's not worth it. Please, Sony, focus on games, put more focus on making the Vita a success, and don't try to do too much too fast. VR will always be available and no one is going to get a monopoly over it. If you want to do VR, do it later.

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Looks like a Ratchet & Clank game.

I'm okay with this.

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I can't get over Hipster Sonic and Yo Yo Dude Knuckles.

SEGA, how far you've fallen. At least the deviantart people will have to re-draw everything. Wait...not sure if that's good. :/

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In many regards, I'll take a dudebro over a hardcore gamer. Dudebros just play their games and enjoy their games. As long as they don't get insulting ("dude, why would you play THAT game, dude? Why not play CoD?") then they're fine.

(Some) Hardcore gamers suffer from far more things: irrational brand loyalty, snide superiority, hate for anything they deem "casual" or "mass market" (the true hipsters of gaming, and just as annoying), a...

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It has been less than one year since the official X1 reveal, but in that time frame, yes, they do seem to be keeping their promises. I'll repeat myself: that's hardly a reliable time frame to determine if Microsoft has had a true change of heart. They have a track record of talking the talk but not walking the walk, and that track record doesn't just stretch back months, it doesn't just stretch back years, it stretches back DECADES. And yet we're supposed to think Microsof...

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I guess we have two very different definitions of "delivering". I'd hardly consider 3 months during the console's launch to be a good window of time to gauge whether or not Microsoft is going to deliver in the long run, especially when they have a reputation (two consoles in a row) of tapering off hardcore support after a few years.

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Microsoft talking the talk, as usual.

Now, let's walk the walk, please? You've made great strides since May 21st last year. But people want to see results, not just hear nice words.

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Yeah, because they're finally cutting off the incredibly wasteful VAIO brand and cutting back on premium TVs (an area where they've been getting beat by Samsung and Vizio for half a decade).

But this article is about the Playstation brand and how - despite the other failing divisions - Sony still posted a profit.

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Quite impressive, especially when you consider that Sony's other divisions aren't doing so hot. Can the "sure, Sony's great, but they're finances are terrible" meme finally die now?

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Only time will tell. This is the first time in a long while when the most powerful console was also less-expensive compared to its immediate competition. I think that will play a role. Brand loyalty only goes so far (see the early PS3 days and the current Wii-U situation, for reference) when a customer looks further down the shelf and sees a console for $100 less with better-looking games.

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"Expect to see more and more of our games coming out exclusively for smartphones, because we're SquareEnix and we believe that Japan = world"

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I suppose that's one way of looking at it. It felt more linear compared to Bioshock 1 and 2, and prior to playing Infinite I had just finished another playthrough of Dishonored, and Deus Ex HR before that, so I guess Bioshock Infinite felt compared to the above-mentioned games since those were fresh in my mind.

I dunno. A good "cinematic" game if that's what you're into, but not a very good game if you wanted more of what was offere...

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There's a very diverse library, but it's tough to recommend games because most of the titles are niche.

Do you like platformers? Try Spelunky, Rayman Legends, Guacamelee, OlliOlli, and Tearaway

Do you like action games? Try Ninja Gaiden, Uncharted: GA, Toukiden, Soul Sacrifice, and Dragon's Crown

Do you like RPGs? Setting aside the massive backlog of PS1 and PSP RPGs, try P4G, Disgaea 3, Ragnarok Odyssey, YS, and the Atelier games...

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I replayed BI after I downloaded it from PS+. Interesting concepts and interesting story, but really hamfisted execution. People complain about scripting and linear levels and "Press A to awesome"? Goodness, Bioshock is one long "Press A to Relationship". So much stuff is fake and scripted. The game didn't feel organic at all.

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@ maniac

In all fairness, if they were able to pull off the X1 as was intended (setting aside the complaints, of course), it probably would've been incredibly lucrative for Microsoft.

Par for the course in the business world, and that's not aimed at Microsoft nor at the Xbox brand. Higher-ups often tank companies and then simply move on to something else. Doesn't make sense to us "little guys" but it happens all the time, sadly.

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Don Mattrick is gone, new leadership at MS, and glad to see that Spencer is stepping up (despite a few of his comments, he was and still is the most honest-seeming public figure for the Xbox brand, especially compared to the others who've been involved with the X1). Seems like things are gradually improving, though if I get an X1 it will likely be a few years down the line once there's a backlog of exclusives.

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Thank you, ATLUS, for providing continued support for one of my favorite games from last year. Now, back to the loot grind...

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Congrats to all winners. Mad props to Phoceenatic for your blog about ye olden dayes. Loved reading your blog.

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So it will either be incredibly depressing or incredibly heartwarming...or both, since it's Persona. I shall await the eventual PS Vita "Persona 5 Golden" in 2.5 years.

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14m only includes the PC version. I think Minecraft is already up to 30m if you include the mobile, 360, and PS3 versions. Definitely a fantastic game and I hope more titles try to emulate the "build, break, and explore wherever you want" sort of gameplay.

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