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An ESRAM pool of triple - even double - the size would've done wonders for the X1's overall performance. It's fascinating to read the history of how X1 and PS4 came to be: essentially, X1's setup of ESRAM+8G DDR3 was the "safe bet" and was planned well in advance to allow for the X1's multitasking. For the longest time (leading up to the PS4 reveal, in fact), the "leaked" specs for PS4 had it with 4G of GDDR5, and even then there were comparisons showin... #1.1.1
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But we've known this. Everyone has known this. The ESRAM was never meant to make the X1 faster or more powerful than PS4. It's a crutch to keep the X1 hardware from lagging behind even more than it already is. #1
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Or just keep the OLED and buy the new one anyway... :) #1.1.1
One of the best RPGs of all time, regardless of platform. I've sunk countless hours into the Vita version.

And it makes me hopeful that we'll see an eventual "Persona 5: Golden"

*crosses fingers #1
I love the OLED, but I see nothing wrong with the new Vita. For starters, it doesn't have the glossy front. Mine gets COVERED with fingerprints and smudge. I have to windex it on a daily basis. #1
I'd love it if we got 1-3 "Borderlands 2" (i.e a fairly big-name 3rd party title) games per year, 1-2 "KZ Mercenary" (i.e a mainline title from Sony) and 1-2 "Tearaway" (i.e a niche title) games per year and then the rest of the year occupied by indie titles.

It'd be easy to blame Sony, but honestly, this is exactly what happened to the PSP. The first 18 months had a sizeable number of games from the West (like GTA and Medal of Honor) but... #1.1.7
I'm aware of good ol' Ur-Quan masters.

What I'm saying is that I'm surprised no one has taken the concept and made a completely different game.

And yes, I know the sequel is in the works. Very excited about that. :) #2.1.4
We'll see in a little while, won't we?

I don't think they're lying. #1.4
Considering how old the SC series is, I'm quite surprised that a studio - not even an indie dev - has not tried to replicate this sort of game. The combat was fun and arcade-like, there were a lot of different races but if you think about it, SC isn't a "high budget" game. FTL was...somewhat similar, but I'd love to see an indie dev take a stab at a SC clone.

BTW, SC is why I was a bit disappointed with Mass Effect 2 and 3. The first Mass Effect allowed... #2
Okay, but if you look back at the PSP, it only had third-party games from the West for about the first 18 months. After that, it was MOnster Hunter, niche Japanese games, and games developed in-house by Sony (like God of War, Daxter, that Ratchet and Clank game, Gran Turismo, etc) #1.6
Doesn't it also have built-in memory?

Based on Sony's comments, I think this will allow them to drop the price more quickly. It dropped to $200 this past holiday. Maybe a drop to $170 this next holiday?

Anyway, it does look cool. I own an OLED Vita but I'm tempted to pick this up. Lotsa co-op indie games coming to Vita like Spelunky, Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound, etc. #1.2
"The only thing I don't like about Tomb Raider Definitive Edition on PS4, is that there's almost TOO much framerate" #1.5.8
Multiple colors haven't done well in non-Japan territories for handhelds, usually, at least not unless it's a special edition.

As far as the 64G sticks, I think a lot of people are waiting on the price of the memsticks to go down, not necessarily increase in size.

For what it's worth, I have a 64G memstick for my Vita. I imported it and it was about $10 more than a 32G, after shipping. I've downloaded every one of my PSN, PSP, PS1, and PS+ gam... #1.2
@ ELPork

MMM FE Awakening was really great. It could've gone numerous ways. FE Awakening, SMT4, Mario & Luigi, Zelda LBW, KZ Merc, Pkmn X/Y, I know I'm forgetting others....there are a ton of handheld games that were awesome in 2013. #1.2.2
HOLY CRAP! This is incredibly good news (and about 6 years too late), but for those of us who want to buy legacy Nintendo games but have held back (because of the games being locked to the hardware) now can do it. Hopefully the accounts have "forward compatibility" and I should be able to re-download my Nintendo games on future Nintendo consoles/handhelds. #1.1
Tearaway won best handheld game? Quite a surprise (but it is a really great game, so there's that) #1.2
"Clearly on the take". That's one of the funniest things I've read in a while. Do you have any proof of this accusation -- should be self-explanatory. They are literally on the take as their site was funded directly by Microsoft

Another recent example: IGN comparing the two versions of COD:Ghosts for X1 and PS4 and coming to the conclusion that "they look pretty much the same, even though PS4 uses 1080p but X1 uses upscaled... #1.1.2
The only way they can do another handheld is if they go cheaper. Inexpensive handhelds are the only chance of finding a niche in the crowded mobile/tablet market. I think that Sony's big mistake would be if they tried to turn the PSP3 into another phone/multimedia hub like they did with the Vita. #1.1.3
One of Nintendo's problems is their pride. They think that when THEY say a game will be a hit, it will be a hit, and they only pay attention to hits if they're hits in Japan.

As such, Nintendo has ignored legitimate phenomenons in the West in favor of just doing what they're doing. This is especially evident when you see how they've ignored indie games for the last decade. Why'd they miss Angry Birds? That should've been a perfect match for the DS. Why... #2
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I love their spin

"Looks like it's due to a...uh...a bug, not due to a conscious decision (i.e. weaker hardware)" #1.5.1
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