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Nah, I'm old-school. I actually still rent (well, did rent, prior to PS+) games. I try before I buy if I can. I used Gamefly in the past (but I don't subscribe anymore). I borrowed games from friends and lent my games to my friends in return.

There are a lot of games out there that are okay. Heck, there are a lot of games out there that are really, really great, but I'll never replay them, so why bother with owning them? I didn't get ...

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I don't think affordability has much to do with it. We have a saturated gaming market, too many choices, which results in a splintered market where people tend to simply buy the "known variable" (i.e the brand they're familiar with) and stick with it. Plus, the macroeconomic conditions worldwide are still pretty poor compared to how it was back in 2005-2007.

If we're lucky, we'll have one breakout mega-hit console that sells as well (maybe even a bit...

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I think Nintendo needs to concentrate on making the 3DS an even bigger success (imo, 2DS was a great step in the right direction). More RPGs and more 1st-party Nintendo games (sidescrolling Metroid, plz) and then also please add in more quality-of-life games (Nintendogs and Brain Age on 3DS were really poorly handled. Give us something good).

Wii-U will limp along for a bit longer, but I don't think Nintendo can hold off any longer than launching a new console in 2017. Wi...

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It's similar to GT Prologue...except Prologue actually had a fair amount of content.

I don't think length determines quality. However, I think game length plays a huge role in *value*. You can have the highest-quality game in the world, the best game ever, but if it's 1-hour long and costs $1,200, you're limiting your market (extreme example, I know). Indies understand this concept (that's why their games rarely launch above the $20 price line). Why can...

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Microsoft needs to step it up. In just the past 3 months we've gotten Borderlands 2 (released late 2012), Bioshock Infinite, Brothers, Metro Last Light, Payday 2, and Remember Me (all five of those launched less than a year ago). And that's just for PS3. There was even more offered on Vita and PS4.

Dead Island? That was on PS+ like...over a year ago. Sure, they let you keep your 4-year-old game. Wow. I'd rather pay a reasonable sum to "rent" these games ...

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TBH I'm a bit surprised as well. I still anticipate we're going to have a "smaller" gen than last gen. We won't have all three consoles being great sellers, I can tell you that much. We'll need to wait for another year to see how this trends. Will PS4 CONTINUE to be sold out (it's been sold out for 3 straight months now)? Will X1's launch in more regions skyrocket sales?

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Dat market saturation

Seriously, this is going to be a repeat of the 5th gen: too many consoles, too many competitors, and the result is people will simply flock to the "known variables" (i.e. popular products that they recognize). You can kiss unique B-grade games from big publishers goodbye. That's why I'm hanging my hat on the upsurge of indie devs.

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PS3 has needed a price-cut for a while. Cut it down to $250 at E3 this year, and then cut it down to $200 same time next year.

All three 7th gen platforms are great consoles to pick up if you've never played one before. Once PS3 gets down to that $200 price range I'll likely pick up another one.

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I can believe this. Based on the fact that it is coming to more consoles (and coming to the most-popular 8th gen console) I think this has a chance to sell quite a lot. Activision knows how to market a game. They know how to sell a game. People want an online-focused game? I think Destiny will be the first next-gen shooter to really pull it off in a big way.

Plus, it has a campaign and I believe it's playable offline. Always a bonus.

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Thanks for the blog man. Plenty of meaty info. Here's my own take:

I'm a loyal Nintendo fan. That must first be pointed out. While I'm not always there Day One, I eventually buy their systems.

And I loved the Wii. In many respects, my favorite 7th gen console. I liked the direction Nintendo was taking with the Wii, and I was sad to see them back off and "go hardcore" in their attempts to capture the N64/GCN crowd.

I thin...

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'If the issues with the Xbox One were the issues of the PlayStation 4, would the gaming community treat Sony the same'?

Ooof. Let's rewind time back to 2005-2009.

'If the issues with PS3 were the issues of Xbox 360, would the gaming community treat Microsoft the same?'

And of course, we know that while PS3 suffered from fewer issues, it got much more hate.

New gaming gen, same argument. It is only natural ...

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I'm really fearful that they'll chase the VR market. It's not worth it. Please, Sony, focus on games, put more focus on making the Vita a success, and don't try to do too much too fast. VR will always be available and no one is going to get a monopoly over it. If you want to do VR, do it later.

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Looks like a Ratchet & Clank game.

I'm okay with this.

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I can't get over Hipster Sonic and Yo Yo Dude Knuckles.

SEGA, how far you've fallen. At least the deviantart people will have to re-draw everything. Wait...not sure if that's good. :/

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In many regards, I'll take a dudebro over a hardcore gamer. Dudebros just play their games and enjoy their games. As long as they don't get insulting ("dude, why would you play THAT game, dude? Why not play CoD?") then they're fine.

(Some) Hardcore gamers suffer from far more things: irrational brand loyalty, snide superiority, hate for anything they deem "casual" or "mass market" (the true hipsters of gaming, and just as annoying), a...

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It has been less than one year since the official X1 reveal, but in that time frame, yes, they do seem to be keeping their promises. I'll repeat myself: that's hardly a reliable time frame to determine if Microsoft has had a true change of heart. They have a track record of talking the talk but not walking the walk, and that track record doesn't just stretch back months, it doesn't just stretch back years, it stretches back DECADES. And yet we're supposed to think Microsof...

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I guess we have two very different definitions of "delivering". I'd hardly consider 3 months during the console's launch to be a good window of time to gauge whether or not Microsoft is going to deliver in the long run, especially when they have a reputation (two consoles in a row) of tapering off hardcore support after a few years.

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Microsoft talking the talk, as usual.

Now, let's walk the walk, please? You've made great strides since May 21st last year. But people want to see results, not just hear nice words.

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Yeah, because they're finally cutting off the incredibly wasteful VAIO brand and cutting back on premium TVs (an area where they've been getting beat by Samsung and Vizio for half a decade).

But this article is about the Playstation brand and how - despite the other failing divisions - Sony still posted a profit.

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Quite impressive, especially when you consider that Sony's other divisions aren't doing so hot. Can the "sure, Sony's great, but they're finances are terrible" meme finally die now?

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