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I always get absorbed with the inevitable Casino levels in RPGs. Funny thing is, I'm not really interested in playing cards or going to a casino. But being able to fake-gamble (and win rare items) is always a fun way to pass the time. Gotta get that Porygon at the Game Corner!!!

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Why would it matter if Xbox One is only available in 13 markets?

This is NPD. X1 is available in all NPD markets.

And X1 is getting outsold.

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LOL at all the people who insisted Microsoft would still dominate at NPD.

And yet, Sony is dominating WHILE being sold out everywhere. Just wait until more consoles are available in NA, and then the gap will grow even more.

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They absolutely won't drop the Xbox division.

HOWEVER (and we're already seeing the evidence of this everywhere) they will turn Xbox into their catch-all media brand and shift focus away from gaming. They're already pushing stuff like "Xbox Music" and "Xbox Video" and whatnot. Xbox will be used as their media brand where gaming just happens to be a part of it, but it will no longer be the focus.

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Nintendo will be fine, considering they still have the highest-selling 8th gen platform (the 3DS) and it is selling rather well (though not as well as DS, admittedly).

Microsoft has plenty of money from other divisions (obviously) and so while they CAN keep the Xbox afloat, the question is WILL they?

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Best of luck to him. The former leads of the Xbox brand (y'know, the ones who made it a success and who pushed it forward in the gaming space) all seem to be leaving the company.

inb4 "You fool X1 has the best launch Lineup MEtaCritic they are focusing on gaming!"

Um...yeah, I'm talking about long term here. You can't determine long-term commitment by looking at the launch window. Perhaps these XBox bosses see what's coming down the ...

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*frothing at the mouth

Yes please, SEGA, but you better effin' confirm a Western release (SEGA has been terrible at localizing their games in the last few years).

Even better if they announce SEGA/Nintendo collaboration for the next Shining game...with Camelot at the helm!

*frothing intensifies

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Hmm, I think that's a fair point, though I wouldn't go as far to say that "there [wasn't] any other option of a gaming system on the market at that time".

You've stated above that you believe the Wii was a fluke. I disagree, but I think we both could give a lot of facts to back up our opinion on that, so no reason to get into that discussion.

Instead, let me ask you this: do you think the Wii was an *unrepeatable* fluke? I mean, in m...

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I guess this is how I look at it: casuals bought a console for one game for $250. And casuals currently spend quite a lot more money on a tablet or a smartphone to play Candy Crush.

I think the market is there.

Casuals are currently enthralled with smartphones, but I don't see why they wouldn't jump back into a console. Dem casuals have purchased consoles in the past, haven't they? Don't people say PS2 sold so well because of the DVD player?...

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Even 3DS getting beat. Whoa!

Just wait when PS4 has more supply available. It's sold out nearly everywhere. I imagine the launch in Japan is going to cause a pretty big boost in sales.

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What's really interesting is to realize how close in proximity AUS is to New Zealand. I mean, we know NZ is stocked-to-the-hilt with PS4s...

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Wow. Pure flamebait. Console just launched and it needs to be saved?


And I'm saying this as someone who prefers PS over Xbox.

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What's even worse is that this game is using a modified Source engine. They've had plenty of time to tweak this game and build it to suit the X1's hardware.

Oh well. Trying it on PC anyway.

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For the first half of last gen, Wii had a ton of great games across all genres, some of the best-selling games of all time, etc. But then Nintendo just kinda...forgot that the Wii existed, and then they dropped support late 2010.

If anything, it was Nintendo's fault that the excitement for Wii died off. They stopped supporting it with the sort of games that made it popular!

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I have a sneaking suspicion we'll see a few Vita ports and maybe a new title:

Disgaea 4 and Danga Ronpan 2 (Vita)

Maybe a redux of one of their PS3 RPGs (like Fate Paradox or something like that)

And if my dreams come true: Disgaea D2 coming to Vita... ;_;

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To be honest, it's better to not believe the hype and be pleasantly surprised than to believe it and be disappointed.

I'm super hyped for the PS4 and yet I still don't own one (I have, however, played it quite a bit) because I want to have a few more games available.

Titanfall looks okay. Not the Second Coming, but it looks okay. I might end up really liking it.

Thing is, I'm getting it on PC, so - worst case scenario - I'...

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Already own a Vita, but if we look back at what sold well on the PSP:

- Monster Hunter (obviously)
- Gran Turismo
- God of War
- Grand Theft Auto
- Crisis Core (a FF game)

So...yeah, some of that might help.

I think if Sony does some advertising (c'mon, Sony) then Minecraft Vita could be a big seller.

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1080p is not the be-all-end-all. And the arguement that "this game should be 1080p. or bust" is silly because there are a ton of other things to take into account (texture quality, assets on screen, physics, etc). Arguing from that standpoint is a strawman.

BUT the reason why 1080p had become such a hot-button issue is because the cheaper console is pulling off 1080p and higher framerate with nearly all of its multiplats, while the more expensive console is struggli...

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It likely won't hit PS+ for a while. Sony typically does that with 1st party games, not third party.

While I do love the improved graphics (best graphics out of all the "monster hunting" games) I think the other mechanics are lacking. My problem with all of these Monster Hunter clones (I know that's harsh, but that's what they are) is that they think the only fun part about Monster Hunter is the part where you hunt the monsters. But there's a ton of ...

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Descent + Descent II already available on with more goodies and drm-free.

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