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"Your disagrees simply feed my Bubble Count"


Wow. Seems like some of Pachter's "investor buddies" are nervous about Sony's extreme success. First he says Sony doesn't have enough 1st party devs, then he says (multiple times over multiple days) that PS Now is a joke, it will fail, etc.

People have to realize that Pachter's public statements are NOT investment advice. That is something he keeps private. The stuff he says in public is intended to manipulate the market (which makes his own job easi... #1.1.21
I would like it if they returned to the more zany, brooding tone and theme of earlier games in the series like Persona 2 EP/IS. Those games still had off-the-wall moments like in P3 and P4, but they were also far more serious. #2

Agreed. The only "bad" hardware I can think of was the Virtual Boy and maybe the Micro GBA, but their hardware is always very solid and built with quality (and often affordability) in mind. Even when it comes to features I don't enjoy (like the Wii-U tablet or the 3DS's 3D) it's still quality.

But no, we don't need that. Nintendo should just do software. They should go 3rd party. That worked out great for SEGA, didn't it? #1.1.1
Hopefully this won't go oop, at least not soon. I remember FE: Awakening being hard to find for its first few months. #1.1.1
Quick question: isn't layaway something where you put money down, they "reserve" it for you, and then you can pick it up once you've paid it off?

If that is the case, this does not make sense. X1 is widely available. It would actually make more sense to do this for PS4, which is having trouble staying in stock. #2
Looks like a really great game. I loved the demo. I'll pick it up once I finish up with a few of my backlog RPGs... #1
Won't be the death. It'll simply hold it back. Nothing more; nothing less. #1.2
Do people still not realize that Pachter's "predictions" and "comments" are specifically designed to sway the market? Any analyst gives analysis for money and in private.

Notice how his analysis never, ever, ever paints 3rd party publishers in a negative light.

Notice how his "predictions" and "analysis" always downplays first-party companies (he rarely has a nice thing to say about Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo'... #1.1.13
Reminds me of Myst combined with...Dr Seuss colors. Setting aside the fact that it's by Jonathan Blow, I'm interesting in the game on its aesthetics alone. #1.1
@ Jokes

You just described the plotline of Gladiator... #1.1.9
Does this mean Microsoft will finally, finally stop harping about Metacritic scores? Does this mean Microsoft will finally fire Aaron Greenburg (who is up to his old antics again)? #2
LOL yeah, the association with Ryse's story is going to *ahem* raise some eyebrows.

FWIW, I'll take more story (they're already doing that with Quantum Break). HIstorically, Microsoft has made some awesome stories in gaming but they moved away with that once they started to focus more on Kinect/Xbox Live.

But I'd actually rather see these devs branch out into the free-roaming build-your-own-world sort of games like Minecraft. Sony has Everque... #1.1
The "will catch up to PS4" statements are a bit puzzling. How will X1 catch up to PS4? By getting better dev tools? Okay...but PS4 will also be getting better dev tools. The idea that X1 will "catch up" or "narrow the gap" is completely devoid of any facts or reality.

And resolution is but one piece of the puzzle (though it is important and I'm glad X1 is supposedly improving in this respect). Texture assets, physics, particle effects, lighti... #1.1.12
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Really fun game. Yet another reason to own a Vita. Curse those Pro challenges! #2
So pretty much, you admit that the foundation of the X1 is bad (like you said, without Kinect, they'd sell more consoles) but you still support Microsoft?

Mkay, bro. #1.1.6
It definitely vindicates the doomsayers in 2009 onward who were saying that Microsoft needs to begin building studios for the future instead of closing studios and opening new Kinect-focused ones.

"Better late than never" certainly applies here but we still need to see the results of these new studios. Sony has several veteran studios with many GotY awards under their belt. People are going to be getting a PS4 just to see what Naughty Dog and thatgamecompany an Read... #1.1
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Please stop with all of the artificial hype. My goodness. If Titanfall is so dang good, then it will prove itself. The more I hear about this game, the less excited I become because so much of the hype feels manufactured.

I think Titanfall looks okay. But what does it do better than its competitors? I'm sure it will be a well-polished game, but the constant praising it as the Second Coming is beyond silly. If this game was coming to PS3 and 360 and PC (and wasn't bein... #1.1.10
Drop dem memstick prices, Sony. #1

Nah, I'm old-school. I actually still rent (well, did rent, prior to PS+) games. I try before I buy if I can. I used Gamefly in the past (but I don't subscribe anymore). I borrowed games from friends and lent my games to my friends in return.

There are a lot of games out there that are okay. Heck, there are a lot of games out there that are really, really great, but I'll never replay them, so why bother with owning them? I didn't get... #1.4.2
I don't think affordability has much to do with it. We have a saturated gaming market, too many choices, which results in a splintered market where people tend to simply buy the "known variable" (i.e the brand they're familiar with) and stick with it. Plus, the macroeconomic conditions worldwide are still pretty poor compared to how it was back in 2005-2007.

If we're lucky, we'll have one breakout mega-hit console that sells as well (maybe even a bit... #2.1.2
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