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I was a bit leery about the town-building stuff, but my friend showed me the game and it's actually really cool. Kinda stinks that you have to keep the game in the system and the system has to be in sleep mode, but whatev. It's a cool concept.

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Hahahahaa wow. PS3 and Wii-U are on the list, but not X1?

Oh, this is GamingBolt...

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Wow. If true, that's quite a high number. Though I suppose it makes perfect sense: early console adopters are usually the biggest fans, so they're more likely to also own other platforms by the same company.

I don't have a PS4 yet but I own a Vita, and I love it. Maybe the whole "Vita can be an accessory to your PS4" strategy is actually paying off?

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It won't kill it off, but it will cause the customers who want that experience (for instance, the Wii crowd) to leave the market. X1 is poised to be the best couch co-op system in the regard, what with Kinect being integrated and all. But the price and brand image won't give it the same oooomph as the Wii had.

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I liked what Nintendo did with the Wii. I loved Wii Sports and (yeah, crucify me) I really liked Wii Fit as well. I enjoyed Brain Age and Picross, too. The only "expanded audience" game I didn't enjoy was Nintendogs and Wii Music.

So, if Nintendo moves back into that direction, I'm not going to complain.

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Nope. Both won't reach 100m. It'll be one or the other.

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That's a very good attitude to have. There are plenty of great games out there, but not every game needs to be played. Time is more valuable than simply blowing it on every single game (that you might or might not enjoy).

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Since mobility (jumping off walls, for instance) is a big part of the game, it was probably a design choice. CoD allows shooting through walls because it makes sense to take cover and shoot at people running out in the open. However, I get the impression that taking cover and "camping" are not going to be encouraged, especially with the AI dudes running around (not sure how much of a threat they'd be, but they probably flush out campers).

Titanfall lacking the a...

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I've always been a big fan of the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona battle themes. Here's one of my favorites from Persona 2: Innocent Sin.

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@ Fullmetal

Well, to be fair, the original designers have since moved on to Nintendo and they work on the Golden Sun series (another top-notch RPG series). Seeing how things are with SEGA, I'm not sure SEGA has the in-house talent to make a good Shining Force game again, unfortunately...

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Dat OLED + Good pair of headphones = paradise.

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@ dragon82

yes, you are correct, it came out on PS3...5 years ago. Since then (in 2012, 2 years ago) the GoW Saga came out which included all games in the series. And I'm not even asking for all the games. I'm not even asking for the HD remakes of the PSP titles. I'm just pointing out that both PSP GoW games are available on the Vita's PSN store. Why not include a code?

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I'd like to see a TRUE return of the Phantasy Star games (bring back the turn-based RPG combat and in-depth storyline) and a good Shining Force game. Yes, I am aware that both Phantasy Star and Shining Force have had recent titles but I consider these titles to be spinoffs since they are very dissimilar to the original series' gameplay.

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Fez confirmation is good. Gonna double-dip (already beat it on PC)

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It's a tradeoff. The LCD apparently has a bit less bleeding/ghosting of colors compared to the OLED. Honestly, never had any issues with the OLED screen, but if the new LCD bothers you that much, an OLED Vita is $199 retail price...

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It is. Actually, it's less. The system + game + 8G memstick is $199. I imagine the stand-alone system will be $170 or $180.

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Bundling it with Minecraft would be a smarter move.

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Yeah, but why didn't they bundle in the 2 PSP games? At least include a download code.

Hardly feels like a collection when there are 2 other games in the series sitting on the PSN store, not included. Kinda like the "MGS HD collection" that came to Vita but strangely omitted MGS1 and Peace Walker.

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Woot woot!

Sony needs to do a complete "relaunch" of the Vita, and no, please don't sell it as a fancy PS4 accessory. Highlight the fact that it can play the console version of Minecraft...but portable! That's something smartphones can't do.

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Wow. When Molyneux - the creator of that awful smartphone game Curiosity - condemns this, you know you've dun goofed.

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