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People who argue about PS+ having a good or bad "free" game selection are behind the times. PS+ offers much more for the price than just free games. The "free" games are just a bonus to me.

If you buy enough digital titles, the PS+ discounts alone pay off the service each year. Cloud saves, share play (which I use all the time), and discounts are why I use the service, NOT the free games and NOT the multiplayer.

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If you want 2d games, Saturn is sooooo good. The number of fighting games and shmups on the system is absurdly high. I still bust mine out every once in a while for some 8p Bomberman.

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"The PlayStation Vita Is Only a Companion System"

Well no duh, so is the 3DS. For most people, Handhelds are considered companion systems and not a gamer's main system. Personally, I love handhelds and I play my 3DS + Vita more than any of my consoles and PC combined, but that's just me.

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Halo 5 is the only game on that list that has even the slightest chance of "mega-boosting" console sales for the Xbox One.

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Sweet contest! Good luck to all the participants.

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I do hope I win! This is a great contest.

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Yeah, a bit of a hyperbole.

What's hilarious is that - last gen - the PS3 was called the "updatestation" because it updated with small features every month or two. The 360 had larger updates that were few and far between (maybe 2 times a year).

But of course now that the Xbox One gets small updates every 4-6 weeks the PS4 is lambasted for "lagging behind". Talk about media bias!

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Ironically, this is way beyond what the Xbox One was promising as the "good side" of its DRM scheme. And yet, PS4 is offering Share Play without restricting your games like Microsoft wanted to.

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@ GodGinrai

"The XB1 is performing better than the X360 at the same point in its life cycle. in the first year of the x360, it had no competition."

Actually, that's false. Xbox One sold more in its first two months compared to 360, but if you actually align the launches, 360 had sold more at this point in time.

In addition, 360 had a lot of supply constraints (sold out in many stores).

So yeah. that's pretty...

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PS3 was trailing behind (worldwide) because it launched a year later. PS3 was actually "outselling" the 360 if you aligned the launches. Obviously. It couldn't be 8m consoles behind and then magically catch up unless it was selling more than 360 month-to-month.

And yet....

Despite the advertisement, PS3 still sold millions less in North America.

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Add it to the chalkboard. "______ will save XBox One"

Did X1 win in NPD (we're not even talking about Worldwide anymore because everyone knows that Sony won) when Titanfall launched? How about all those bundles throughout summer? How about the Kinect-free console, which was a $100 price drop? Did they win in Destiny month when the system was being sold with FREE GAMES?

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Very funny considering IGN was the main player in the #resolutiongate debacle where they lied and used degraded PS4 footage on CoD:Ghosts to make both versions look "pretty much the same"

Knew it was a joke article just by reading the title. As if IGN would hold itself to a higher standard ....

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Sadly I think it will not be the sort of game to push the Xbox One, despite the advertisement. We have plenty of open-world games (I'm not saying they're equivalent to Sunset Overdrive) and most people would rather buy the new GTAV remake or Destiny (kinda open-world) or Far Cry 4 or Assassin's Creed for their open-world fix this holiday.

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Here's another good example:

"Microsoft has spent more than $47 million for Xbox One ads on television this year, according to data from That is around 50 percent more than Sony’s $30 million. With that increased marketing budget, Microsoft has had 5,000 commercials while Sony has settled for closer to 3,000."

I'm actually curious about their economic situation over there. Reason why I ask is because here in the USA a ton of jobs are eaten up by people in their 40s and 50s and 60s+, the same sort of jobs that - 20 years ago - were "entry level jobs" for people going to college. Nowadays you can either work a crappy job or you can rack up student loans and hope to get a less-crappy job.

That sort of depressing environment would certainly lead to "laziness". H...

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I'm so in! I will be making an apple pie. Sorry that it isn't cake but I don't know how to make one.

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Does it really matter which one is better? It was already confirmed that PS4 version will have higher resolution (and likely better effects) than X1, so true gamers will just get both games and enjoy both on PS4. Only people who miss out are those who can't play both and make their own decision as to which one is more impressive.

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"5 years and only 20 million sold is terrible."

It's certainly not great, and it's certainly odd that Nintendo abandoned the wider market of the Wii and DS in favor of...this.

But it's not terrible. It would be as well selling as the Gamecube and Xbox. It would be better selling than te Saturn and Dreamcast. As long as Nintendo remains profitable enough, they'll be able to stay within the game market and try again next gen.

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Honestly, I'm sad that our industry is so immature that we get swept away by these sort of discussions. When an industry (and the media that covers it) becomes more concerned with ethics and social issues and politics (and don't fool yourself: the so-called "social justice" types are a political movement, not a kind-hearted philanthropic one) instead of trying to entertain their customers, then it harms the entire industry. It stifles true creativity and instead replaces it...

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I find it incredibly ironic that the main feature of the original restrictive Xbox One DRM (the fact that you could share your library with friends by just logging into Xbox Live) is now available on PSN and no DRM required.

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