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Ars Technica should close their mouths. They ran one of these articles for Switch's amazing launch numbers as well as PS4's. They clearly have an axe to grind when a platform sells well.

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"Honest about the Switch"? You mean, admit it's a pretty decent system and it hasn't even hit its 1-year mark yet?

Look, obviously the system isn't for everyone. Obviously. That applies to literally any consumer good on the market. But it offers quite a lot of value. I have 8 physical titles (9 if I could Odyssey tomorrow) and I've been very picky (I've ignored Splatoon 2, FE Warriors, and Mario + Rabbids, to name a few). That's really not ...

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Why is the Switch on the list? If we're comparing with Vita, PS4, 3DS, etc then the Wii U should be listed. Switch is technically "next gen".

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I 1cc'd this a few weeks ago. Thought it was worth a purchase, especially when good shmups are still hard to come by nowadays. Wish there was more enemy variety but the bullet-patterns were at least solid, IMO.

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Yeah, I'm not really sure why Spider-Man is supposed to be "enough".... for what? PS4 already has the largest console library right now by a pretty huge margin. Unsure why it still needs to prove itself when it is on top.

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What really gets me is that there are official organizations already in place that can certainly speak up if "cultural appropriation" is such a big deal to them.

And yet, silence! I would think that if Mario's use of a sombrero was offensive to that culture, then one of many, many activist and rights groups for that culture would be fully capable of speaking up and raising concern.

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It's the first time I've seen new hardware revealed where I didn't see how the new hardware was supposed to benefit me. It was just specs and mostly multiplats.

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The correct question is "how will Scorpio help Microsoft compete with Sony?" seeing how Microsoft is getting trounced worldwide.

The article title implies that Scorpio is a foregone success, something so massive that Sony NEEDS to compete with it, and that's simply not the case.

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E3 is primarily marketing/advertisement. That's literally the purpose of the expo, to show off (also called "marketing") upcoming videogames that each company would like you to buy instead of the competitors' products.

So, why is Sony specifically put under the microscope? Everyone is here to "cheat" and do whatever they can to "win" E3.

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This game is a hidden gem.

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I think it'd be wise to release a "handheld only" package for $250 middle of next year. Charging cable, system, two joycons. No TV dock and no joycon shell. This would be a fake price drop but it would get a lot more people into the system.

And then drop down to $250/$200 the next year for the full/handheld-only bundles.

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The microtransactions are literally pay-to-win.

"Accelerated deckbuilding in multiplayer" according to the dev. If that's not good ol' Microsoft at work, I don't know what is.

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Why people still play games on the Xbox platform other than the excuses of "my friends play there" and "Halo, Gears, Forza" is absolutely beyond me when the company in charge can't even pull off a competent "remaster". Adding insult to injury, they add in microtransactions for content. Now, this paid DLC isn't costumes or skins or other optional cosmetic items. The paid DLC is to get the better items and skills FASTER. It is literally "pay to win&quo...

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Konami has been handling Bomberman R really well so far. Coins are a bit too scarce for my liking but you can't fault them for bumping a 30fps game to 60fps at no cost to the current owners. It's a good game and I hope they keep supporting it.

Best-selling Bomberman in 20 years, too, so you know they're paying attention to fan feedback.

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Nintendo has reasons for cancelling it, and while I'm sad that it's cancelled, let's at least be intelligent and examine why the NES Mini even came out in the first place.

NES Mini exists because Nintendo was going to have a terrible holiday 2016. The 3DS was (and is) on the decline. The Wii U was (and is) dead, and the only big game coming to 3DS was Sun/Moon. Nintendo needed something to perk up brand awareness for their company, so NES Mini did the job.

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As a collector, I'd really love to see physical reprints. Digital is okay but there are a ton of PS2 games that've never been ported to an HD system. There are a handful but I'd really love to "modernize" certain portions of my collection.

More PS2 RPGs (like the various SMT games, various Nippon Ichi games, Shadow Hearts, etc),
More fighting games (like Capcom Fighting Evo, MvC2, CvSNK 1 and 2, Bloody Roar series, Melty Blood, etc)

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"It's on a cartridge" is the only reasonable answer I can think of. Otherwise it looks like a price hike to cash in on the system launch-window.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: phenomenal handheld. Decent console. The fact that you get both is pretty nice.

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Weapon durability fixes a big problem with most open-world RPG/adventure games: bloat. You're carting around a ton of weapons or -- even worse -- you're constantly trekking back to down to repair/sharpen your weapon. In BotW, you have to work with what you find. The conversation surrounding the "issue" of rapid weapon breakage in BotW boils down to either "arg it sucks" or "nah, it's not so bad" and I think that's a bit narrow minded.

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4 PS4 exclusives on the list, 1 Wii U, and zero Xbox One. Hmmm...

What about ReCore? Quantum Break? Gears 4? Or was it the delays of most exclusives to 2017 (Crackdown 3, Cuphead, Halo Wars 2, Scalebound, and Sea of Thieves, to name a few) that excused Xbox One from consideration?

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