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If SEGA made a lean gaming console based on RINGEDGE/Nu arcade hardware with a focus on porting those games over, I'd be interested.

As it stands though, they're already bringing most of that stuff to PS4, so what would be the point?

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VERY eager to get this one. I love MHW but I was saddened that they trimmed out a lot of the depth and customization from Generations, especially in terms of Hunter Arts/Styles. Now true MH fans can simply play both the "old" and "new" flavor of MH!

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This is a great list that I'm sure we can all agree with, but there's a console that belongs on the list more than any of these: SEGA Saturn. Something every system on their list (NES, N64, PS1, Genesis, Dreamcast, Atari 2600, and SNES) has in common is that the games have been ported, sold in compilations, and added in digital form on Virtual Console, PSN, etc.Now, I'm not arguing that these are bad systems to collect for (personally, I'm a big fan of NES, Genesis, and SNES) ...

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This is one of my all-time favorite adventure games. The pace is sluggish at times and you often have to push the story forward in a linear way, but MAN that story...

Plus Kyle Hyde had such great expressions. The art style was so good.

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Yeah, Switch is the start of the gen next gen. I thought this was commonly known?

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While Phil "teases" and "promises" and "talks about possibilities", PS4 and Switch owners are just playing the games. Even if X1 got a few Japanese exclusives, it is so far behind the curve compared to the competition, especially PS4. If you enjoy Japanese games, you get a PS4.

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Likely "expanding" to other platforms and console systems next gen. Just watch. Investing into the cloud makes it easier to stream/emulate their games on other systems.

Buy a subscription to Xbox Live and Game Pass and play Microsoft's exclusives on numerous platforms, including Sony's and Nintendo's.

Watch it happen.

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Great list.
I'd also add responsiveness vs. resolution/graphics.

This has much to do with the changeover from CRT to thin panels, and geez I do NOT miss the extreme weight of those tube TVs. But because of the technology (almost no input or scaling lag) gaming felt a lot more responsive. PC gamers have always cherished high frame rate and response, but for some reason the switch to HD made console gamers forget.

Even fancy converters like the...

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Yeah! It especially made magazines a better purchase. Sometimes I would buy issues off the rack just because of the demo disc inside.

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Wondering if they would bring over Ringedge, Ringwide, and Ringedge 2 titles to the console. There are a number of fighting games and arcade-only games that have only seen limited release in the West (like Chaos Code or the upcoming Border Break). I believe the latest versions of Under Night: In-Birth and Guilty Gear Xrd also run on Ringedge (maybe Ringedge 2).

I'd buy it if it meant we could get ports of these games. More shmups too, please. Gimme dat arcade experience...

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@Apex PS4 still has more "Western" games compared to X1, too.

Saying "if you are not into those type of games (Japanese, which encompasses numerous genres) then an X1 will suit you just fine".

Incorrect. Even if you omit Japanese games the PS4 comes out ahead by a huge margin. The notion that PS4 only has more games "because of all those Japanese games" is false. This myth needs to die.

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No game is "for everyone", but plenty of Japanese games sell quite well.

However, a large chunk of PS4's library comes from smaller indie devs, not just "Japanese games". These game devs just aren't bothering with an X1 version at all. Even if you don't enjoy "Japanese games" (which is about as unusual and broad as saying "I don't enjoy European games") then you'd still find a list of W...

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Pretty much. Microsoft must be hiring a fresh batch of astroturfers because if you believed all the articles coming out, you'd be liable to think playing a narrow selection of Xbox and 360 games was just as good -- nay! Superior! -- compared to playing actual games on the PS4 or Switch.

The disparity in library size between X1 and PS4 is huge. But hey, if all you do is play CoD and Assassin's Creed and you'd rather have a bit higher resolution, by all means get ...

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Out of curiosity, were you trying to draw using the stylus? When I learned to do all the draw moves with the analog stick, my attitude toward the game completely changed. I think of it like chaining special moves from a fighting game together (in a sense).

That said, it was a very dense game and was poorly explained. I think a person has to play through it all the way before they really "get" the same, and sadly that's an unfair expectation to hold most gamers...

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This would be a dream come true. W101 is my favorite Wii-U game and I'd buy a port in a heartbeat.

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Yeah, that and a more free-form structure. I think Dishonored 1 and 2 blew Bioshock out of the water (although each game has strengths and weaknesses). Since Infinte we've also had Prey and Deus Ex, so I think a new Bioshock has to step it up. Infinite was okay within the context of the BIoshock series, but as a game within that particular subgenre it was mediocre.

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Agreed, BC gets plenty of credit. In the case of X1, it gets way too much credit.

I do think it's cool that it's an available feature. It's certainly better than NOT having it. But when the console itself is so sorely lacking in content, it doesn't redeem it.

I think a perfect equivalent is the PS Vita and remote play. Full disclosure, I own a PS Vita but even I had to roll my eyes when fanboys tried to play off Remote Play as some sort of...

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Microsoft has been asking the fanbase to wait for more games (while patronizing them with this empty PR talk) since the launch of Kinect on 360. "Just wait! The hardcore Kinect games are on their way". This is just more PR.

Microsoft has been pulling this particular PR stunt ever since bullying and bragging stopped working (when they fell out of 1st place). It's like clockwork:

1. Nintendo or Sony game does really well in sales and/or rati...

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Exactly. Prices are going up because more people are entering the market. The rare titles have gone up on price (no surprise) but even the common-but-desirable
games like Zelda, Super Metroid, PS1 RPGs, etc have doubled in price too.

So I don't know why the author uses the term "dead". Prices going up is a sign of vitality for collectible items.

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Putting it on Switch wouldn't overcome the game's constant nagging from Fi nor the terrible combat nor the terrible story nor the boring overworld (if you could even call it an Overworld).

It was a bad Zelda and sold accordingly: lower sales than any other console Zelda in history, yet released on Nintendo's highest-selling console. It was the culmination of all the "PuzZelda" crap that had been gradually infesting the series.


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