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So the PS4 version is the worst of the bunch having dips to as low as 22fps and suffering from having bad AF quality (this is very poor in 2015 as this is a tech from late 90's).

PC version is the best, it lacks the usual verity of AA(still better than console though) however this can be fixed using HDR. #1
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A PC with a 200usd GPU will run this better than the consoles can.

Plus look at this way, few years down the line if he ever decides to upgrade it will be like getting a free HD remake, no need to pay the developer to get better quality graphics (like you need to on console that is if they ever release a HD remake). #3.1.2
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21GBP is about 32USD, thats a killer price. Got mine from Steam at 47usd. #1.1
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Not surprised to see you here defending Sony no matter what they put out. Makes me wonder if you are on some sort of payroll or hold stocks in Sony.

How is walking through point A to B fun having to do nothing in between, or is it watching QTE for 1/3 the game fun for you? Am i missing something here? Or maybe was it the absolutely retarded boss fight which is literally a repeat of a previous fight. I am sorry but i see this is a desperate attem... #1.1.29
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Only console gamers get abused that way. I have Darksouls 2 on my PC, I play it at 1440p now. When i upgrade to a higher res monitor i will simply switch resolution, could be 4k could be 8k in few years could be 16k a decade later. I dont have to pay some company agian and again to improve resolutions for me for every game i own lol. That would be a very costly excercise every time i upgraded my monitor lol.

No its just consolers going though such abuse. While they stand tran... #4.1
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RTS games require strategy, notice what happens to strategy games that ever make it to console.

Strategy games on consoles are dumbed down to the point where they literally dont need much thinking by the user.

Take a game like dragon age, originally a D&D style strategic game. Where you need to pause and plan your next moves. Makes it to console gets dumbed down to the point where gear doesnt matter, mana conservation doesnt matter, there is no strategy.... #2.1.1
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So you pay again for a resolution increase to 1080p and 60fps. Will you pay again a 3rd time if the game releases on ps5 in 1440p?

And they argue console gaming is cheap lol. #3.1
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My brother has a PS4 i saw the order running, i seriously have to question the fans on this site. How could they defend the gaming choices made with this game.

Its not a game at all, its more of a interactive movie. If we wanted to do that why not just watch a movie. Boring is the best way to descibe the Order.

I saw my brother playing the game chapter 10 literally was a cut scene lol, with no user input required. All he was doing is holding onto the controll... #1.1.4
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Can it play 30 years of games released on pc. No then i am good. #12.1
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Its about the games. It doesnt really matter which platform costs how much. Pc can cheaper than console or it can be a mid range pc costing 500-800 usd or it can be 5000 usd quad sli monster. Pc is ver flexible in that matter.

However when it comes to games. Consoles hardly have any games. Meanwhile even that 350usd pc has about 30 year of bc backing it up. Hence when it comes to the games there is no contest. Pc wins hands down. #1.1.7
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Will probably be comparable(depnding if you are still at 1080p on your PC, if you are playing beyond those resolutions then consoles are still behind). Though look at it this way, console gamers probably paid for it on last gen boxes played it at 720p, now they need to pay again just to get an upgrade to 1080p..

So they are just catching up to what pc gamers already had. Who knows in the future when the next consoles are out, they might rerelease the game again except in 1440... #2.1
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Yea America sure has created lots of problems in these regions. #2.2.2
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I think the sli performance could use some tuning, other than that its great. #2.1
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TW warhammer would be freaking epic. Why they havent made one yet is beyond me. #2.1
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Lol you would be lucky to see PS6 do 4k considering PS4 still cant manage 1080p properly on all games.

Its funny but PC gamers were playing on 1080p like resolutions back in the early 2000's. Many PC gamers have now moved of to 1440p to 4k and multiscreen.

Meanwhile Sony promised 1080p with PS3 (sure they mislead people with statements like "1080p / 60fps capable"). PS3 managed most of its games in 720p 30fps little to no AA at all. That was 7 y... #4.1
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I got attila from greenmangaming, use the promo code game can be had for 36 usd. #2.1.1
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Total war series is awesome. #2
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Its a problem being caused by world central banks printing money. People need to wake up to this reality.

Currencies all around the world are being devalued which means cost of living goes up every where. Its banks stealing from the public basically.

USD is the world reserve currency and will be the last to collapse. This is when real money like gold and silver will rise many folds. #1.1
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CAD isnt rising its dropping.

When the USD / CAD pair rises, it means the value of the canadian dollar drops. #7.1
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Hard to imagine a game with more linear gameplay either. Graphics are easy when all is preset. #1.1.1
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