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"Not so that we get more 720p games"

Isnt battlefield hardline 720p on XBox one?

Its just the start of the gen, all developers have been busy with is making cross gen games designed for last gen consoles or making remakes.

Once true next gen games roll out and graphics are pushed you will see a trend of more and more games being 720p to 900p initially later on probably 720p on consoles. Sony and Ms cheaped out there is no eluding th... #1.1.1
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I was about 10 years old when i gamed on the Snes, at which point i had no problems learning combinations for games like Street fighter or Mortal Kombat.

Infact performing fatalities in the appropriate time felt very rewarding. While i have nothing against an easy mode. I think it will just dumb down a generation of gamers, leading to even more dumbing down in future games.

I would say fatalities are a very good incentive for newer or younger gamers to learn.... #1.1.1
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What new titles may i ask have the consolers been enjoying? asides the multiplats that are also on the PC and better i might add. Most console friends i know are so starved for games as new consoles hardly have a library, its more like waiting for that next game to roll out so they can actually play. Meanwhile on the PC we have no such issue since we have literally thousands of games on our lists to choose from.

From what i see consolers tend to run their mouth about exclusiv... #10.1
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Forza or the GT Series are simcades at best when compared to AC. Anyone disagreeing has no clue and has never played AC. #2.2
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Congratulations you almost have the PC version after 5 years of waiting and buying the game twice.

Oh wait the PC version can be run in 1440 or 4k, so no this isnt equal to PC version. This is such an old game Mid range GPUs could run this at 4k.

Seriously you console folks need wake up ask for real BC, this is such a rip off. Paying multiple times for the same games and calling console gaming cheap is hilarious. Wake up console folks these corporations are r... #1.1.1
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Article is duplicate. Should rephrase the title:

"Most people cant tell the difference between XB1 and PS4 as graphics are simular"

"However more than half the people (58% to be exact) can tell the PC version apart).

Just shows all the arguing console boys have on N4G in regards to which console is better is pointless because as per this article people cant tell the consoles apart. #1.2
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Almost 40usd for a 6-7 year old game this is really a rip off lol. This could easily be had for 5 usd tops on the PC or the last gen consoles. #1
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Ironically when the Xbox one was launching MS was boasting how its servers on the internet would help boost the performance of the XB1. Funnily enough they are implementing Streaming from the PC, Yep that will surely fix Xb1 performance issues.

Sony should look to do the same as PS4 is no where close to the original hype (1080p 60FPS).


Well doing this move MS is essentially promoting the XB1 as a HTPC streaming device. Anyone who wa... #2
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A video like this from a site like gamespot is no surprise. Anything to provide lip service to console makers, its obvious they are in bed with these corporations. I wouldnt be surprised if the numbers are massaged in console favor.

Despite however oblivious most people are to simple things like Frame rate or resolution, most of them can easily tell when frame rates are going down into the teens. Sure they dont know its the frame rate that is tanking most of them refer to it... #1.1.2
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GT3 was amazing for its time, pretty much the only game I invested tons of hours on the PS2. Loading times on the PS2 though were painful. #1.1.1
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What's ridiculous is how Sony fans are trying to spin this hahaha. What a disaster.


Not at all, being stuck at a load screen for 40secs every time you die is horrible. Though its funny watching all of you defend it. #1.1.11
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I am really thinking of replaying Witcher 1 with mods. I really hope Witcher 3 lives up to the hype.


Yea its a shame if the visuals are being toned down, wonder how much the PC versions been toned down. #1
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Well you cant deny MS and Sony cheaped out this gen. Even as a PC elitist i will admit when the Xbox 360 launched you would have needed a monster PC to compete with that console.

6 months before the PS3 launched the 8800GTX was out already, sure it out performed both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 however both those consoles would still be considered mid range(just shows how powerful those consoles were at launch).

Things are different with the PS4 and XB1, they se... #1.1.1
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At this rate console makers might as well HD remaster every exclusive/good game released from last gen.

Question is though, was it worth it for console gamers to not go for BC. They claim 100-200usd more on the console and you could have gotten BC for all your games bought last gen. So really is the route to buy Remaster a good one? does it really out weight having to pay few hundered more for BC itself, the logic to forgo BC for remaster is beyond me.

Some o... #1.3
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"However, the logic goes that if you’re purchasing a PS4 or Xbox One, you expect the very best visuals, no compromise.

How so? check the specs of what you are buying. Ignore all the marketing garbage that sprouts out of the hinds of MS and Sony spokes people. Both the consoles are equippe... #1
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Well every DX ever released on PC has taken a while to gain a stand in the market. However as you said its only PC exclusive titles that really pick up DX first.

DX10 was largely ignored by the market, Since consoles were limited to DX9. I would think we could see a repeat of what happened with DX 10 to DX 12. Just might not be supported as well.

Depends how much MS pushes it, historically MS has always done more bad for the PC market than good, but since Xb1... #1.2
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Well question is 60fps at what res, 1080p is a last gen standard now.

1440p is the new 1080p. While 4k is the new 1440p.


Why so? Things move on, many people are upgrading to 1440p now. 1080p is the 720p of this gen. I think 1-2 years more into this gen and 1440p will probably be more relevant to pc gamers than 1080p. #1.1
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It doesnt really matter, as long as they use PC to its potential. From what i recall Witcher 2 didnt have DX11 support either, yet that didnt stop it from being one of the best looking games of the gen. Its still an amazing looking game. #1.4
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Nvidia has been absolutely spot on with their driver releases. AMD really needs to take a lesson here. #1
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Titan X is a bargain at 1000usd for people who need double precision.

For gamers i would suggest waiting until the 8GB 980ti model. AMD is launching the 390x hence a 384bit 980ti should be expected from Nvidia.


Well Titans hold their value very well. Even if someone has the first gen Titan today, they could probably sell it for 500-600usd. Spend 300-400 usd to upgrade the latest titan.

I personally have 2 Titan z's... #1
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