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Check witcher timeline may give some answers. #8.1
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True ;-) 2014 has been a bit slow when it comes to games. This will be an amazing start to 2015. 1 play through a Witcher game can easily take 50 hours. #6.1
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Game of the year contender confirmed.

You have no idea what you have missed if you havent played witcher. Personally i think i will be replaying witcher 1 & 2 before this ones out. Witcher 1 with HD texture mods still looks amazing.

Steam actually is offering additional pre-purchase discount to the fans who already own the first 2 games. #1.1
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Hard to see with Sony googles hes wearing. #4.1.1
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No thanks ill wait for the WTF pawn uber omega super effects version. #1
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Naa it wasnt the cheating, cheating happened on all platforms. The PC community moved on to other games. While consolers stuck on to it year on year. Many of them still cant get enough of it. #5.1
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Buying this now for the eyecandy. #1
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U know there are sites that review PC games too, and tell you how the game performs.

Check #3.1.3
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Power is useless without the games. PS4 has no games. With hardly 50 AAA games under its belt, PS4 library is dismal at best.

And yea 550usd would be enough to make a custom HTPC that would run cicles around the PS4. Which would mean no pay to go online charges, cheaper games and BC with thousands of games from every possible genre. #1.2.1
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PS4 is powerful(according to the fans here, i personally thinnk its very weak) yet it cant run PS3 games.. Whats the Point then?

Atleast with PC you can play 30 odd years of games. PS4 or XB1 have no games. People buying the current consoles mostly have no games to play. #3.2
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PC has had 1080p equivalent since the early 2000s, we used to have it as 1600 * 1200. Unfortunately for the consoles the last gen promised 1080p, yet failed to deliver. Up came the new gen again 1080p was promised yet its still hit or miss. Meanwhile PC has now moved on to 4k. You will see midrange hardware pulling 4k easy in the news few years. #9.1
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Lol dude, consoles have no games. You are comparing a platform with 30 odd years(literally thousands of games) of bc to platforms that hardly have 50AAA games. I would like to have some of what you are smoking. Consoles have whole genres missing from their menu.

Most people i know who have bought the new consoles have nothing to play on them. As they play multiplats on the PC. The consoles hardly have anything worth playing on, so they lay there collecting dust. #7.1
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While the Alienware is overpriced and its crap in PC terms. You could easily build a PC with much better performance for the same money. PS4 wouldnt stand chance in terms of performance if a custom htpc was built for that sort of money.

The one thing going for the alienware is that, since its a PC. It would have 30 odd years of BC. Which means tons of games. Games is what the PS4 or any new console is lacking in. New consoles just dont have the games. An HTPC of this sort can... #1
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Will be a disaster no matter what they pull. First Wii U gamers will be disappointed.

Its an online world, Nintendo is late to the party.

Next all the markets they want to cater to are pretty much dead. Japan no longer is good to any console. US is in deep recession and its only going to get a whole lot worse (expect hyperinflation), people dont have the money. Europe isnt doing any better.

I predict any effort by Nintendo is going to be futi... #1
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PS4 has no games, so where did the success come from? Its just console gamers buying the platform because everything else literally sucks on the console front at the moment, lets not forget the console market has been in stagnation tech wise for almost a decade people are desperate for something new. Not that PS4 is any good, it just happens to be the least dirtiest shirt of the bunch.

Any console at the moment hardly has any games. Its a mirage. #2.1.2
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This is wonderful news, Sooner or later this cancerous tumor will have to exit the gaming industry along with MS.

With so many of its divisions going down, its a shadow of its former self.

TV industry - Dead
MP3 industry - Dead
Phone - Dead
Comcorder - Dead
DVD, Bluray - Dead
Computers - Dead
Vita - Dead

Doesnt look this white elephant can survive on PS alone.

Lol at disagrees:... #1.1.2
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PC gaming literally is the last bastion of resistance against these corporations.

Look at where the corporations have gotten gaming to. Previously before the term DLC existed, pretty much any game was moddable. The gamers received free maps, weapons, skins all from the PC gaming community. Yet ever since the last gen consoles all of that went down the drain. When devs learned they could simply not allow mods, instead charge for DLC(console gamers willingly adopted the trend,... #8.1
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Well PS4 still doesnt have a DLNA, consoles gamers are used to this sort of treatment. Where they get supposed next gen hardware which lacks features that the last gen had lol.

Nevermind the PC, but imagine a new Apple or Android cell phone which doesnt have features the model it replaces has. Further imagine the customer base actually excited to get the next hand set lacking previous features lol. #1
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Not at all, a chip maker doesnt make much selling low end stuff. This can be seen with how poorly AMD is doing.

Its Sony and MS who will be selling these low end turds for the next decade lol. Its not like console prices drop much over the decade, meanwhile the tech remains the same.

Imagine if Apple was still selling the original iphone for 300usd and they never needed to make another Iphone for another 4 years, thats how these console makers have it lol. St... #1.1.1
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The console makers are making a killing, selling locked down old tech. Dam Console gaming is expensive. #1
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