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This is all about government trying to control over the public. Why else would MS be giving out its hottest product for free. Thats suicide.

I never upgraded to windows 10, it seemed fishy to begin with. I dont intend to upgrade until the spyware has been fixed. #1.1.4
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Dead slow 1.6ghz tablet CPU what else can we expect. SSDs need high performance CPUs to take advantage of. We all know what these consoles come equipped with. #2.2
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Question is with the millions of computers out there, even if they wanted to, financially it wouldnt make sense for them to track all the hacks and cracks people are using. Hence controlling all those millions of people out there is out of the question. #1
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A global economic slow down is under way. Check the Baltic Dry index or slow down happening in China.

Its all happening because of a slow down of demand in the western world. Its a debt problem issue. Where the consumers in the west are just loaded with debt and cant afford to consume the way they used to.

Hence we are in a depression that wont end, not until the current economic model fails and the world restructures it self. #1
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Blizzard games take time. I still play warcraft 3 to this day. Imo 12 years on its still one of the best RTS games out there. #1
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Witcher 1 & 2 are minimum 50 Hours each games. While Witcher 3 is about 70 - 100 hours depending how much you explore. #1.1
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Well many people play at different resolutions. Up until last year i had a 3 monitor setup hence my resolution used to be 5760 * 1080.

This year i upgraded to a ultra wide monitor which has a res of 3440 * 1440, however most of the time i am using DSR to up the res to 5120 * 2160 - 6880 * 2880, depending on how demanding the game is.

So really you cant count Steam users in that way, many people have odd resolutions too. #1.1.2
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Of course BC matters. Games i still play on my PC:

Warcraft 3, TF2, Left 4 Dead 2, Counter Strike.

Hell recently i loaded up Witcher 1 and Dragon age origins just for an RPG kick. #1.1.7
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Imo while visuals are important. I feel developers are dumbing down gameplay. I think the gameplay aspect shouldnt be ignored.

I think devs need to take ques from CD Project. I think they they did an amazing job with Witcher 3 Game play wise and Visually.

In fact Witcher 3 was so solid, i was having a hard time playing another game after Witcher 3 since the bar has been raised so high. Hence i decided to go back in time and pick another classic. So download D... #1
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Many games have come with the 30fps cap only to be modded very soon. I dont think this will be an issue either. #2.2
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Id give it a day or two tops before some of the modders unlock the PC version. #1.1.3
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PC online is free. #1.3.1
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Lol, with console you are guaranteed to be locked down to 30fps. Now this might be the holy grail when it comes to console gaming, Yet for PC its a disaster. #6.2
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I remember when badcompany 2 was in Beta i had a HD 5870. The game was a mess. As soon as the Final build was released the same 5870 was touching 60fps maxed out. #1.1.1
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Online should be free, paying for it at any price is not value sorry. #1
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Well its easier to develop when all the platform are X86. Since Nintendo is powerpc its the odd one out. I guess developing for another platform just raises the cost structure.

I think Nintendo would see better support had they been on an X86 platform, but yea they can kiss BC good bye when they make the jump. #7.1
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I am sure if the PS4 or any console of your choice had that sort of library you would be gloating all over it. Heaven forbid its another platform that practically covers most figthers ever released all of a sudden speaking of that platform is considered fanboisim.

Its because of people like yourself corporations have the gaming industry where it currently at. Have fun buying the same games over and over on your next box lol. #2.3.5
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DLC should be free. The trend of paying for DLC is terrible. It leads to many developers abusing customers where many games released these days come with stripped content.

Imo i think 1 developer that has done it right is CDProjeckt. They have given away so much free content its amazing.

I think DLCs like MAPs, skins, weapons should all be free. If its a Major DLC like what CDproject is selling then yea that should be charged.

Even then consu... #1.1.1
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I think all of them are a waste of money. I personally have MK9 and bought MK X on the PC. I really dont think i will be interested in another MK game for a while.

Same goes for just about any fighter. I have Street Figther and Tekken on the PC. Just dont see the incentive to buy the newer releases, its just same old same old. #2.3.2
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Who really cares about Street fighter lol. Tired old franchise. If you must play it, then PC is the home of ALMOST every street fighter ever released.

You could on PC today play street fighter games dating from the 80's

All you would need are emulators to play the arcade versions, Nes versions, Snes, PS1, PS2. Not to mention every version released on the PC itself lol.

I think further releases or investment in rereleases is a waste of tim... #2.3
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