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Many games have come with the 30fps cap only to be modded very soon. I dont think this will be an issue either. #2.2
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Id give it a day or two tops before some of the modders unlock the PC version. #1.1.3
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PC online is free. #1.3.1
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Lol, with console you are guaranteed to be locked down to 30fps. Now this might be the holy grail when it comes to console gaming, Yet for PC its a disaster. #6.2
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I remember when badcompany 2 was in Beta i had a HD 5870. The game was a mess. As soon as the Final build was released the same 5870 was touching 60fps maxed out. #1.1.1
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Online should be free, paying for it at any price is not value sorry. #1
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Well its easier to develop when all the platform are X86. Since Nintendo is powerpc its the odd one out. I guess developing for another platform just raises the cost structure.

I think Nintendo would see better support had they been on an X86 platform, but yea they can kiss BC good bye when they make the jump. #7.1
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I am sure if the PS4 or any console of your choice had that sort of library you would be gloating all over it. Heaven forbid its another platform that practically covers most figthers ever released all of a sudden speaking of that platform is considered fanboisim.

Its because of people like yourself corporations have the gaming industry where it currently at. Have fun buying the same games over and over on your next box lol. #2.3.5
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DLC should be free. The trend of paying for DLC is terrible. It leads to many developers abusing customers where many games released these days come with stripped content.

Imo i think 1 developer that has done it right is CDProjeckt. They have given away so much free content its amazing.

I think DLCs like MAPs, skins, weapons should all be free. If its a Major DLC like what CDproject is selling then yea that should be charged.

Even then consu... #1.1.1
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I think all of them are a waste of money. I personally have MK9 and bought MK X on the PC. I really dont think i will be interested in another MK game for a while.

Same goes for just about any fighter. I have Street Figther and Tekken on the PC. Just dont see the incentive to buy the newer releases, its just same old same old. #2.3.2
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Who really cares about Street fighter lol. Tired old franchise. If you must play it, then PC is the home of ALMOST every street fighter ever released.

You could on PC today play street fighter games dating from the 80's

All you would need are emulators to play the arcade versions, Nes versions, Snes, PS1, PS2. Not to mention every version released on the PC itself lol.

I think further releases or investment in rereleases is a waste of tim... #2.3
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Agreed just so much content in the game. I have spent about 100 hours of gameplay time and still have things left over to do. #3.1
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Well where i am at new console games can cost about 80usd. Buying PC games of Steam or Greenmangaming is so much cheaper. I bought Witcher 3 for about 42usd pre order. While in the retail console versions here are still being sold for 80usd.

So yea console gaming can be very costly. #1.1
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1. Totalwar Warhammer.
2. Fallout 4
3. MGS 5
4. Just Cause 3 specially with mods

Really need a good shooter not much on the horizon. #2
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How about make the game challenging and tactical like the original Dragon age Origins. Instead of making it a Mass effect set in Dragon age universe. DA 2 & DA 3 are essentially hack and slash games with little to no strategy needed.

Hell both the sequels hardly need any thought or gear planning. Neither do they offer the sort of AI customization as with Dragon age origins.

Obviously DA 2 & DA 3 were dumbed down for the wider audience. While DA 1 was... #1.2
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Well whats the point of new tech if we dont care about graphics?

Its obvious new Graphics cards and consoles role out so we can enjoy higher levels of graphics fidelity.

Just about anything we see now in games could have been done on last gen hardware with a graphics downgrade.

Graphics do matter which is why we keep investing in more and more powerful hardware. #1.5.1
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Hopefully they are more honest next time on what they intend to deliver. Though thats hard to believe. #1
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Should just release the Mod kit so we can make our own mods. #1
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They should instead be supporting the first game. Talking about a sequel so early just screams poor support. Seems to be they are after a gold rush, this never ends well. #1.1.2
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Lol how did Fallout 3, Skyrim turn out on the PS3? Mafia 2 with no foliage, BF3 with input lag?

Or how are the frame rate drops on many of the PS4 games? We dont see article upon article bashing the PS4 when a game cant run at a constant 30fps. Heaven forbid PC gets just one of those games and console fans are in full attack mode lol. I guess its insecurities because just about every other game released on console can barely handle a constant 30fps, which btw is considered do... #3.3.1
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