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Game just is too much too handle for old hardware. I am personally playing this at 5760*1080, ultra settings still getting 100 fps.

Def the best looking game of the year.


for 3 screens ultra settings, you need quad sli titans 6GB VRAM (i personally have Titan Z quad sli, liquid cooled).

However for 1080p gaming a GTX 780 should be enough for 60fps at high settings (which i think is a very reasonable requirement f... #1.1
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How do we know Witcher 3 wont be dipping into the teens on console too?

So will you then rephrase this "glitch 3 vs glitch 24"?

AC Unity is a dam awesome looking game, consoles just arent up to it.

Check the benchmark reviews most people are playing AC Unity at 60fps on GPUs like GTX 780 mostly high settings.

Lower end Pcs with 600 series GPUs can play this 30fps with medium settings. This is exactly what happens wh... #1.1.1
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Indeed Max payne was dam well optimized. Hell the game scaled amazingly even in sli configurations all the way upto 4 gpus. #1.1
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But But Sony said PS4 was high end PC :P Maybe Sony considers 30fps gameplay with dips to teens high end lol. #1.1.1
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Havent bought COD since MW2. The only AC i bought are AC 1, AC 2 (stopped after that because it was just the same boring game play with same old graphics).

Purchased Unity recently, since its a new gen and the game really pushes the graphics amazing to play on a high end PC. Wont purchase more since they will be reskinned from here on. #1.1
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Not beyond Sony to deceitfully label PS4 a high end PC.

If Bloodborne was on PC i would bet a mid range PC would easily run this in 1080 @ 60fps and beyond. #1.1.1
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Obviously removed since people were complaining over performance issues.

Its becoming more and more obvious they want to mislead gamers when games are initially being shown / released (first of all they mostly show games running on PCs). Not really Ubisofts fault if console makers decided to launch a generation of consoles with weak hardware. Tablet CPUs and Mobile GPUs arent really a good combination. #1.1
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They lowered the graphics because they know:

Console gamers.. Dont care about graphics.

I been saying it all along. The console versions need a graphics down grade be it resolution downgrade to 720p and less AI walking around it would fix the problem with both the issues. Lower res fixes the issue with PS4 having a mid range GPU. While Lower AI count would help reduce the strain on the tablet CPU.

Game runs amazing on PC. Its probably the bes... #1.1.3
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Id love to get into 4k gaming, unfortunately i think its still in its infancy. For starters i would like to see more GPUs pushing 8 - 12 GB of memory. Specially with how ridiculous game VRAM requirements have gotten to. #1.1
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PC version Dayz thats what i would like to see. #1.1.4
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Have you overclocked your memory? or the GPU itself? #1.1.2
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Install MSI afterburner check if GPUs are overheating. If so increase fan Speed. #1.1
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They cant allow mods for console, how will they sell DLCs if mods are allowed? #1.1.3
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Dayz type mod on PC version would be amazing, specially if we can have inventory etc. #1.1.1
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Lol why are people complaining. 1080p never was a target for consoles.

Console makers know:

Console gamers.. Dont care about graphics. #1.1.4
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Yea the console makers really shouldnt have cheaped out. Their only excuse now is for Devs to use GPU for compute. Problem is doing that takes away GPU resources. The GPUs are weak to begin with, just look at what equivalent GPUs on the PC are able to out put and you get an idea where the consoles really are at.

Weak GPUs and super weak CPUs, not a good combo at all. Its almost as if Sony, MS planned current consoles as a money making operation. H... #1.2.2
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Its a CPU limitation, lowering resolution wont help anything. Since resolution strains the GPU not CPU. #1.1.3
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Lol game is amazing, Just is too much for consoles to handle. I would vote for it as the best looking game of the year.

With a decent graphics card on PC you can be getting good frame rate. GTX 970's are pulling 60fps solid.

This is more for a consoles being outdated issue. There is no way Ubisoft wouldnt optimize for their primary market.

What Ubisoft needs to do is reduce resolution to 720p on console and reduce AI density, the 2 soluti... #1.1.1
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Can you hook up your PSX 1 or 2 to your new HDTV?(or do you have your old TV lined up too?) Yes you can but all you will be seeing are terrible jaggies on your 1080p screen when the game res is below 480p.

Nevermind the hassle putting up all the boxes together would be such a mess. Even if you decide not to have them all plugged at one time. The hassle to take an old console out and plug it is discouraging enough that you never play on it any more.
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You cant make a collection on console, not for long anyways, because of no BC. Its an inherent problem with consoles.

Sooner or later your older consoles dies, there goes your collection with it. Not the same thing on PC. I been gaming on PC for 20 odd years. Can literally play most games i have ever bought. Be it through virtual OS or dosbox everything just works hence the collection builds. I have over 200 games on Steam alone, thats dating back from 2005 just cant build th... #1.1.1
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