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Maybe in 2025 going by Blizzards release history :P #4.1
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Really wanted to try JC2 with mods on PC, but just so many games to play had no time to check it out. I hope JC3 is just as moddable as the last game. #2.1
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CdProjeckt have always impressed with their games considering they are a small developer. Witcher 2 probably was one of the best looking games of last gen. Witcher 3 at ultra will be a good treat. #2.1
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In this case its a considerable period of time :P


Replayed Witcher 2 about 6 months ago, really need to replay Witcher 1 before this game is out but so much backlog lol. I would still recommend people play Witcher 1 with high res texture mods, that game still looks amazing with the mods. #1.1
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Lots of tease cant wait for the game. Witcher series has never dissapointed. I have had atleast 2 -3 play throughs on each of the releases so thats easily 50 - 150 hours of game play. Specially Witcher 2 came with 2 story lines. #1.1
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Agreed. Unity was an amazing looking game, this will just be another treat for PC gamers, specially for those that can run it maxed out.

Of course PC gamers not having the hardware to run max settings can still play it maxed out anytime in the future when they do decide to upgrade, So free HD remake to them. #1.1.2
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Just started playing GTA 5, game is very well optimized. My setup is running this at 3440 * 1440 everything maxed out 4x AA at 120 fps.

Cant wait for what the mods do for this game. I think there can be many graphical improvements that can be made.

Edit: Dayz mod for GTA 5 would be awesome. #1
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"That's one of the biggest advantages of console gaming."

Being locked down to having no options is considered an advantage, thats news to me lol. #1.2.2
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"everyone plays on the same playing field and it's CHEAP, compared to what a top notch PC could cost you"

And you dont see whats wrong with your statement there comparing a Console again top notch PC, thats like comparing a Kia to a ferrari then claiming "oh the Kia gets me from point A to B".

Level the playing field A PC that provides simular or better experience than console will always be cheaper than gaming on console. Reason being... #4.2
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The battle kind of reminds me of the last days of 3DFX before they went out of business.

Nvidia kept releasing updated hardware after updated hardware while good old 3DFX kept falling behind, until they were no more in business.

AMD seems to be on a similar path, 290x was awesome the only thing holding it back were the drivers. 290x easily beat gtx 780 in most of the benches. Up came the GTX 780 ti which sort of leveled the playing field. GTX 980 is significa... #1.4
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Yea AMD cards consume way too much power, even then AMD hardware has always been great. Its just the software side that drags them back.

AMD optimization is poor specially when it comes to new games not to mention Crossfire support which is lacking most of the time.

I havent purchased an AMD GPU since 5870, which was released back in 2009. Mainly because i almost always have multiple GPUs in my rig, AMDs poor multi gpu optimization is a huge let down. #1.1.3
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Witcher 1 is an amazing game. Coupled with high res texture mods, Witcher 1 can still look great. #1.1.1
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Ill go on record to say more and more console games will soon be 720p again once the graphics are notched up. Developers know Graphics sell a game. They dont care about the resolution. Hell most console gamers have no clue what resolution is.

MS and Sony cheaped out this round of consoles is a money making sham with poor hardware, Remake upon remake, pay to go online, DLC day ones. Its clear they want to make money on these consoles asap. Again ill go on record saying it, Con... #1.1.2
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Differences dont matter, buy it on any platform of your choice. Specially its a 2d fighter should run great on all platforms.

Personally for me MK games are like collectors items over the long term and for that purpose PC platform is the best for long term bc. #1.1.3
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Titan X is better any day as the 295x would fall completely flat on its face if crossfire optimization is not good, Titan X of course is a single GPU hence needs no such optimization to perform. Also @4k the 12GB VRAM on the Titan X is amazing. #1
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Must be 3x 4k monitors, possible with a trio of titan x's.


Yea the Titan X's insane VRAM would well in handy for such a setup, nothing else out there offers the VRAM period. #2.1
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Master race wins again.

They can lock console gamers down, make them pay for DLCs, make them pay for going online, make them pay for remakes etc. Just doesnt work on an open platform.


Different platforms get left out at different times, why is it witcher 2 never made it to PS3, just PC and Xbox 360? Or why is Left4dead Never madeit to PS3, again just PC and XB 360. Just because Rock start left the PC out on one game means nothi... #1.1.1
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This should be a big red flag in the face of Rockstar. Perhaps they will finally fold and give PC releases the same priority as Consoles.

Its no doubt its been console makers money hatting rockstar to delay the PC version so more people are forced to buy consoles. This however should make Rockstar think again, specailly considering PC versions tend to sell for a very long long time. Unlike console versions of games that die of few months post launch, PC versions just keep sel... #1.5
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I am out for vacation, however my brother is playing this at max settings 1080p, VRAM usage is about 2.7 gigs. The game isnt that demanding. I would think any mid range PC hardware should be able to play this at 1080p 60fps atleast on high settings. #2
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True, even if the pirates have to download 65 Gigs of data, they would need to do the same if they bought the game.

So i dont see how this effects them. #1.1.2
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