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Assetto Corsa on 3 screens disagrees: #1.1
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This is nothing new, PC gamers already had HD mods for the game.

These sort of cheap tactics can work on the console crowd who dont have much BC options. Not the case with PC gaming. #2.2
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Imo Dota 2 tops everything out there right now and its free. Sure it has items you could buy for the game but those are purely cosmetic.

I personally love the Glados kill announcer in dota 2, hilariously funny. #2
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Just better to get an HTPC loaded with windws and Steam OS on Dual boot bingo :P All Steam games work now :P #6.1.1
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PC gamers probably wont touch it not when they already have a PC.

This might interest them if they are looking for HTPCs. Though many of us already have those. Plus with an HTPC we already can play any game we bought on our main rig.

So really this might just be a machine suited to a newer audience looking to gain an entry into PC gaming without having to go through the hassle of building one themselves. #1
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"Thanks to Microsoft it has now become the standard to charge for the online service"

Not really check Steam its free, hell it provides a better service than both the paid networks and better discounts lol. #2.1.4
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PS Now is amazing for the crowd its catering to.

Console gamers.. dont care about BC.

They rather buy / rent the games they already own again. #1.1.2
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Must be fun getting a 400usd console for last gen games lol.

Since the new consoles have no games to play lol. Get the game Ju it will be perfect motivation for them to screw consolers over further, 60usd for remakes will become a trend. Just like charging for DLCs(BF4) you already paid for again lol. #1.1.10
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I agree a 350 - 400 usd PC wouldnt be able to run games like a PS4. However then you are going into a price comparison.

You would be hard to make a low end PC in that range to begin with.

All i mentioned PC low end starts at 500 - 600usd which is a fair statement and that sort of PC would out perform a PS4.

Sure you could argue PS4 is initially cheaper, but then you would be ignoring a console makers business model whi... #2.1.11
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A 500 - 600usd PC is pretty much considered Low end and can pretty much run BF4 in 1080p, what res does the PS4 manage?

No reason why the same 500 - 600usd PC cant manage KZ SF in same or better graphics than the PS4.

PC mid range starts around 800- 1000 usd.

1500-2000usd would be high end, no way PS4 is anywhere close to those levels.

If you do believe a 500usd PC is mid to high range then you would... #2.1.8
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Well PS4 and X1 arent next gen either, specially when you compare them to what X360 and PS3 for their time. At least when 360 and PS3 launched they were comparable to mid to high end PCs.

PS4 may be comparable to a low end PC while X1 would be ultra low end. #2.1
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Please talk sense, consoles before PS3 and Xbox 360 were different. They never needed Fans, Heat sinks etc.

The current console gen are locked down PCs made from cheapest available parts. Infact the last gen was known for the highest failure rates in console history, are you now going to deny facts? Not many had their original boxes working after 3 years of usage, its a fact. Replace a console after 3 years of usuage you are stuck with the same o... #3.1.7
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"But we console gamers don't spend $500 every 2 years."

PC gamers dont either, however they do have the option should they choose to. Consolers dont have that option they are stuck with old tech regardless.

Dont forget consoles need replacement too, its not like they last more than 3 years. Meanwhile PCs tend to last alot longer.

Personally i have seen people go through 2-3 xbox 360s in 5 years and about 2 PS3s. You could prett... #3.1.4
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Well they probably will use a desktop CPU. Which is way better than the tablet CPUs the PS4 and X1 come equipped with. #1.7.1
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Yea you keep telling yourself that lol. #1.1.10
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You dont need very powerful hardware to make Skyrim look that good and yes it can still run at 60fps plus.

That is because the game was designed with 7 year old consoles in mind, obviously even midrange pc hardware is far far more powerful, hence improving the graphics doesnt really take much of a toll on the hardware. #1.2
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Dota 2 easy. #1
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Its more about control and taking away rights.

You see in a console environment there is no question of mods, devs rather sell DLCs.

Its one of the reasons why devs try to hype console versions, they know its to their benefit in the long run to not have games supporting mods.

However it should be noted some of the best games of our times first came into being as mods:

CS, TF2, L4D, Portal, Dota, Dayz. None of these would exis... #1.1.1
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You have no clue what you are talking about.

Watts drawn can be a very good indicator of performance.

The more powerful a chip the more power it needs. Its that simple. You may pick a GPU chart of 28nm tech and you will note the most powerful of GPUs do draw more power.

PS4 at best has a tablet GPU, which today would be about low end in desktop terms. #8.4.3
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"I have no problem with it being $60 for people who haven't played it yet."


That is precisely the consoler attitude which gets you guys to the point where you are forced to pay again for DLCs you already own.

Pay to go online, have no BC, No mods etc.

Did you buy the BF4 DLC for PS4 again?

Grow a spine and for once stop being a mouth piece for the corporates. #1.1.9
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