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Dragon Age - Home.... At least it was before I fucked everything up. - EA 2018

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Cannot agree more, its like "Adult Action" only means sex and shit...

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Listen man, If you get back in NMS you will feel a huge massive change...there are way more things to do and multiplayer made it better

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You did a good job in explaining sir! +1

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I can see that...Some websites just have very low review scale.

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this is a very fun game! You just enjoy this game and have a nice time playing it! Highly Recommend

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We have to admit that they showed FF7 Way too early, Just like Last Guardian.

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Impressive indeed and well deserved, Crazy thing though is GTA5, I don't think it has ever left top 10 charts since it released. It's a phenomenon.. Like it's 5 years old and still ranking on 3rd rank is more than impressive. And Spider-Man is one of the best exclusives ever!

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Dark_Knightmare 2 - Digitalfoundry did analyze and found out that in terms of graphics and overall quality the game final version was indeed superior but some things are changed as for the sake of artistic changes, Now Artistic changes are subjective. Some like E3 Version (I personally liked that) Some Like Final Version.

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I see what you did there you sly dog

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Yeah Heard a lot of good things about Mooncrash

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yeah Cliffy B is not exactly the best and most mature person in gaming industry

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Absolutely one of the most underrated games of this gen!
It was a dream come true for me as Mad Max finally gets a good game.

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I love how Ubisoft is going big and bold with the RPG gameplay but Honestly, I don't want to sound ungrateful but this is not Assassins Creed at all... Even though I am very sure that this will be the best AC game in the series but again this is not your typical AC. Well, anyways I guess they won't go back to roots for a long time now. Then again I would have preferred if they made a whole new IP or just remove the AC tag from it. So weird that I am complaining about something that is...

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That's the problem, Linking Photo mode screenshots or rain shots is whole another story, Close Circuit Linear game can have best graphics but open worlds need to do a lot in order to match those graphics.

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This is extremely underrated video game

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I want to be excited and hyped for it but i just can't because Anthem might be original for Bioware it's not original for me or some people I assume because Destiny, Division...they have all been there and I am not just hyped enough.

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It still amazes that how long and amazing the GTA 4 Storyline was. Nothing beats the story of 4 when it comes to grand theft auto franchise as a whole

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"Audience May Cry" That's the best thing I have heard in a long time

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I think it will sell more now because of the Online aspect

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