I AM All About Cyberpunk


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how it's fun? Almost every game these days we get lay out the information before we play the game but Death Stranding is one game that we know 0 about and I am pretty sure we love it because of how surprising everything will be.

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This looks amazing! I wonder if it's multi platform?

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could be who knows

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They kinda did and didn't it's polarising for sure

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they are already redeemed haha

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In spite of Origins being awesome, the game did not get that much recognition (Speaking to it's standards) Origins was at it's best but in overall as a franchise it has to go a massive break for like 5-8 years to come back.

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According to insider info it's supposed to be a new Fallout game which will change the direction of fallout games

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i knew it, I am an android btw just look at my name

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the biggest mistake they did was to announce this game too early.

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i feel you

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Oh, this is not from SONY!
-Whole N4G Community

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The Biggest problem with N4G might not be it's audience but the MODS. They are running this website like some sort of propaganda. They sure do have the power to manipulate because they only approve stories which favours in thier interest and what they personally like

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See the downvotes and you can already judge how bad the overall community and presence is

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You My Dude just summed my entire frustration over this website. The Mods are not very good, They only approve story they feel like that should be. They are completely unfair when it comes to approval of stores. They judge based on their personal opinion. Stories do have a disagree button but it's completely useless because for god once I disagreed and the story went from pending to failed.

"LAME" is the worst choice you can put in when approving stories.

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After reading shit tons of review I personally conclude that's it's a David Cage game. You either hate it or love it. In David Cage games history, Detroit is not the best and not the worst either, Looks to be very mediocre at best or I think a much better game than the previous cage games. You can see this game has most diversified reviews because like I said "You either love it or hate" Some reviewers gave it 8,9 and some gave 4,6 So pretty much sums up everything. Needless...

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Sony PS4 is Best and Xbox One Is Bad. Also Nintendo Switch sucks, I love Knack 2

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N4G is hands down the worst community when it comes to this matter, Seriously guys, The surprising thing is that stupid and idiotic comments are getting way more upvotes which definitely shows the whole mentality, Now I am gonna wait for this comment to get butchered.

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Making menu actually useful in gameplay tips? Impressive.

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that's actually way better, I know most people just go and look score but I think if someone worked 3-5 years on a game passionately and some guy on internet give the game a bad score and because of their influence some don't even try, So yeah I think Kotaku decision of not giving score to games is much better.

Also The game looks to be pretty outstanding

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