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What happened to the stream ?

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There will be blood.

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What 4 year old wrote this article ? It's missing tons of information and since when is a "DLC" full game ? You can shine a DLC up as much as you want but the fact of the matter is, its still a DLC.

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Syphon Filter ? Starhawk ? a pokemon game where you play as solid snake and instead of catching pokemons, you kill em ?

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It doesn't have Uncharted, GOW and Ratchet. Am a huge platformer person. If it managed to get those, then you'd have a point.

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Opinions are like @ssholes, everyone has got them. Kind Microsoft sir, I respectfully disagree with you but agree 360 and PS3 have some great games.

Also I have a capable gaming PC...get where am going with this ?

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You guys are going to be pleasantly surprised. Sony actually have at least one IP they will be unveiling today and chances are we might even get Chains of Olympus sequel for the PSP.

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I find it ironic that, a user name with the name low carbohydrate does not know what milk means. You must not have heard about Crash, Spyro, Naruto, Bleach games, COD series. Those are the true definition of milking.

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6 PS3 games..erm..Why not just buy a PS3 ? Maybe you may not know this but Sony owns the IP's for GOW, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Team Ico Game.

And whatever that new MGS game is, it's probably multiplatform anyway.

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Ok. One question though: How the hell do you expect to hold the shoulder buttons when you playing a game ? oh that's right, you can't.

I wasn't sure about this redesigned PSP at first but after looking at it for a while, it really isn't as bad as people are making it out to be. Chances are most people complaining never owned a PSP in the first place and had no plans to buy this new revision. Day one for me.

Smallest dogs bark the loudest (or some sh!t like that).

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Is this article written just to get hits ? Yeah, I think so.

Oh come on. Mistakes happen. One thing you also have to realize is "good" and "publicity" cannot exist in the same sentence when you talk about Sony. Enough with the conspiracy theories.

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Definitely agree. My most anticipated game this year right behind Uncharted and inFamous.

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About 470 plus after taxes.

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Am calling bullsh!t on this. Pictures with dates or it didn't happen.

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I might be competing next month depending on my school workload. Look forward to working with y'all.

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Good to see this game getting great scores all around. I'd love to play it but this will probably be the first GTA game I skip because of the lack of DS. I had one but gave it to my lil bro. Ah, well whatever.

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....And I get a lot of disagrees for pointing out that, there just way too many wanna be journalist who not only do not take the time to research something before they write about it, but they do not think about it at all before writing it.

Stupid article is stupid regardless of how you look at it. Am sure we will have some people defend this piece of supposedly "professional" article.

PS: What the FUK is anyway ?

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Calling bullsh!t right now. The earliest we will hear about the next MGS game is probably in Tokyo for the game show. It was just last week that Konami put a new advertisement up for a new Metal Gear game.

Where do these guys get these rumors from ?

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This game deserves a 2 but for the graphics only and the great sounds, I guess 3 is not bad at all.

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dammit, you are like my new hero now. You've nailed every single point with this post.

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