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Who cares Insomniac hasn't released anything worth a flip since the first Ratchet and Clank on PS3 and the first Resistance game. Take a hint Insomniac if you don't care enough about your games to make them worth playing we aren't going to play them, duh.

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Resident Evil 6 is awesome and an improvement in every way. Does anyone remember Sheva? God she sucked and you had to save her all the time so partner A.I. stepped up. 2nd, does anyone remember what a pain in the ass joining a co-op game was in 5? In 6 it's way more painless. 3rd Finally I can strafe, improvement there. People are seriously complaining about zombies with guns, Does anyone even remember mercenaries mode in 4 there was a giant dude with a chain gun, RE5 as well. 4th Melee a...

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I agree 3D Is the future. And yeah most people that hate on it are people who can't afford it. 3D isn't a must but I want the option to have it. I agree polish is more important but i'd still rather wait a little longer and have 3D than none at all. I'll still buy it but I won't be knocking down the guy in front of me to do it.

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One negative review starts a landslide. It's like saying something sucks because the popular kid said it and no-one wants to challenge so follow protocol you media drones. Here's an idea stop comparing everything to GOW3. seriously "this isn't god of war" "That isn't god of war." Why don't all you reviewers just buy a life sized Kratos blow-up doll already?

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Let's hate PS3 Again this month because we have no other topics

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Guess it's PS3 Media hate month again here's an idea, get a real job

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That's just sad man, I won't be doing that, like ever.

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Password 1: excommunicate -
Password 2: scythe -
Password 3: grafter or
Password 4: styx or
Password 5: unbaptized
Password 6: alighieri or

Tip: Would not work with Firefox if your having problems use Internet Explorer

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360 = 1080p
PS3 = 720p

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The Resolution on the 360 version is 1080p. The PS3 version is only 720p
just go to game stops website and look up the game then click the link to display the back of the box and see for yourselves. The PS3 version is a sh%tty port. Depressing really don't know why anyone else hasn't noticed.

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I agree Kamikaze135 ohh yeah I remember X-box 360 invented wireless controllers before Sony, included larger hard drives before Sony tons of usb ports HDMI and wifi as well. are the smartest guys ever and they really do their research before vomiting up their unasked worthless opinions like an Olsen twin. I'll be sure to get all my FACTS from them from now on.

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Everyone stop whining about Resident Evil 5 being racist. It's a load of B.S. For one thing it's a freaking video game for gods sake. It's always the video games though isn't it. Television makes fun of every stereo type on the planet everyday just turn on Comedy Central for an hour. You want to know what would make Resident Evil 5 racist? I'll clue you in. Black people drinking Colt 45 and purple Kool-Aid while smoking a pack a Newports sitting on their porch eating watermelon and eating chi...

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I'm a long time MK fan I remember playing the first MK on my Genesis. The first fatality I saw changed my life. MK 3 was the best by far. Played 4 and Deadly Alliance as well. With modern tech it seems ridiculous to keep making the characters more and more cartoony. MK has a whipped horse for along time now here's how to fix it.

1. Bring back realistic actors like in MK 1-3.
2. Bring back Brutalities.
3. Bring back the Run feature from MK3.
4. Keep the multi-tie...

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ADD BRAVIA SYNC ALREADY YOU IDIOTS. I believe many Sony Bravia owners are disappointed at the fact that many of us not only brought a Bravia for its quality but for use to coincide with their ps3's as well, hence x.v. color. It may mean nothing to the casual users but the hardcore would definitely appreciate the "no duh, it's about time" logic in it.

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It truly would not suprise anyone. Microsoft has consistently been dominate through the use of shady business practices. I don't understand why everyone refuses to call them on their Sh$t? People treat Microsoft like their some untouched virgin of purity with the need for fanboys to spout their mouth in defense the same way a delusional brother says his whore sister isn't really a whore. Microsoft has always wanted a monopoly on every industry they've ever pursued and it was definitely demons...

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Read article already thanks. Duh it hasn't been confirmed yet, Believe me if it was confirmed I would have a lot more to say about it, next time Maxi pad don't be so eager to spew your xbot mouth the first second it looks like Microsoft might get called on their Bull Sh$t tactics.

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Microsoft using HOME huh? I distinctly remember Micro's staff claiming it was 2005 tech? Now would be a good time to insert foot in mouth. Sony would be stupid to involve them in anything just look at what Bill Gates did to IBM when they involved him. Sony shouldn't risk tarnishing their reputation by doing business with those shady losers.

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Ask yourself Christians what would Jesus do? Would he judge them? I don't think so because I'm pretty sure Jesus was all about NOT judging people.

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