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6 vs 6.
3 titans.
and a lots of bots for easy kills.

what's not to like hahaha
I wouldn't play this even if it was free on PS+.
just looks like COD with mechs and less people to kill.
but if you like it, enjoy #3
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6 VS 6 with more bots than players will change everything.
yeah, sure. and mech and wall running is a new thing ?! #33
yeah, and Wii U owners have tons of games to play because of great 3rd party support.
can't wait to play Division, Watch Dogs and Battlefield 4 on Wii U. ohh #24.1
I have been thinking this about Killzone since E3 and I couldn't believe a guy from IGN said that same thing here at 0:51:51h couple days ago.

He's probably my favorite guy from IGN now haha.
Not saying that I like IGN or their reviews. #3
did you read the interview ? no.
did I say who she is in the game ? no.
so STFU. #1.2.1
that voices she makes when she's dying. damn.
she did a good job #1
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in most cases yes, the more players means you can kill
more people so you can get more XP so you can upgrade you
weapons faster. or it makes a better war atmosphere like
in Battlefield. I personally like big battles.
but I'm not saying 6 vs 6 couldn't be fun.

it's interesting how IGN is hyping up Titanfall since it
was announced.I don't see anything special in that game.
and saying well, you can have 12 playe... #2
I hope this menu IS the final menu.
the one we saw in February 2013 was red and black.
it was ok but this looks great.
more colors, looks fresh and easier to look at and navigate.
http://i.img... #3
yup. #1.1
" Microsoft make $28 per console, resulting in a rough profit estimate of $84 million. Meanwhile, Sony squeezes just $18 out of each PS4, leading to noticeably lower profits: just $75.6 million. "

JUST 75.6 MILLION -__-


and Sony sold out PS4 how many times in Japan and it's not even out for 2 months ?
and wasn't Dualshock 4 in 2nd place at amazon right behind PS4?
nice !

January 29th, PS4 comes to Croatia and
Killzone bundle + Battlefield will be mine :D #50
let me explain something to you.
this is filmed in Croatia.
I went to this IMAX.
And VsiTe (at the beginning of the video)
is my college.

PS4 is coming January 29 in Croatia so there are no games
or consoles sold in store. There are few people that are
selling them through internet ads and there are some
people that bought PS4 in Italy or Germany and are selling
them in Croatia. so don't wonder why are the... #5
stupid ps fanboys ?
you mean, stupid pc master race fanboys who approve this articles every goddamn day.

wow, a expensive pc runs game better than 400$ console. #12.1
well, let's see.
next year,
Nintendo has Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2 and probably Zelda.
Microsoft has Titanfall, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive and Fable.
Sony has inFamous, The Order 1886, DriveClub, Rime and Uncharted 4.
and Planetside 2 which I can't wait to play.

Some people say they will buy Wii U when Zelda comes out. We'll see.
Some probably will.Not many people bought Wii U.
And one of th... #5
oh god, please make it.
Warhawk and Battlefield BC2, favorite games on ps3.
Warhawk was sooooo fun #10
please, Bad Company 3 :(
I'm still playing BC2 on PS3. since March 2010.
got like 1300 hours playtime.

if BC3 comes out, and it's like BC2, I don't need any other game. #2
let's see.

free games : Planetside 2 (nothing like this on Xbox), Blacklight, Warframe, War Thunder, DC Universe
exclusive indie games.
Killzone, Knack, Resogun, inFamous, DriveClub, The Order, Deep Down, Rime, Shadow Of The Beast,Uncharted 4.

PS+, nice simple OS, fast PS Store, great controller with better triggers and analog sticks than Xbox controller, 15min gameplay recording (5min on Xbox), streaming of gameplay which Xbox doesn't... #6.3
yup. #2.1
why do people like this so much ?
looks like COD with few robots.
honestly. look at it. the same graphic style.

the biggest problem I see with this game is "no skill".
you don't need skill to kill someone.
what, you can run better on walls than me ?
and all the guns have high fire rate.

yesterday IGN posted a video about 8 things why they can't wait for Titanfall and that Ryan (Microsoft guy), said he... #27
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