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wow a ps4 and games...N4G you rock

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you cant kill cod coz its already dead.... i loved cod and i still play it love it but they have nothing new to offer from time to time i fill like they are just releasing map pack instead of a new fresh idea and there i have started to fill like a cow that they are milking me to the death... on the other hand titanfall it haves new and fresh ideas and fast paste combat just like i like it

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love it or hate titanfall it will not fail...and EA...can survive ? that's one of last company's that will die in the gaming industry

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its a nice game i have play it on the pc who ever says its a bad game or w/e i dont think he/she even play it but that's not the question here in my personal opinion its a good start for the xboxone (like it was the 1st halo for the 1st xbox that was a game changer for microsoft) i dont own one and i dont think i will get one any time soon i own a ps4 but some fun boys have to think what will be the gaming industry with out competition i demand xbox-nintendo and sony to give there best th...

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i own all Sony consoles loved them loving them BUT i dont whant to see competition leaving the console war that will be the worst outcome

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its a beta(dident really liked it)....but if this game had no monthly fee it will be worth geting it but...damn that subscription

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i have played the beta on pc and i have to say the gameplay is good but nothing revolutionary loved it but as i already mention the gameplay is nothing revolutionary (sorry for my bad english)

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i dont know what they have in cash...or what they dont a company needs money to stay alive if you income is less that what you need to stay in business then you have a problem BUT as i have said i want Nindento to be around for a long long time to come i want to see some competition. hoping for a strong comeback but i just dont see it with the wii u

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i love Nintendo and Sony, but i will hate to see another sage type of dejavu i just hope to see Nintendo do better than this wii u was,is a fail...i just hope that this is not a fail that will force Nintendo to be sold or close.

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if anyone says that xbox live its better than ps plus you got your troll right there :) Ps plus its far the best i have a psvita ps3 and ps4 (troll if you are out there do the math and save your self the trouble posting)

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unfortunately i will not play ESO not that i will not loved to...BUT that subscription...damn

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i love killzone shadow fall but its not a 10 more like 8 top it has a lot of room for improvement...GG can make a lot better than this

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30sec and you fapped.... damn

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hahahahahahahaha.....bahahahah ahahha...thx EA you make my day now i will laugh all day long and no one will know why hahahahahaha....the best company in the world lololol

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its no shame man...ask for professional help

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this is the first and last time i pre-order any game.... especially from EA

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big names are trolling now..... E.T. go home

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microprose,THQ,westwood and squaresoft (not square enix)

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i can see gt6 has better AA than gt5 other than that i cant see any difference

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castlevania symphony of the night by far

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