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the greed of the companies in the gaming industry will be the end of gaming not sad

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I'm thankful all the good people that surrounds me, my father, my mother, my brothers and sister and my wife

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they have answered in there YouTube channel this is a copy paste of there answer............At this time we are developing on PC for Windows/Mac. We'll look at other platforms when we're ready. thanks!

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For me Destiny its the best game regarding the price and the amount of time i im spending with it loving the game and enjoy every moment the game is not perfect but a step in the right direction the only black spot of this game for me is the content of the game that was on the disc and locked it with a pay wall (even thou i think it was just unfinished content that needed more time to finish)..... i repeat not perfect but a step in the right direction

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they have remastered milking....just stop it already

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It would take you...
3480 continuous hours
145 days,25 minutes
of gameplay to complete your Steam library

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consoles are good when i have to go outside of the house for some days with my wife and yea some exlisives other than that pc all the way i play games since atari 2600 so i have lived the history of gaming i know when consoles have fuck up or not ofc in this gen its far to soon to say so there is a long way to go i know that ps4 will show the full power about in mid 2015 but they have limits pcs does not (and btw i was talking to the funboys and you dont sound like one thats a chance in n4g a...

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poor funboys you really cant accept it that pc its better than a console....personaly i own a ps4 and all sony consoles but what i own and what its the facts are two diffrent subjects...come on disagree with me i care not if you are in denial or not

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i have both pc and ps4 and like it or not pc>ps4>xbox one and the gap will only grow biger END OF STORY

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i agree with you 100% personally i belive smite its way batter than any other MOBA

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if van helsing and dark souls make a baby this will be it looks cool so far

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as a games that 1st start to gaming on atari2600 i have to say a solid 30 fps will do just fine game play its the most important of them all any other than that its just a plus not a big one but a plus

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this is all i have to say ^^

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titanfall its fast and addictive game im really thinking of getting the season pass for it....oh and please for those that says the game is boring i bet my right nu... that you have never played the game or you are a sony fun boy (btw i own all sony consoles but be a gamer not a fun boy) cant wait for titanfall 2 to come to playstation 4 (i play it on pc ^^)just to see what the fun boys will say then(damn kids this days)

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i got a psvita ps3 and a ps4 os plus it makes me fill like i steal from sony

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hmmm now why every time i try to play cod mw3 on my ps3 is full of hackers....Casper the friendly ghost a cheater will always be a cheater the platform he/she is in will not stop him/her from cheating

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lets talk about life...oh wait he has none

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i just fill a bit disappointed....i see next gen game start with the wow factor on them and by the time the game is out it gets downgrade...i will keep my ps4 just for ps plus and maybe some other game that will worth my money...right now i wish i dident buy ps4 and stick with a upgrade of my pc (ps fun boys and any other fan boys out there(xbox,nintendo) get a life and be a gamer)

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