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If these details are true, having a third faction would be great. I just hope they add more like a middle eastern group or European forces, besides just adding an asian force. Personally, I hate being US vs. Russia every time.

Other features are nice, but some can be worrisome. #16
It's funny how its was wrong, but it's a simple mistake. Just take the left and right in the middle and switch them around and BAM, Konami Code. Still pretty funny. #2.1
All the Persona games on PSP work on Vita and they are great. Persona 4: The Golden for Vita will also great and better, its basically the PS2 port with more content. Persona 3 Portable lacked the ability of movement during the city map and some other features. I'm porting P4G from playasia cause I can't wait. :) #2.1.1
Use Legacy controls on both Heli and Jets for any system, may it be PS3,Xbox360, or PC. Legacy controls gives the player more control. #2.3
That really does suck for this man but, little to weird to die like that too. Nice find and comparison. Now I have to look this up now. #1
Homefront could actually happen I believe with the state we are at now. Good comparison with real-life and a video game. LOL #1
Sorry if its a little misleading #2.2
Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll is a good game and really does deserve good scores. #1.1
Pigs were evil once in a Playstation One game called TOMBA. It was a pretty fun RPG/Platformer. #6
Buy the game, scary, fun, and diffcult. Amnesia can get hard at times and really the sanity meter within the game will make some good strategy within the gameplay. #4.1
Well said, people need to stop complaining about this and just face it, change will always happen. Just look at movies. #10.3
Maybe Dante rebeled and changed his hair and changed it back. There can be many reasons why Ninja Theory changed him and wanting to make him look as he is today. #8.1
JailBreak Patch
Sony worked pretty fast on this one.. #3
Recording for cod
COD Black Ops will be the first COD to use In game video capture but, there is not much information about it yet, and what it can really do and provide. #2
Great small castlevania game
Castlevania HD is very fun and has a high replay replay value. Also coop is very enjoyable with friends #4
Just change the edition
If the ps3 has a limited edition. The 360 and pc should just get a special edition or something. So people don't get confused. #3
Sorry about the update. There is no Update so don't mind it. Clicked a few things to fast LOL #5
Pain doesn't have a platinum but, thanks for feedback to anyone. #12.1
COD 4 was great but, MW2 was just ok. I think that the multiplayer was a big overhaul and doesn't have much appeal like COD4. I like MW2 but, not as much as COD4.For the Bugs, there in each and every game it comes with them just look at SOCOM #6
I don't really care what Bioware makes on any gaming system. The only thing I am worried about is if it's going to be a great game to play. Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age are both great games they have made. #4
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