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I'm not buying one day one because when the Xbox one did not sell well they reduced the price by about $100 within the first year. As a day one supporter I felt shafted. Some of the games that were supposed to come out year one didn't. It's like I paid more to simply say I was day one. I'll be saving that money this time. Not to mention there's a possibility of hearing about the next gen consoles within 2 years. Fool me once...

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Explain how to cut off Persona and maybe I can give drawn to death a try. See if it got better since I last tried the beta.

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I think it neither helps nor hurts them. The thing that will make or break Scorpio is the games. In that regard a early reveal helps so they can spend more time on games at E3. I realllly hope they spent all this time on games and not features. The Xbox one is fine in that area. Bring those exclusive experiences.

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I like using the voice commands during a movie or to turn the system on or off. I understand it not being in the box, as it should have been that way from the start, but it would have been cool to have the damn option. If I were to trade or sell my Launch XB1 my Kinect is a paper weight.

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They never even gave other territories a chance. Out for years on PS4 and I could only play in Japanese. I played the hell out the first PSO too. Damn shame sega.

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I agree with you one hundred percent. Halo wars is niche as hell. The developers knew out the gate that it wasn't a blockbuster title. Expectations low, and hopes high. This sequel is a little different because the budget clearly went up after the great sales of the original. They clearly wanted more sales but even still, it's niche.
However me saying more Xbox gamers should support niche Japanese titles because it would make others willing to try selli...

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They really should have let the guy in the stripped shirt get some sleep or allowed him to wake up before the interview. I think they should have waited to show sword combat until it was in a polished state. I'm in the alpha and it kinda undermine the way the rest of the game is coming along. It's not perfect, but it's better than Fable Legends could have hoped to be. (Was in that alpha too for a year or so)

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Fenome thanks for saving me the typing time. I've been trying to get into the XB1 Beta since last year and all I get is junk mail. I'm glad I will finally get the chance to play.

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That's why he is right at home on PlayStation. Where else can you get polar opposites like Onechanabara, Horizon Zero Dawn, Ni no kuni, and Ratchet & Clank? Where else can a game like Summer Lesson even see the light of day outside of hentai?

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That's a cool thing to do. It sucks that not everyone could get it even though that's clearly unrealistic. I think a random select of day one supporters is a cool move. For the people that didn't get the HDD it would have been nice to give 2 months of access free or something. Anyway, it's more than Microsoft and Sony have given away unless there was a technical issue.

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Actually the first one did so well that they made the remaster and, like you said, a sequel for Sony handhelds. The series was never meant to be a big time seller. Just like Disgaea, Hyper Dimension Neptuna, and even Persona. But they keep getting sequels because they sell well. Not multi million sellers, or even 1 million sellers. They aren't even budgeted for that. Therefore PS gamers support so many other niche titles that companies take that risk of releasing titles where you aren...

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Xbox gamers this is your chance. Tell everyone you can about it, create some buzz about it, and most importantly, hope it translates to sales. Valkyria has been PlayStation exclusive since its creation. Sega is clearly trying to reach a bigger audience with the series because sales have decreased but they still believe in it. This one is a bit more action oriented than past ones but you can still feel the underlying RPG elements. Point being, Sega could port so many games to Xbox if gamers si...

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I absolutely loved these on Vita. There's some crazy sht afoot and many endings on the hunt for the true one.

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Well this is getting the exact response the writer was looking for. That's why they used the strongest word they could think of (kill) for maximum effect. I wish I could find a bait that works this well on next time I'm fishing.

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Yeah I complained about sea of thieves and fable legends betas and thought it could get no worse. Nintendo pulled out all the stops on the inconvenience train with this one.

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Yeah. It sucks. I work a lot so Friday and Sunday are out the question for me. Saturday was my only hope. I drank coffee and everything to keep me awake and still fell asleep somewhere during the final 30 minutes before the start of the 11p CT testfire. Oh well. There's always the full game.

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I'm simply hoping they make it more like they said it would be. Destiny changed a lot from its reveal to the full release. It was supposed to have fully customizable weapons made from hundreds of parts of various rarity. It was supposed to feel a lot more open world and free.

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So you have a PS4, played on a PS4, but will not play part 2 on PS4 because you don't like that PS4 had exclusive content that you had access to? You would rather play on PC and not access any extra content even though you admitted that you loved it on PS4? Can't blame anyone for thinking that you having a PS4 at all should be filed under rumor.

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Word around the campfire is that if you have enough sex with a certain female character, good facial animations will be born.

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That's impressive as hell. Game deserves every last word of praise. Every time I play I think I've seen a new effect, a new detail, heard a new sound, or seen a new interaction. Some of the machines simply do not get along with each other. When you see a ThunderJaw beat the hell out of the early game villain, Sawtooth, you gain a new respect for everything and it's place in the world.

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