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Down votes for that? Lol. I could have sworn it was a after launch game.

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Bomberman is a extremely fun series. Like I said on another page, stay away from them Japanese. Got melted on PS3 dealing with them.

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I got mine! Wish arms was a launch game.

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I know it bothers some of you but I like it. Let me put my stuff into folders and I'm good. Nintendo and even Sony have said that Nintendo isn't competing with anyone. They don't plan console launches to compete. Haven't done so in several generations. This next part is key so listen up.
They exist as a companion console.
Of course they would love to be your main enjoyment provider but they know it's unrealistic at the moment. Yes they have experiences t...

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Not going to lie, that was funny as hell.

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The Switch is easily more powerful than the Wii U so performance will be better. It will be a more noticeable difference than PS4 to PS4 pro.

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Day one for me. Bomberman is a blast (no pun intended) and is always fun. Just don't play with the Japanese like I did on PS3. They breathe this shit.

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Anyone that knows Nintendo and thought for a second that mods would be allowed is criminally insane.

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Damn the D-pad on that Hori controller looks suspect as hell. + Dpads or no thanks.

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This is getting pretty damn disgusting. All the accessories are already expensive as hell. I thought the charging controller was the standard one since it's the only one I ever remember seeing. Just a standard controller or whatever the call it is like $70 or more. A pair of joy cons and another a holder is like $110. I think add ons is nintendos real scheme. A LAN adapter will cost ya. The wrist strap attachment that should come with the joy cons cost ya. (Luckily I think 2 are free in t...

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I was watching the presentation wondering who in the hell would buy this? If anything it should have been a PART of a compilation mini game pack in. A new Nintendo land or Wii sports style title to show some of the possibilities. Buying this as a stand alone is nothing short of comical. Get ready for some worst sales ever headlines on this one...

Would be incredible if it some how blew people away and became a sleeper hit. Better chance of surviving a hit from one punch man...

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I was second at my Gamestop. I hate the place but I gotta go there for my system preorders. It's just too close to my house. Everything is is Best Buy.

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You just might be insane. You're the guy that plays a fighting game online and then complains that it's always laggy or inconsistent. Wifi will NEVER be able to hold a candle to a direct connection.

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Wifi worked well on Mario Kart is what I said. Smash bros ran unpredictably, which is what wifi is.

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That's one HELL of a launch title. Looks like I'm digging up 360 for launch day. I don't know who the hell they plan on selling 1, 2 switch to.... should have been a pack in.

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The download one Nes or Super Nes game with added online play (which sounds cool as hell depending on the game!) and play it for a month (wtf....) sounds incredibly disappointing. The whole control the online through a smart phone app stuff is sounding like a joke as well. I'm still optimistic though. We also don't know the price point of the online. Could they justify a price equal to PSN or XBL? Not from the sound of things. But what if it's Half the price? Like $25 for a year? ...

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Disappointed as hell about no mention of a direct Ethernet port. I play a lot of fighters and shooters. It's simply no substitute to a direct connection. When they started announcing optional add ons I was hoping for a Ethernet adapter and still no dice. Day one for me, like all my consoles, but damn. Not a big deal at the start I guess since no fighters were announced besides Arms which looks pretty fun. But if a new Tatsunoku comes out or a switch version of Tekken...


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Shit started getting way too chaotic in MVC 3. Hopefully it plays more honest instead of making everything safe by using assist, praying for a hit so you can one combo kill.

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My most played games on Xbox was Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, and MF'n Phantom Dust. I'm glad it's a remaster so now they can't possibly f it up. Game was awesome. It's niche as hell, but that's fine. Day one all over again.

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Mcafee eats feces! Holy crap he is into some weird stuff lol.

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