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This game is so damn fun once you understand it!

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Damn. I was hoping Charles Barkleys shut up and jam was a part of this sale. Oh well.

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I normally stay out this stuff Doopy but you might want to see the sales of FH3 and Gears.... They both got outsold by some PS4 game that nobody expected to sell that well. I think it was the Last Guardian but I could be wrong. I'll just exit now. Please continue.

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This is where the magic of share play on PS4 shines. I play this game regularly still today with a friend online. Game is a absolute blast in multiplayer. It has ZERO online so using shareplay it suddenly is. If you're someone on Xbox AND you have friends or siblings to play with in person, do yourself a favor and buy this. If you're on PS4 try this game in shareplay and thank me later.

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So many good games coming out that it looks like I'll have to skip this one.

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If you don't have a PS4 by now.....

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I can't but wonder how many human sacrifices it took for this kind of black magic. Let this game be HALF as good as it looks and it will have no peer.

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Awww man. Have not seen a post like this in a while. All of a sudden a post about stores in Japan get restocked, lines out the wazoo at several stores with photo evidence and what do ya know? Here's a "why you should stay away" article.

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Gabe Newell looks like the NPC that gives you the annoying fetch missions. "Bring me 48 sunflowers for my balcony and I'll give you my party invitation."

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Why does Snake look happy on this? Is it the lighting? Always saw snake with that constipated and slightly annoyed about it look. The Socom having detachable parts is pretty awesome though.

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He beat the hell out those guys in the video.

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This is a excellent series.

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I'm in the same boat and agree with you %100 Blady. Online has the makings of a nightmare. Hopefully it shocks the world.... no matter how unlikely lol.

For handhelds you're right. To me, the switch is a console that happens to have a portable feature, not a handheld with a console feature, As a console, mandatory installs are a part of gaming on almost every title. Even Wii U had em. For Nintendo to realize that that sucks and find a way around it b...

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The only things I will get down the line is a charging controller, a pro controller, and possibly a bigger memory card. Day one though? Naw. System and a game. It's fine right out the box. I can get plenty of vanity items on my other systems. Not needed though. No more mandatory game installs means space goes a lot farther. I miss those days. Thanks Nintendo.

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This is pretty bad. I'm actually starting to wonder if people have started buying games elsewhere than on XB1. I don't want to offend or start some crap but hear me out. If these were small titles selling poorly that would be one thing. But these are the games that Microsoft is taking to conventions. Pasting all over the XB1 dashboard. Giving behind the scenes time and commentary. Gears basically bombing in sales? Forza bombing in sales? These are established franchises. Not some unkn...

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Not to mention a PC game has no quality control. Some of those developers have no business making games.

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That's 135. It sounds bad from the " Only 3% of developers" standpoint, but my question would be 3% of how many? Looking at the article it's out of 4,500. For the system to be at the starting gate, 135 companies making games is a great starting point. Keep in mind the Xbox one, per this article, is at 990. That's after a few years of building up for this gen. It didn't start nearly that high. It always starts low for everyone because teams have not gotten dev kits, h...

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Damn. When people decide to cut, they cut deep.

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Damn this is pretty sad. I got used to the idea of messaging through the app cause I do it with the PlayStation/Xbox apps. Voice chat though? I gotta lower my previous pricing, At first I said they can't charge half of what Live and PSN cost. Now I think that's too much. $10 a year anyone?

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