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Well this is getting the exact response the writer was looking for. That's why they used the strongest word they could think of (kill) for maximum effect. I wish I could find a bait that works this well on next time I'm fishing.

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Yeah I complained about sea of thieves and fable legends betas and thought it could get no worse. Nintendo pulled out all the stops on the inconvenience train with this one.

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Yeah. It sucks. I work a lot so Friday and Sunday are out the question for me. Saturday was my only hope. I drank coffee and everything to keep me awake and still fell asleep somewhere during the final 30 minutes before the start of the 11p CT testfire. Oh well. There's always the full game.

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I'm simply hoping they make it more like they said it would be. Destiny changed a lot from its reveal to the full release. It was supposed to have fully customizable weapons made from hundreds of parts of various rarity. It was supposed to feel a lot more open world and free.

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So you have a PS4, played on a PS4, but will not play part 2 on PS4 because you don't like that PS4 had exclusive content that you had access to? You would rather play on PC and not access any extra content even though you admitted that you loved it on PS4? Can't blame anyone for thinking that you having a PS4 at all should be filed under rumor.

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Word around the campfire is that if you have enough sex with a certain female character, good facial animations will be born.

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That's impressive as hell. Game deserves every last word of praise. Every time I play I think I've seen a new effect, a new detail, heard a new sound, or seen a new interaction. Some of the machines simply do not get along with each other. When you see a ThunderJaw beat the hell out of the early game villain, Sawtooth, you gain a new respect for everything and it's place in the world.

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Hmmmm. Not Phoenix Wright? Not Shin Megami Tensei? Not Yu Gi Oh? Japan stopped caring about all those games? Who knew? 🤔

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When did 135 become a low number? If you think that some publishers have more than 1 game in development at the same time, it translates to a steady stream of games once the ball gets rolling. I'm all for the truth or analysis of a possibly serious issue. 135 studios and that's not counting Nintendos world class first party is reaching.

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I have every mass effect 1 and 3 on PC and 2 and 3 on PS3. Never played any of em and never payed for any of them lol. PS plus and Origin gave away some quality stuff lol. I always felt like I was getting started so late and trying to start in a later game clearly makes you feel like you should have played a earlier one so I was like F it.
Anyway, I'm getting on board day one with this one and riding the whole ride. Loved Jade empire and Kotor series. Me and my girlfriend, now wi...

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Why isn't this on PS4!!. Crap. I played the demo on 360 and loved the hell out of it. Culdcept Saga. Could not find it in stores to save my life. Years pass and now a new culdcept game and it's on 3ds? I have one but damn. I'd take it on switch, Xbox 1, or PS4. But 3ds? It looks like it's the closest I'll get 😥. Preordered.

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I say this.
Witcher 3 had a ton of stuff to do and personally that was part of the problem. It's MMOs with less side quest and general stuff to do than the witcher. You WILL get burnt out before you beat the game unless you put beating the game as a priority. Combat in the witcher gets stale as hell and your excitement comes from the occasional severed body part. You get everything you will be able to do in combat at the start of the game. As big as the skill tree seems it simpl...

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Gotta say, not interested in any of these. I guess I'll be getting a PS VR soon and I think 2 of the games are VR, but the free game would still be something I'm just settling for. Oh well, not every sale appeals to everyone. Still got plenty of Zelda and Horizon to go through, Nioh is on the HDD and still haven't started it yet. Loved the Alpha and beta but no time. Then Mass Effect is around the corner. Persona after that. 😭

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I have not bought a game from GameStop in so long thanks to gamers club unlocked. I bought my switch from GameStop but not Zelda. I've been talking about this on here for a few years now.

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This is what people fail to realize with the switch. It didn't hit me until yesterday and I had mine since launch day. Nintendo has married their consoles to their handheld. This is the next console for them. This is the next DS. Every console exclusive the Nintendo consoles had, the switch will have. Full fledged zeldas, Metroids, pilotwings, starfoxes, and more. Then your Hand Held exclusives like Phoenix Wright, Pokémon, Yu Gi Oh, Monster Hunter, and more.
This is Ninten...

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It's amazing that every exclusive PS4 title this year has been preordered and purchased so far and it's not slowing down.

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That's my point. It was like PS3 and launch titles or 12? Then once I went PS3 my back catalogue kept growing. This is one of my back catalogue titles.

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The only reason I didn't play and beat this is because PS3 came out at almost the same time. Never ended up getting it which sucks because I have beat every final fantasy (including the game boy games and mystic quest) except 13 and 12. 13 was just too linear. It sucked soooo bad to me I simply couldn't take it. I couldn't buy any of its spin offs either. I even finished 11s story (all dlc) and 14s up until the last dlc. I will have this remaster day one.

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I put so much time in on pilotwings and pilotwings 64. My switch is ready for E3!

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Of course it would and it will. Like Persona, Atlus, and PlayStation. It's not an exclusive game, but it's an exclusive game. Monster Hunter is coming to switch, guaranteed, it's just a matter of when.

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