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Game is pretty damn fun to me.

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That damn Actraiser 2 last boss is the stuff of nightmares. My dad beat it though. 1 & 2. RIP.

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All I'm going to say is this guy must not have a clue how tekken 3s storyline went. Not that not every ending in tekken is canon.

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Personally I think they should allow you to install what you need. Language packs, voice packs, texture packs, and anything else you might not use. For example, I don't need all 20 supported languages audio files installed if all I speak is English. That shit takes up space.

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If it were real Xbox 1x wouldn't exist.

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Right now the only reason to get one is to say you have one. I can't get over this show and that price.

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Known about this forever.

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If they had some stellar announcements that pushed some graphical boundaries in a exclusive. After that conference I honestly don't know whk the hell is going to buy it at that price outside of the extreme fan. Cuphead was at 30 e3s, Ori looked great, Forza is Forza, and Sea of thieves looks fun (and is kinda fun -in the beta-) But that was crackdown? All those timed exclusives? And of the 22 real exclusives, most of them were ID at Xbox indies. I am too disappointed. I'd be shocked i...

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I can't say anything other than wth.

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How do you defend this shit? Timed exclusives galore. Microsoft is dead wrong for this.

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I can't believe that was it. What the hell.

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$399 for me. No way am I paying half a grand this late in the game for the same system with prettier graphics. For more than 399 they better they show some Scorpio exclusive stuff that takes full advantage of the hardware. Otherwise it's a lot of juice wasted.

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I think they are trying to downplay the pro with scorpios arrival. Scorpio will be stronger, no doubt, but pro improves virtually every game in one way or several others. That lackluster support bulletpoint? Lols.

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And that's if you didn't get spammed to death.

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They need to release these UNIB games closer to simultaneous with Japan. No reason localization should table that damn long. Will have day one, imported or not.

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I haven't seen anyone gunning for it. I've seen a lot of it should be capable of this and that. Nothing negative tbh.

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You having 2 upvotes shows how things are shaping up these days. Nobody says go back to Europe. It's ridiculous. Over a video game.

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I'm glad I read the article because the initial thought was that they must have taken something out of context. After reading it, and having both games since launch, I understand exactly where he is coming from.
Both games are fantastic. That's first. The approach is totally different and that's where his "stress free" and "tiresome" applies.
In Horizon, the world is huge and there's plenty of side quest and things to keep you busy. Story...

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I've been waiting wayyyy too long for a new Tekken. No way am I waiting any longer, but then again I'm a huge fighting game fan. By the time Scorpio comes out you will be so far behind that playing online will be a death sentence.

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I'd like to see the final PS Pro resolution. Also if it's 900p on base PS4 will the XB1 version be 720-840p? Or will they sacrifice frame rate and have it 900p 30fps on Xbox?

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