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I don’t see this comparison at all. If anything that trailer seemed to be getting away from the original topic like Fast and the furious. Back when the badass Phoenix and his boys were running stuff it was all about ending the damn enemy threat for good and f&@$ anything that got in the way. Now it seems like that shit is secondary. I want to find out about “B” or I’m so sad about “A” and btw, there might be some enemies along the way. Maybe we can avoid them.Kill the whole damn new crew ...

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I never notice the jiggles after my first time seeing each character. What did piss me off is seeing the stagger system is still in the game. Big combo damage based off of how many times you guess right/wrong during the sequence sucks. I’d rather just eat one basic combo than take a ridiculous beatdown combo based on guesses. The problem with fighting games is you’re either in month one or you might as well not get in at all. Everyone will be too far ahead for anyone but the most dedicated. I...

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Does not know what the hell hes talking about in this. Vanilla SFV yes, just like vanilla SF4,Vanilla SF3, and vanilla sf 2 before it, had no features. Difference here is you now have Arcade Edition SFV and it didn’t split the community. It has all these features, new characters, new modes and it cost NOTHING.

Look at BlazBue or Guilty Gear. Hell, look at past Street Fighters. Each revision had you buying a whole new game less than a year later and each time you had less p...

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This is going to be a sick ass game. Trailer was bullshit to the max, but actual battlefield games are the shit. None of that bad company jazz. And a possible Battle Royale mode in battlefield?! Everyone else’s days are numbered.

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I have never understood how trailers like this get people hype. I’m getting it for sure because every OG Battlefield isn’t awesome. Trailers get you hype over the possibilities sometimes but this is ridiculous. Show straight gameplay at the reveals and not this heavily scripted bs.
That said, I had some of my most fun shooter moments this generation on Battlefield 4. Even without gameplay I’m sure this will be a blast.

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I’ve played and own some great VR titles. This game looks like complete crap however.

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No offense... but depending on how much time is left for the system as the main product, and only Microsoft knows, I’d say why waste them? If they still have 3 years left then sure. Otherwise if a new Xbox will be revealed at this e3 or the next two I’d say focus on making them launch or near launch system sellers.

If they released a gears/halo game... say Summer of next year. They also reveal the new Xbox the E3 of said year. You know right off that of Gears or Halo is you...

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Good price Nintendo. This is the price I suggested when I first heard Ther features and the whole chat through your cell phone thing. Count me in. (Was going to be in anyway but with this price I don’t feel sodomized lol)

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I hope they don’t think it’s the area that makes them great 😂😂 Naw, I’m glad. Hopefully they have them working on something that makes the next Xbox attractive as hell. Unless its some small team throwing together arcade style games we probably won’t see a title from them for two or more years.

Not everything is games related though. Could be a service focused team. Could be simply be a hub for something else.

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That’s exactly what this game needed. Different costumes to wear while you float around and talk to randoms because nobody feels like doing quest.

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Say what you want but I do think Crackdown WILL sell well. I do NOT think Crackdown will sell Xbox Ones. People can downplay exclusives all they want but they are hungry for a only on Xbox AAA experience. It’s to the point that red flags don’t even matter. Good thing about Crackdown is there aren’t many flags at all. The only real red flag is how long ago it was announced and still isn’t out, or even properly seen. If it sells Xbox ones it will be purely word of mouth. Nobody that does not ha...

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I was on my OG Xbox and 360 religiously. They even had the exclusive gems that nobody heard of like Culdcept Saga. (Man I loved that damn game) I honestly don’t know what the hell happened now. One things for sure, im glad theirs choices.

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I’ll never understand this angle of thinking. I like my Xbox One and all that but buying a video game console, and seeing the focus being on everything but new exclusive games is crazy. Maybe I’m just old school. Being able to play cds in the old systems and movies now is great. After that movie it’s “where’s the games?”
Exclusives, and especially first party ones, have always been the “this is what you paid for” titles. Who can push the system and maximize it better than the house ...

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Guess I better keep playing Shadowverse

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Better turn on the sprinklers.... I smell flames.

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I agree with this. I’m buying it day one anyway, but I did have a “that’s it?” Kinda feeling after. My wife actually said they should have let you play a scenario with another character as well to show more variety.

To let us play the old e3 footage that’s been in every trailer since it was announced. I never expected it to burn the house down like a god of war, but from that snippet I’m not enthralled like I was with other games like it.

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Looks like the Xbox feather in the cap is on the way. I hope it delivers on fun and the hype is warranted. A real exclusive game experience is well past due. Sea of thieves came and went but it’s not a traditional “game”. (Yet at least) Crackdown will fill that void. Hopefully there’s a demo or beta. I can’t pull the trigger on it day one after the development hell it’s been through and radio silence. This will also mark the first time I know of where the “Power of the cloud” will be used fo...

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I simply expect it to be a LOT better than the last one. The story was terrible, levels were bland, and AI was laughable. Multiplayer is fun but, as weird as it sounds, didn’t feel like Halo. I think they tried to do so much that Halo got lost in the sauce. Yeah you can still find a smidge of that old Halo feel in a couple levels in certain modes but..... It’s like Call of Halo: Future.
Take it down a notch and get it back to what made Halo fun and that’s never been about the number ...

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@ Notorious 😂😂😂

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