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I know what everyone is thinking so I’ll just ask it. It’s probably a 4.0 on Xbox One...... but what about on Xbox One X? 🤨🤨🤨

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It goes to show, you not liking something does not mean the masses agree. Also sales numbers that seem low to you could be impressive as hell to the people selling it.

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@ Red
I agree with that. I said that a long time ago about something and got down voted to hell. Not every game is meant to sell millions. Would it be nice? Hell yeah. Realistically though the devs know how much they spent on the game, how much they neeed to break even, and how much they expect to sell which is far under the 1 million mark. Especially for games with no advertisement. Gears? They expected a million or more. All those advetisments are expensive. Romance of the three ki...

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World of tanks came out July 2016 on Xbox 1 and January 2017 on PS4. I have both. Now on 360 it was back in 2014. Still not as long as November 2013 for PS4 War thunder, but a long time. If you haven’t played the game before it’s still new to you. Screw what people say, just play it and try to have fun.

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Better late, and I mean late as HELL, than never. I had fun on there and anyone that has not played in a while will see clear graphical improvement on the pro. Needless to say it should be improved even more on the X. Also, since it’s been PC and PS4 playing together since day one, will this be the first game on all 3?

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Feels good when you have 9/10

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I hate to break it to you Highly doubtful.... but I agree with him. I’ve been playing PUBG, H1Z1, and others since they were mods. If you’re judging Fortnite because of the light hearted colors and nature you are greatly mistaken. While PUBG has bigger maps because you have more traversial options, and as a whole is more realism based, Fortnite wins hands down in fun. The building system and destructible structures set it apart from anything. Not to mention that, like PUBG, it’s still getting...

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It’s crazy as hell but I am enjoying Fortnite BR more than PUBG and I can’t believe it cause it’s free. Creating cover, everything being destructible, and building just really sets this game apart. All you have to do is try it a couple times, especially with a friend and it’s GG. PUBG is a lot of fun but it always felt like something was missing from it. Like it was a great buuuut.... I think Fortnite found the “but”.

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Tekken story is simply a family affair. Much of the cast is related in some way and they hate each other guts for one reason or another, although I gotta say, throwing me off a cliff would piss me off.

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As a fighting game player that has been playing various series heavily since karate champ, I disagree with this article. I can't say I don't understand where the person is coming from, but they clearly didn't get over that wall like me and several of my friends did. At first glance it feels like a mashers dream, and being on the receiving end of someone mashing out auto combos and dashes is a pain. Like any fighting game you don't know how to punish it yet. I didn't get to...

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Dude I popped over to N4G just to see if any new news popped up before I went to bed and bam. DBZ beta code. I used 3 different emails to try get in and got all "beta full" messages 3 days or more ago. Thanks so much man. Tekken, Guilty Gear, and SFV will all have to hit the bench. Thanks again!

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Not getting one, but damn they made it easy for those who are upgrading.

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Passed the f out over this news. I just woke up. One of my favorite games of all time.

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Always loved Ace Combat. Where else can you find a plane loaded with over 135 missiles, 16 Long Range AA missles, 4 flares, and infinite bullets?! (After Burner did it to me)

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That shit was so funny I had to log in 😂😂😂

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Fast as hell for me. Tekken 7 for example took about 10 minutes-15 minutes

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I could be wrong but don't you (343_Guilty_Spark) always find a way to defend MS? I thought you were on the hardcore spectrum for them. If I'm right, to see you throw in the towel is pretty damning.

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Where would B movies be if we had some of this "quality control" some of you guys are in about? Farewell Starship Troopers. Peace out Sharknado! It was nice knowing you Bitch Slap...

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Why the hell are they still not just giving you the full PC sims experience? PS2 and Xbox I could understand. PS3 and 360? Ehh. PS4 and Xbox one? No excuses. It's the damn sims. Put in mod support and kb and mouse support and call it a day. I can see them reworking some menus for controllers and TV screens but damn what else?

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