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Why waste time and money like this and not just make it a download on current systems?

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Personally I think that if Microsoft had a healthy lead and the Xbox One was a huge success we would not be having this discussion. It's not like the online communities of both systems are dying and it's a mutual benefit. If anything, PlayStation has the most thriving one with double the install base. I can understand cross play for MMOs like Final Fantasy 11 (which had gamers from 360, PS2, and PC) and Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn (which Microsoft declined and gave hell to Square bec...

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Well damn, that title is to the point. Still too many other games to play and it didn't grab me like the first one grabbed me, which in turn didn't grab me for long in the first place. Decipher that shit. Lol

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Totally unrelated but look at the games he scrolls though. About 80% of all the games he showed can only be played on PlayStation. What are the chances?

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Well please play me. I'll even stream it for everyone. Same name as on here. I'll show you how little you know.

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I loved the first one. I can't wait till this comes out. That tutorial is extremely helpful and that ending was pretty damn funny.

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I stream snipe on fighting games. Not going to lie. Juicebox, Maximilian (except on a super close match in SFV, beat him in everything else), Kbrad, Chris G, and a number of regular Joes streaming. I think it's a blast.
Someone trying to stream snipe you in a shooter shouldn't be much of a problem because there's a delay. As small as 10 seconds and as much as over 30 seconds. If you're sitting still for that long someone was going to kill you anyway. You're supp...

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Not to mention the arrogance of the oil and gas industry, grocery, electric, car manufacturers, cable providers, those sneaky isp's, Coca Cola, Taco Bell, Barber Shops, and those damn landscaping companies!

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Ok so what is? Please explain.

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Raise the price on plus and now they are arrogant. When XBL has gone up each time I don't remember any warning. It happens.

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It's sad you have a single agree. Ultra street fighter 4 sold around 500,000 across all platforms. Super Street Fighter 4 sold around 300,000. Fighting games don't sell like they used to. Now look at Street Fighter V sales on just 2 platforms again and ask yourself how you have a single agree. Almost 2 million for a Fighter? In 2017? Good job Capcom.

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Where the hell am I going to find a cassette player? Guess it's standard or download for me. I got the game from a friend back in the day and it had no manual. Games had no tutorial back then so I just kept getting people killed right at the start. Love to play it with a understanding.

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lol you are silly. Tekken, while I love the hell out of it (and played league for years btw), is nowhere near Street Fighter V. As usual they are the #1 and #2 most played games at any tournament, Tekken still has a long way to go in terms of players. Fighting games as a whole are niche compared to their heyday. But the entry numbers match the stream numbers. More than double.

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Let me help some of you out cause you clearly don't know the source material. This is not "Street Fighter EX". That game had Street Fighter characters and a few Arika originals. This is Fighting Layer. That game was 💯% Arika characters (although one clearly Ryu inspired character was in) with a totally different style system than SF EX. A lot faster paced, much bigger combos, and more. This time it's reversed. It looks like SF characters like Skullomania and such wil...

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Buddha you have no clue what you are talking about. Yeah they were at EVO but grand finals for any game outside of SFV, grand finals or not, topped at 35k. I know because I watched it all. Always do. Those other games you mentioned, which I play and follow also, do not have the appeal of SFV. Not even close. No matter how much you want it to prove otherwise, SFV killed during EVO.

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They will fix this at some point. No doubt about it. Until then though I will keep starting a party chat on my PS4 and turning off the controller auto off function depending on the headset I'm using. I'm patient Nintendo. Anyone that thought you guys would be firing on all cylinders day one was fooling nobody but themselves.

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Dude get it together. League is number one on twitch any day of the week. For SFV, a game that allegedly sucks and is dying, that's phenomenal.

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Those are exclusives that ended up exclusive by chance. Except tomorrow children of course. That game could have been awesome. Nobody would ever know because the game had virtually no tutorial. I gave it the old college try several times but it's only so much "what the hell am I supposed to be doing" one man can take. I have a job. I'm supposed to be having fun during my off time on a game, not trying to find out how to have fun on a game. For every one thing I found out how...

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Tell me you're kidding. Don't do crackdown like that. In fact, I'm sure he's a trolling PlayStation fan. I don't think anyone would have made that statement seriously.

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I think it's as simple as where the decision makers put their focus. At team Xbox they focus on bulletpoints for the system itself. That is number one. At team PlayStation they focus on games first and the system bulletpoints second.

You can't blame Microsoft or Sony for their respective approaches because they both gained victories over the other because of them. Oh Xbox had exclusives and features for the console. Built in bulletpoints. People didn't praise th...

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